Can You Shoot A Mechanical Broadhead Through Mesh? A Comprehensive Guide




So, Can You Shoot A Mechanical Broadhead Through Mesh? Typically, a mechanical broadhead can’t shoot through the mesh. The blade head can be prematurely hindered by mesh. To shoot an automatic head through the mesh, you should think about the mesh size. Also, consider the distance and the speed of the arrow.

Can You Shoot A Mechanical Broadhead Through Mesh

A Comprehensive Guide

Do not use a mechanical broadhead to shoot through the mesh. It can make the broadhead deploy too soon and mess up your aim. Instead of using broadheads, think about utilizing field points or fixed-blade broadheads. These are less likely to become entangled in the mesh and ensure optimal performance.

To get more information about shooting a mechanical broadhead through the mesh, let’s dive into deep-

Salient Highlights

  • Mechanical broadheads cannot shoot through the mesh. The mechanical blades can prematurely deploy by the mesh and affect the performance.
  • There are different types of arrows which is made for specific intended uses, such as carbon arrow, mechanical arrow, etc.
  • Always keep in mind the arrow type, mesh density, and distance to shoot a mechanical broadhead through the mesh. For accurate performance, you also need to consider draw weight and arrow velocity.

Can You Shoot A Mechanical Broadhead Through Mesh?

Mechanical broadheads shooting through mesh is not generally recommended. Also, shoot through camo mesh  is not advised in archery. If you shoot conventional fixed-blade and expandable broadheads through a mesh, the blades will ricochet. This can damage your bow and injure the shooter.

Can You Shoot A Mechanical Broadhead Through Mesh

You can, but we’ve always used an extra rubber band behind the first one, nearer the hinge, to be safe. It functions with standard mechanical heads that open from the front to the back. You will need to test heads that open from the back forward, like Tekans and Rage broadhead, but for the most part, you should be good.

You can think about can you shoot mechanical broadheads into a target? You can shoot mechanical broadheads into targets. Just ensure the target controls them. Ensures that factors like arrow speed and draw weight are considered for optimal performance and safety.

Do Mash Effects On Mechanical Broadhead?

When using mechanical broadheads, the mesh size is an important consideration. The arrow may veer off course if the mesh is too fine and interferes with its trajectory. Yet, if the mesh is too big, the arrow might pass through it without hitting the target hard enough.

Do Mash Effects On Mechanical Broadhead

When an archer uses a mechanical broadhead, the arrowhead opens upon impact. This creates larger wounds and gives more stopping power. These broadheads have blades that deploy to increase the cutting diameter. This increases the chance of a quick and humane kill. It also causes more damage to the tissue.

If it is necessary to shoot at the target, then shoot mechanical through mesh replacement can be done. Need to for controlling accuracy and safety. Make sure to select a strong mesh that is made for mechanical broadheads. You can think about shoot through mesh blind as a replacement. It is also not recommended because of its premature deployment.

To shoot from a blind mesh, it’s best to use fixed blade broad heads, low profile, and field points. These ensure optimal performance and safety.

What Types of Arrows Are Perfect for Shooting Mesh?

The types of arrows you use for perfect shooting depend on your archery range or competition. Here are some types of arrows typically used for mesh target practice shots:

What Types of Arrows Are Perfect for Shooting Mesh

Aluminum Arrows

Aluminum arrows are commonly lighter in weight and provide consistent shooting performance. This type of arrow offers a longer lifespan and is less prone to bending the arrow.

Fiberglass Arrow

This arrow is cheap and good for beginners or casual archers. Fiberglass arrows are strong and don’t break easily when they hit the target.

Carbon Arrows

Carbon arrows are commonly known for their lighter weight, stiffness, and strength. They are a good choice for the advanced archer, for they are less prone to break. It is widely used for participating in competitive shooting.

Wood Arrows

They are suitable for recreational shooting and offer traditional feels. They are commonly not used for mesh targets but sometimes may be used by expert archers. This type of arrow is only used if the weight and spine match your bow.

Some Factors To Consider

It is usually preferable to use target practice arrows rather than bow hunter arrows when shooting into mesh windows or similar materials. Here are some things to think about:

Target Arrows 

Arrows for target shooting often have mesh or foam to make them better for shooting at targets. They are often made for accuracy and have lighter, smaller points.

Field Points

Instead of using broadheads, think about utilizing field points. Because field points have a simple, rounded shape, they are less likely to get tangled in the mesh. Because they are made for hunting, broadheads are more prone to entangle and have a bigger cut. A heavier broadhead may lead to affect performance.So, adding 25 grains to the broadhead leads to more kinetic energy in large-game hunting. 

Spine and Weight

Make sure the arrow’s spine and weight match your bow and how you shoot. This guarantees accurate and proper arrow flight.


