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When using archery for hunting, knowing about different broadhead types and their uses is crucial.

A lighter-weight broadhead leads to improved accuracy and is best for target shooting. At the same time,  heavier heads lead to more momentum and kinetic energy for better penetration. Different types of broadhead has various purposes. So, what are broadhead arrows used for?

What Are Broadhead Arrows Used For.

So, basically-

Broadhead arrows are used for hunting purposes. They have blades that can easily sever an animal’s flesh. Their goals are to improve cutting efficiency and reduce flight deviation, which causes significant damage to animals’ vital organs. This ensures a humane killing of the animal.

This isn’t the whole answer. Are you excited about the different types of broadhead arrows and their purposes in archery? So, let’s dive into deep-

What Is A Broadhead Arrow?

One kind of arrowhead used in bow hunting is called broadhead arrows. The broadhead, or tip, is what distinguishes these arrows from others. 

What Is A Broadhead Arrow

The broadhead’s wide cutting point and sharp blades are intended to quickly and precisely sever an animal’s flesh when it strikes it. There are many different types, sizes, and attributes of broadheads.

They fall into two primary categories: 

1. fixed and

2. Expandable.

The blades on fixed broadheads are always open. Expandable broadheads feature blades that split open when struck.


Some broadheads are made to increase the weight and penetration of the arrow, which can be especially helpful for shooters of wood arrows.

Regardless of the type, the broadhead is attached to the arrow shaft and plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of the arrow during hunting.

So, what are the uses of broadhead arrow tips?

Broadheads are arrow tips used for hunting. They have wide points and sharp blades that attach to the arrow. They help to cut through an animal’s body cleanly and quickly.

You can think about: Do broadhead arrows have a dull edge?

No, the edge of a broadhead arrow is not dull. To guarantee a morally and cleanly executed kill, they are actually made to be extremely sharp. 

Broadhead blades can dull over time, especially after use or coming into contact with hard surfaces.

What Are Broadhead Arrows Used For?

Broadhead arrows are a type of arrow tip directly attached to an arrow’s shaft for hunting. They have extremely sharp points. 

What Are Broadhead Arrows Used For

They also have blades that can easily sever an animal’s flesh. Their goals are to

  • improve cutting efficiency,
  • reduce flight deviation, and
  • improve impact stability.

For many of today’s hunters, making a clean kill is the primary goal, and broadheads are made to do just that. 

They are employed in bow hunting, which calls for a more advanced level of proficiency. Sharp cutting edges are essential to the design to improve penetration and boost blood loss.

There are several kinds of broadheads for use in various hunting scenarios. 

For instance,

fixed-blade broadheads are frequently employed when hunting elk and other large, difficult-to-pierce targets. They are more streamlined and generally fly better but have less penetration.

Mechanical broadheads sever their blades when they come into contact with an object. They have less penetration but are more streamlined and generally fly better.

So, what game would you hunt with a broadhead arrow?

Since broadhead arrows can inflict significant internal damage and guarantee moral kills, they are usually employed when hunting larger games. 

Here are some instances of the kinds of game you could hunt using broadheads:

Deer, Bear, Moose, Turkey, Elk, Wild Boar, and Ducks and Rabbits.

What Are The Different Types Of Broadhead Arrows?

Do you know what are the three basic types of broadheads? These are fixed Blades,

removable blades, and expandable or mechanical blades.

So, what are broadhead arrows used for archery? Here are some of the most common types of broadhead arrows used in archery:

Fixed Blade Broadheads

Broadheads with fixed blades are those whose blades are stationary and inflexible. 

They have designs with two, three, or four blades. 

These types of broadheads offer more cutting power and larger wound channels. And most famous types are 2-blade and 3 blade broadhead.

A 2 blade broadhead is known for better penetration, while 3 blade blades create better blood trails. Opinions vary on which is easier to sharpen.

So, do arrows fly differently with broadheads? In general, arrows with broadheads fly differently. 

