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When it comes to archery, hunting season closes in. I walk beside the forest with my friend John for hunting purposes. Suddenly, a whitetail deer comes into our sight.

Joseph was telling me to hunt these with my broadhead bow. I told him it was not possible to hunt with this broad head. He asked me how many types of broadheads are for hunting in archery. I told him-

types of broadhead

The Types Of Broadhead

  • There are basically 3 types of broadhead: mechanical, fixed blade, and hybrid broadhead.
  • Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, special designs with various weights.
  • The broadhead with a larger cutting diameter is more effective for hunting big game.

Wait, there is more to share! If you are interested in knowing about the types of broadheads in detail and how to choose the best one for you, Follow along then!

Key Thought

  • Mechanical broadheads are modern heads and have gained popularity because of their accuracy and high kinetic energy.
  • The more blades there are, the more they tend to penetrate and cut the target.
  • Broadheads are specially designed for hunting to fly accurately, penetrate deeply, and create a larger wound channel to the target to make a quick and ethical kill.

What Is A Broadhead? 

So, what is a broadhead arrow? Broadhead arrows are triangular heads, usually wider than shafts, and flat shapes that are attached to the end of the arrow for hunting purposes. 

These are specially designed for hunting to fly accurately, penetrate deeply, and create a larger wound channel to the target to make a quick and ethical kill.

What Is A Broadhead

There are mainly three basic types of broadhead  for hunting used in archery. These are mechanical,hybrid, and fixed blade broadheads. Each of them is also divided into different categories.

Each of them has its own pros and cons, special features, and designs with different weights based on the target animal. So, choosing the right broadhead can enhance your hunting success rate.

What Are The Types Of Broadhead?

Do you know what are the three basic types of broadheads? The basic types of broadheads are mechanical, fixed blade, and hybrid broadheads. Here is a short description of the types of broadhead and their uses:

Fixed Blade Broadheads

The most traditional types of broadheads are fixed-blade broadheads. I think you have already got an idea by the name that these are the fixed in place. 

These are made of one or more metal sleeve sharp blades with a ferrule, and these can’t be moved if they are damaged. But what types of materials are used to make this right?

Fixed Blade Broadheads

These are generally made of steel, and there are two types: chisel point and cut on contact broadhead. Their simple design and reliability make them very popular among the traditional archers. 

For compatibility with a variety of game animals and arrow types, they are available in weights, sizes, and cutting diameters.

These are available with one blade, two blades, three blades, and even four blades. The more the number of blades, the more the ability to create larger exit wounds channel.

Notable Options Fixed Balde Broadhead In The Market:

  • Magnus Stinger: What is the most devastating broadhead? Uses a bleeder blade and a primary blade that is extremely sharp for the most devastating wound channels.
  • Muzzy Merc: These are three blade broadheads with a 1 ⅛” cutting diameter ability and offer premium performance.
  • Muzy Trocar: These are very popular for their bone crushing penetration and razor sharp three blade design.
  • Slick Trick Magnum: These are used to boast excellent flight characteristics and a small design for precise shot placement.
  • NAP Thunderhead: These are the sharpest blades with a 1 3/16″ cutting diameter and are used to enhance penetration and accuracy.

There are various types of fixed-blade heads available in the market. Choose one of them by considering your cutting diameter, purposes, and arrow weight


Mechanical /Expandable Broadhead 

The types of mechanical broadheads used in archery for hunting purposes with one or more blades.  The heads’ unique feature is that they fold back during flight and expand upon impact, creating a wider wound channel. 

Mechanical Expandable Broadhead

Mechanical broadheads are modern heads and have gained popularity because of their accuracy and high kinetic energy. The majority of these heads have a cutting diameter of 1.5 to 2 inches, which allows them to create wide wound channels and an increased probability of consistent deaths.

Some Notable Mechanical Broadhead Options In The Market:

  • Rage Hypodermic Broadhead: These are very popular with the bowhunter because of their remarkable blade deployment and large cutting diameters.
  • Grim Reaper Razorcut: These are popular for their high accuracy and reliable blade deployment.
  • Swhacker: These are designed to create a larger wound channel that penetrates deeply into the target.
  • NAP Broadhead: NAP mechanical broadheads are renowned for their accuracy and reliability in flight, producing severe cutting action as soon as they make contact.

Hybrid Broadheads ( Mechanicalnd+Fixed Blade Head)

These are one of three main types of broadhead used for hunting by serious hunters. Nowadays, These are the most popular choices among serious bowhunters because of their unique design and optimal performance during shooting.

Hybrid Broadheads

But what are the key features for making it special?

In this broadhead, both the mechanical and fixed parts are used to make it. As a result, mechanical head offers improved accuracy and larger cutting diameter, and the fixed blade increases the penetration of the head.

They are excellent options because of their simplicity, ease of use, and lack of pieces to fail after impact. 

These also provide reliable performance even on heavier game animals and in tough conditions.

