Thorn Broadheads Vs Rage (Key Difference)




Are you conscious about choosing between thorn and rage broadhead? Don’t be panicked! Today, I will explore the critical differences between thorn and rage broadhead.

Both of them have unique features and impact on archery performance. The cutting ability of the thorn broadheads is well known. They offer the largest diameter of 3.25 inches. Thorn broadhead also provides better accuracy and aerodynamics. People praise Rage broadheads for their mechanical efficiency. They have a largest cutting diameter of 2.3 inches. So, should I use Thorn Broadheads or Rage?

Thorn Broadheads Vs Rage

Thorn Broadheads Vs Rage

Thorn broadheads are a better option if cutting precision is your top priority. They also have a wider cutting diameter. Both brands provide good accuracy. Rage Broadheads are very effective. They are also at a reasonable price point, making them suitable.

This isn’t everything. To get more information, Let’s dive into deep-

About Throne Broadhead

Arrowheads are made with great care. They are for archery and hunting enthusiasts. Thorn Broadheads is their name. These combine cutting-edge features, lethality, and accuracy to improve your shooting. Thorn Broadheads delivers dependable performance. They guarantee that your target stays in your sight line.

About Rage Broadheads

A few noteworthy Thorn Broadhead models are as follows:

Thorn G.I. “Tim Gillingham Signature Series”: These broadheads weigh 110 grains and boast a 1.75 cutting dia. These broadheads are more popular among archers because of their performance and accuracy.

Americans make the Thorn HPX Expandable Broadhead. We designed these broadheads for high-performance 3-blade crossbow broadheads.

Thorn XV Expandable Broadhead: These contact broadheads provide devastating penetration by maintaining field point accuracy.

Thorn Rift 2.2″ Expandable Broadhead: With a 2.2-inch cutting diameter, these broadheads expand upon impact.

The “Crown of Thorns” Fixed Blade heads: This fixed blade broadhead option comes in a 3-pack. It combines the devastation of fixed blades with Thorn’s guaranteed accuracy.

So, Where are Thorn broadheads made? Americans make these throne broadheads.

About Rage Broadheads

Rage Broadheads is the most popular expandable broadhead manufacturer’s brand. Its deadly technology and distinctive designs have earned it renown.

About Throne Broadhead


SlipCamTM technology equips Rage Broadheads, ensuring field point accuracy. These broadheads don’t lose much kinetic energy when they hit the ground. Instead, they fly like field points and expand.

Rear-Deploying Blades: Their ground-breaking rear-deploying blades are one of their most notable features. These blades increase the likelihood of a swift and clean kill. 

They produce large entry holes, wide wound channels, and improved blood trails.

Versatility: Rage Broadheads are suitable for crossbows and compound bows. These broadheads perform whether you’re an avid shooter or a seasoned hunter.

After that, a question can arise in your mind: Do Rage broadheads fly like field points?

These broadheads have innovative rear-deploying blades. That is like field points, along with SlipCamTM technology. 

The amazing thing is that they expand at the point of impact. They maintain a field point-like flight, with little to no kinetic energy lost.

The question is:

Can you practice with Rage broadheads?

Yes, you can practice with Rage broadheads, and they perform to field points. During practice head sessions, you can gain field point accuracy by practicing as if you were in the field.

Well, then, what grain broadhead for 400 spine arrow?

Your draw weight, draw length, arrow length, point weight, and broadhead type will all affect the grain broadhead. 

Most archers use 100-grain broadheads. For better penetration and higher draw weight, a heavier broadhead is suitable.

Thorn Broadheads Vs Rage: Key Difference

 Here are some critical differences between Thron and Rage Broadhead.

Thorn Broadheads Vs Rage

Cutting Diameter

Better-cutting broadheads are available from Thorn. Its eight stainless blades form a stunning star-like design on its Thorn Crown.

These blades are arranged to provide a wider cut through the muscle. This results in a total cut of 3.25 inches.

But, the largest cutting diameter of the Rage broadhead is 2.3 inches. These broadheads are less deadly than thorn ones despite their amazing penetration power.

For that reason, 

Thorn Crown will give you the best cutting diameters if you’re wondering about them.


When it comes to accuracy, the Thorn broadheads are better than the Rage. Thorn broadheads pierce through targets thanks to their creative design and aerodynamics. 

The Thorn HPX Expandable heads can shoot up to 500 feet per second. 


Rage is accurate. Rage Hypodermic Broadheads improved accuracy and range are well known. A rage broadhead can fire 400 rounds per second. Hence, get the Thorn broadhead for better accuracy.


When it comes to efficiency, Rage would be more advanced than Thron.

First, Rage has the best types of mechanical blades. However, mechanical efficiency and a few mechanical heads are better than Rage. 

Rage’s Hypodermic broadheads are one of the best broadheads in the market. Its two blades create a remarkable impact on the target.


Thorn is a little behind the Rage. It also produces excellent effectiveness with better cutting diameter and higher FPS.

After all these comparisons, there is no clear winner. So you should select one of them according to your personal opinion.

Then you might want to ask: Which is suitable for deer ? 100 Grain Vs 125 Grain Broadheads?

Broadheads with 100 grains tend to be lighter, whereas those with 125 grains have higher kinetic energy and superior penetration. 

For target shooting and small game hunting, a 100-grain broadhead is utilized, while a 125-grain head is employed for deer hunting.A proper shot with both grain can kill the deer.

Blade Design

Thorn has two different types of blades. There are two blades on one of them and eight on the other.

With its eight fixed blades, Thorn Crown is the most inventive. All eight blades stacked in a spiral horn shape result in a pattern resembling a start. 

To ensure durability, we make these blades out of stainless steel. They measure .040 inches. Resulting in a 3.25-inch total incision.