They are more streamlined, and mechanical heads typically fly higher but have less penetration because part of the energy is wasted when opening the blades

Mechanical Broadheads

When a mechanical broadhead collides with a target, its blades split open. Their blades are designed to fold up while in flight, which lowers drag and improves accuracy.

They enlarge to produce a greater cutting diameter upon impact.

You can think about what bow rating is recommended for a mechanical or expandable arrow point.

It is advised to only use mechanical or expandable arrow points with bows rated at least fifty pounds. 

This is because most mechanical heads need extra energy to open after penetration, which lowers the arrow’s potential energy and subsequent penetration.

Hybrid Broadheads 

Broadheads that combine the best qualities of mechanical and fixed-blade broadheads are called hybrid broadheads. 

They have a fixed base and mechanically expandable blades that balance cutting efficiency and dependability. Because of their versatility, hybrid broadheads can be used in various hunting scenarios.

Chisel Point Broadheads

They are designed to cut through an animal’s hide before making contact with the blades, ensuring accuracy and deep penetration.

Cut On Contact Broadheads

They provide little resistance before cutting. As well as making them suitable for shooters with a low draw weight. The choice also depends on your specific bow setup and shooting style.

Each type has its advantages and is appropriate for various hunting situations.

Are you thinking about broadhead weight? So, what grain broadhead for 400 spine arrow?

The grain broadhead for a 400-spine arrow depends on your draw weight, draw length, arrow length, point weight, and types of broadheads. 

Most archers think that a 100-grain broadhead weight is suitable because they have the most options and the best arrow speed. 

A heavier broadhead is suitable for higher draw weight and for better penetration. Match the factors with your specific bow setup to find the right spine.

Well then, how can you best match your arrow to your bow?

To match your arrow to your bow, consider the arrow’s spine (its stiffness), weight (grains per inch), and length (slightly longer than your draw length). The material of the arrow, usually carbon fiber, also plays a role.

What Are The Difference Between Arrows And Broadhead Arrows?

Both arrows and broadhead arrows are used in archery. Both of them are used in archery for different purposes. Here is a comparison between them:

What Are The Different Types Of Broadhead Arrows
ArrowsBroadhead Arrows
Arrows are used for target practice, competitions, and small game hunting.Specifically designed for big game hunters.
The tip can be rounded or bullet-shaped.Sharp blades and a wide cutting point.
Can be made of wood, aluminum, carbon, or a combination of materials.It can be fixed or expandable.
Weighed in grains per inch (gpi), with a typical range of 7 to 12 gpi.Weighed in grains, with broadhead weights ranging from 85 to 300 grains or more.
Designed to be as fast and accurate as possible.Designed to precisely and efficiently slice through the animal’s flesh.
Flies straight.They are more streamlined, and mechanical heads typically fly higher but have less penetration because part of the energy is wasted when opening the blades
Lightweight, quick, and precise.Designed for maximum killing efficiency.
Limited ability to penetrate and kill.Can be expensive and less accurate than field points.

Well then, what are broadhead points most often used?

Broadhead points are frequently used for hunting, especially with larger game like moose, elk, and deer.  And if you looking for grain broadhead for moose.

Then I would suggest you to-

I weighed at least 450 grains with a 125-grain broadhead for moose hunting. This setup ensures maximum penetration and vital shots with an ethical kill.

They are made to inflict the greatest amount of damage upon impact, guaranteeing a swift and humane death on the animal.

Suddenly, a query pops up in my mind: what should arrow spine strength be matched to?

The draw weight of the bow and the strength of the arrow spine must be equal. If the spines on your arrows are too light or heavy for your bow, this will cause poor flight and accuracy loss. 

What Type Of Impact Do Broadhead Arrows Deliver?

Broadhead arrows deliver different types of impact. Here are the significant impacts in summary as follows:

What Type Of Impact Do Broadhead Arrows Deliver
Impact TypeDescription
Kinetic EnergyBroadhead-tipped heavier arrows deliver a high level of kinetic energy upon impact.
PenetrationThe penetration of a broadhead-tipped arrow is related to its weight and speed.
Wound ChannelThe design of the broadhead contributes to its ability to deliver a deep, clean wound and to create a larger wound channel.