Some Notable Hybrid Broadhead Options In The Market:

  • Grim Reaper Hybrid: These offer excellent sharpness and durability. These provide highly improved accuracy and better penetration ability.
  • Rage Hypodermic NC: These offer remarkable cutting power and accuracy with their needle-like ferrule and stainless steel blades.
  • NAP Spitfire Doublecross: These are dependable mechanical blades deployment combined with robust fixed blades for increased durability and dependability.

Note: Choose a broadhead that fits with your intent to use, personal preference, and hunting style.

How To Choose The Right Types Of Broadhead?

There are different types of arrow broadhead available with various options in the market. But which is the perfect one for you? Don’t worry!  To choose the right broadhead, you must consider some factors, which are described in brief: 

How To Choose The Right Types Of Broadhead

Consider The Weight  

First of all, to choose a broadhead, consider the weight of the broadhead because weight is the main factor in getting the accuracy of power. The broadheads are available with various grains, such as 85 grains, 100 grains, 125 grains, and even 150 grains.

A lighter broadhead leads to reduced penetration, whereas a heavier one tends to absorb more kinetic energy and penetrate deeply. So, it’s crucial to check the weight to ensure it works best.

Consider The Blade Number

The broadheads are available with various blades. What animal you will possibly hunt depends on your broadhead’s blade edge number.

The broadheads are available with one, two, three, and four blade broadheads.

The more the blade number, the more the ability to create wound channel, and it can also affect the accuracy.

Consider The Shape Of The Broadhead

Broadheads are quite useful because of their sharpness. These are very important for penetration, weight, and blood trails. Re sharpening broadhead blades are a really appreciated feature.

 While some companies do not offer crosscut bleeder blades that guarantee extra cuts, the majority do. So, choosing one for your specific bow (recurve or compound bows) depends on the sharpness and style of broadhead.

Consider Your Game Type

The broadheads are available with various grains, such as 85, 100, 125, and 150 grains. 

Broadhead selection is a great matter for hunting. If you hunt for a small game, use a lighter-grain broadhead. 

Wanna go for a big game(deer, moose, elk, etc.) hunting? 

Select a heavier grain broadhead because it offers more kinetic energy and momentum. As a result, these provide a deeper penetration and larger wound channel to make a humane kill of the animal.

Remember: At the end of the day, the choice ultimately depends on your shooting style, game type, and personal preferences. So, consider these factors. 

Which Type Of Broadhead Is More Suitable For Hunting?

There are various types of broadheads available. But what type of broadhead is more suitable for hunting? What game would you hunt with a broadhead? Let’s see:

  • Small Game Hunting: For small game hunting ( such as rabbits, squirrels, birds, etc.), choose a lighter broadhead (100) with high precision and accuracy.
  • Big Game Hunting: If you want big game( deer, elk, moose, etc) hunting, you must use a heavier grain (125 grain) broadhead. The fixed blade broadhead comes with a cut-on contact and chisel-point broadhead. For these types of game hunting, the fixed blade broadhead is suggested to use because of its durability and deep penetration. 
  • Whitetail Hunting: Expandable broadheads with a bigger cutting diameter are often suggested for shooting whitetail deer. These create larger wound channels and ensure a quick and ethical kill of the animal.

You can have the personal preference to choose a broadhead for hunting depending on the targeted species. So, choose a broadhead which is ideal for making an ethical kill of the animal.

How Many Blades Does A Broadhead Have?

The blade number of a broadhead greatly affects the effectiveness of the blood trail of an animal. I always say, my boy, the more the number of the blades, the more it tends to penetrate better and overall performance. 

Wanna know how many types of blades a broadhead has? Let’s see:

How Many Blades Does A Broadhead Have
  • Two Blade Heads: These are commonly used for hunting deer, elk, moose, etc. They have a cut on contact design for maximum penetration, and these have a 1.01” cutting diameter to create wound channels and more blood loss.
  • Three Blade Heads: Three blades are the excellent choice among most hunters because of their perfect balance, efficiency, and penetration. They offer a cutting diameter of about 1 to ¼”.
  • Four-Blade Broadhead: The more blades there are, the more the cutting surface area tends to increase. But it can lead to less penetration than three-blade heads.

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs)

What Are The Different Types Of Rage Broadheads?

The most common types of rage broadheads are hypodermic, chisel tip, crossbow X NC, and 2-blade NC cut on contact.

Do 3 Or 4 Blade Broadheads Fly Better?

From my 25 years of experience, I have got better fly with a 3-blade compared to a 4-blade because of their fewer blades.

What’s Better Fixed Or Mechanical Broadheads?

Mechanical is better for their improved accuracy and arrow flight, whereas fixed blades are reliable and durable. Each of them has pros and cons. So, the choice depends on your personal preferences.

Final Thoughts

In the end, what are the types of broadheads? There are three types of broadheads commonly used in archery. All of them have their unique design, features, pros and cons. Selecting the right broadhead is crucial for making a successful hunt. The blade-type broadheads are razor-sharp. Always be aware of your safety concerns.

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