Rage broadheads have three different kinds of blade designs. There are three or four hidden blade technologies available as options. 

But, the brand is well-known for its excellent mechanical blade performance. Its broadheads with four blades can cut up to 2.3 inches.

So, how many times can you use a broadhead?

You can reuse the blades as long as they are razor-sharp. You can use the same broadhead to take down three or four deer while carrying your favorite spare blade.

You can think about crown broadhead kills. The crown broadhead is another type of arrowhead which is mainly used for hunting. It has a unique blade configuration and a 3.25” cutting surface. It provides a lethal wound channel.

Pros & Cons Of Using Broadhead Throne Vs Rage

There are some pros and cons of these two types of broadheads. Let’s check out:

Pros Of Throne Broadhead

  • This broadhead has an impressive 8-blade design with a cutting diameter of 3.25 inches. This large cutting diameter creates more chances of hitting vital organs.
  • Design: The helical arrangement of the stainless steel blades ensures excellent penetration. 
  • These broadheads provide good flight accuracy. These broadheads can hit an object at 70 yards.
  • These broadheads ensure excellent penetration. 

Cons Of Throne Broadheads

  • The 8-blade design may be challenging to close up once it makes a wound.
  • These broadheads are challenging to use and maintain.
  • There may be limitations.

Pros of Rage Broadheads

  • Impressive 2-inch cutting diameter.
  • Rage broadhead fly-like field points.
  • Accuracy and flight performance are excellent.
  • It has two quality scalpel-sharp blades
  • Ensures effective penetration

Cons of Rage Broadheads

  • Lead to redirection or deflection upon entry 
  • Cutting diameter is shorter than Throne broadheads.
  • The blade design could be more precise.

Limitations To Using Thorn And Range Broadheads

Here are some limitations to using Throne and Range Broadhead:

Limitations To Using Thorn And Range Broadheads

Limitation For Throne Broadhead

  • Poor Penetration: In situations of thick bone, these broadheads failure may not penetrate as well as other types.
  • Cutting Diameter: These broadhead cutting diameters are smaller compared to some mechanical broadheads. This factor can impact the size of the wound channel and may impact blood trails.
  • Blade Durability: Thorn broadheads often have thinner blades. They are more likely to break or bend when they strike complex objects like rocks or bones.

Limitation For Rage Broadhead

  • Accuracy At Greater Lengths:- Range broadheads intend to function well at various lengths. Yet, their consistency and accuracy may suffer at very long ranges. Archers have to be aware of how far they can shoot.
  • Mechanical Failure:- The mechanical parts of range broadheads are prone to failure. This could cause decreased effectiveness or improper blade deployment upon impact.
  • Sensitivity Of The Opening Mechanism:- Certain broadheads need the user to open the blades. This reduces cutting efficiency if the impact angle is different from the ideal one.

After all these, a question can pop up in your mind: Are Thorn broadheads good?

Yes, Thorn Broadheads are amazing! They provide a wicked wound channel, accuracy, and a 2.2-inch cut. These broadheads are not a gimmick; they’re innovative and can do some severe damage.

Which One Accuracy Is More Correct?

Both Rage and Thorn Broadheads have advantages when it comes to accuracy. Here are some considerations:

Thorn broadheads, like the Thorn HPX Expandable Broadhead, have remarkable accuracy. This is partly due to their creative design.

These broadheads have a projectile velocity of 500 feet per second. This enables accurate broadhead penetration. The blades align in stainless. This ensures accurate, broadhead hits on the target.

On the other hand,

The increased range and accuracy of Rage broadheads are well-known.

For example, the Rage Hypodermic Broadhead.

With a top speed of 400 feet per second, they deliver dependable performance. Rage Broadheads’ two-blade design has a powerful effect on the target.

In summary, thorn broadheads may be a better option. If cutting precision and diameter are your top priorities. Both brands provide good accuracy. Rage Broadheads are also very effective overall.

How Do You Decide Which One Is Suitable For You?

It is challenging to choose one which is suitable for you. Here are some considerations that help you to decide:

Game Type:

If you played a larger game, then Throne Broadheads are suitable for you.

For smaller games or situations where penetration matters more than cutting diameter. Rage Broadheads are suitable for you. 

Accuracy and Range: 

Thorn Broadheads: Especially at higher speeds, they are renowned for their accuracy and aerodynamics.

Rage Broadheads: Two-blade design for dependable accuracy.

If you focus on long-range shots. Then, consider the brand that aligns better with your shooting preferences.

Penetration and Efficiency:

Consider the broadheads’ efficiency.

Rage Broadheads: Their mechanical blades allow for efficient penetration.

Thorn Broadheads:  They have a larger cutting diameter to make up for their slight decrease in efficiency.

Which one is suitable for you? For this Question, the answer is about your personal preferences. You have to find out which one is suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Rage Broadheads Fly Like Field Points?

Rage broadheads have innovative rear-deploying blades that fly like field points. They also have SlipCamTM technology. 

Can You Practice With Rage Broadheads?

Yes, you can practise with Rage broadheads, and they perform to field points. During practice sessions, you can gain field tips and point-like experience.

What Broadhead Does The Most Damage?

The thorn broadhead takes the lead to most damage. Its eight stainless blades, aligned, create a massive 3.25-inch cutting diameter. When these blades strike, they slice through muscle and tissue. They leave a devastating wound.

Final Words

Bot the Thorn and Rage broadhead have a significant impact on archery performance. The thorn broadhead has a reputation for cutting wider. So, Which should I use Thorn Broadheads vs Rage?

If you focus on a wider cutting diameter, then a thorn broadhead is a better option. Rage Broadheads are also very effective, and at a reasonable price point, Rage is suitable. A right broadhead offers less contact broadhead with the other equipment.

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