While broadhead arrows are a standard hunting tool, there are a few moral and legal issues to be aware of. State laws about archery equipment differ, so before you go hunting, ensure you are aware of the rules in your area.

In Alabama

The minimum peak tension required for bows is thirty pounds. Crossbows with standard draw lengths must have a minimum peak tension of 85 pounds.

Arrows must be fitted with a broadhead that has two sharpened edges and a minimum cutting diameter of 7/8 inch.

In California

Hunting arrows and crossbow bolts with a broad head type blade that won’t pierce a hole seven-eighths of an inch in diameter are required for taking big game and turkey. 

Broadheads that are mechanical or retractable must be measured in the open position.

In Alaska,

If the broadhead is not barbed, fixed, replaceable, mechanical, or retractable, you cannot hunt big game with a bow.

In Arizona

All broadheads must be at least 7/8 inch in width with metal cutting edges.  

In Arkansas

Those who hunt deer, turkey, and bear must use arrowheads at least 7/8 inches wide. Arrows cannot be used as poison.

In New York

Arrows with barbed broadheads arrowheads less than 7/8 inches wide at their widest point or with fewer than two sharp cutting edges are prohibited from hunting large game.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Broadhead Arrows?

Broadhead arrow has both pros and cons when used in archery. Here are as follows:

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Broadhead Arrows


  • Deadly Effect:- The purpose of broadheads is to inflict deep wounds on game animals. Their broad, flat blades are down large animals like turkeys and deer because they are sharp.
  • Large Wounds:- Broadheads inflict large wounds on game animals with their broad, flat blades.
  • Efficiency of Hunting:- Broadheads is vital when hunting. They offer the required penetration and damage to guarantee a prompt and humane death.
  • Design with Cut-on-Contact:- Certain broadheads are designed to cut upon impact, a feature known as “cut-on-contact.” It guarantees the most possible bleeding and tissue damage.
  • Variety:- There are several varieties of broadheads, such as mechanical and fixed blades. Select the one that best fits the game and your hunting style.


  • Price:- In general, field points are less expensive than broadheads. Hunting can often get expensive.
  • Needs Tuning :- Broadheads require fine-tuning. This procedure could call for specialized tools and take a long time.
  • Variations In Flight :- Because of their design, broadheads fly differently than field points. They slow down more quickly due to the increased friction produced by the wide blades. Wind conditions may also impact their trajectory.
  • Organizing And Sailing :- Broadheads are more prone to planning and drifting off course in windy conditions due to their larger surface area.
  • Mechanical Failure :- Mechanical failure is possible, especially with low-quality products.

In summary,

Deadly effects of hunting.The price is too high.
Create an exit hole.These require fine-tuning 
Great efficiency in hunting.Variations in flight
Several varieties of the broadhead.Tuning is required.
These have cut-on contact design.Mechanical failure is possible.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Where Should Broadhead Arrows Be Kept While Traveling?

To avoid damage and guarantee safety, keep broadhead arrows in a safe, cushioned quiver when travelling. Keep them away from anything that can damage or dull the sharp blades, such as loose objects.

Why Do My Arrows Fly Different With Broadheads? 

Broadheads exhibit different flight behaviour compared to field points due to their design such as blade wings, magnification effect, arrow spine, and straightness.

What Is The Best Arrow Speed For Broadheads?

The best arrow speed for broadheads is from 330 to 350 feet per second.

What Is The Best Angle To Sharpen A Broadhead?

While there is no set ratio for sharpening a broadhead, most recommendations fall between 20 and 30 degrees per side. The secret to sharpening is to keep the angle constant. Perceived sharpness can also be influenced by material hardness.

Final Thoughts

In summary, what are broadhead arrows used for? Broadhead arrows are used for hunting purposes. They have blades that can easily sever an animal’s flesh. Their wide and sharp blades cause significant damage to the vital organs of the animal which ensure an ethical kill.

You should know also the different types of broadheads. As they are sharp you must be aware of your safety concerns.

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