Carbon, aluminum, or a combination of the two can be used to make arrows. Choose your arrows according to your shooting style and personal preferences. Shoot through mesh with rifle is also can impact accuracy and arrow trajectory. So, take into account the contact broadheads with the mesh.


Think about arrows that have fletching to help them stay stable while flying. This aids in preserving accuracy while the arrow flies through the atmosphere.

Things To Keep In Mind While Shooting Through Mesh

Here are some things to keep in mind when using shoot-through mesh:

Verify that there are no objects or debris in the area where you intend to shoot that could harm the mesh. When using a rifle, keep in mind that the mesh may tear due to the muzzle blast.

Things To Keep In Mind While Shooting Through Mesh

To ensure that your equipment lasts long is safe, and is accurate, it is essential to consider shooting arrows through the mesh carefully. This applies whether it is part of your target setup or another application. The following are some points to remember:

Type Of Arrow

Use field-pointed target arrows instead of broadheads. Since broadheads are made for hunting, they might not work well when shooting through the mesh.

Density of Mesh: 

Take into account the mesh’s thickness and density. Materials that are denser or thicker may have varying effects on arrow flight. Try out various configurations to determine the best combination. Ameristep replacement shoot-through mesh can be done sometimes. But ensures compatibility with the mechanical broadhead. It is crucial to avoid arrow flight interference and maintain accuracy and safety.


Remain at a safe distance to shoot. Arrows that are perfectly shot too close to the mesh screen run a greater risk of being damaged or deflecting randomly.

Draw Weight Of Bow

Make sure the draw weight of your bow is appropriate for the arrows you are using. Accuracy and safety can be compromised by using arrows that are either too light or too heavy for your bow.

You can think about the minimum arrow weight, including the broadhead. The inclusion of a broadhead in minimum arrow weight depends on your personal preference. Some organizers were designed without broadheads and some included.

Arrow Velocity

Take note of the arrow’s speed. When traveling through the mesh, faster arrows act differently than slower ones.

Goal Configuration

Make sure the mesh is correctly tensioned and firmly fixed. The behavior of arrows can be unpredictable due to loose or sagging mesh.


Provide a suitable backstop to deflect arrows that may come through the mesh. This guarantees security and lessens the chance of arrow damage.

Safety Equipment

Always wear the proper protective gear, such as goggles. There’s a chance of deflections even when shooting into the mesh, so safety needs to come first.

Trial And Error

Finding the ideal arrangement of arrows, mesh, and other components may require some trial and error. Have patience and adapt as necessary.

Always heed the safety instructions and advice that the manufacturer of your bow and arrows provides.

What Is The Minimum Bow Poundage For Mechanical Broadheads?

To use mechanical broadheads, you need a minimum bow poundage. This depends on factors like the weight, design, and intended uses of the broadhead.

Most mechanical broadheads work best with bows that have a draw weight of at least forty pounds. For the particular broadhead, you must review the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations. The company tells you the minimum and maximum draw weights for their broadheads.

So, what grain broadhead for 340 arrows? You should choose a 100-grain broadhead for 340 spines with 50 poundage bow. It offers to maintain accuracy and provide better penetration.

Can you shoot mechanical broadheads? You can shoot, of course, but make sure it’s the right target and consider a few factors. The performance and penetration of a broadhead may be diminished if the bow has a low draw weight. But if the draw weight of the bow is too great, it can pass through the target and alter the trajectory of the arrow.

Remember that different broadheads have different minimum poundage recommendations. For best results, always keep in mind the manufacturer’s instructions.

How Should I Adjust My Shooting Technique When Dealing With Mesh?

Passing through the mesh can be challenging. Adjust your method to maintain accuracy and safety. Here are some pointers to help you adjust the way you shoot when using mesh:

Strive to Reach the Center: Shoot through the mesh, keeping your aim at the center of the target. Aim for the center of the target to decrease the chance of arrows hitting the edges. Arrows may change direction due to the mesh.

Anchor Point and Stance: Maintain a steady shooting position and anchor point. Make sure to use a consistent form to improve accuracy. This is particularly crucial in erratic scenarios such as shooting through mesh. Continue as you did before.

After you release the arrow, make sure to follow through smoothly and with control. To be accurate, you need to follow through when you release the bow. This lowers the chance of torquing the bow.

Choosing an Arrow: Choose field point arrows designed for shooting targets. These arrows are made to be more precise for target practice. Moreover, they are usually lighter.

Keep Your Distance: Remain at a safe distance to shoot. If you want to close yard shot to the mesh, the arrows will behave strangely. Try a variety of distances to see what suits your setup the best.

If you can, ask experienced archers or instructors for tips on shooting through the mesh.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can You Shoot A Bow Through Ground Blind Mesh?

Yes, you can shoot a bow through a blind mess. Must ensure that the mesh is wide enough to avoid any interference with the arrow flight.

Are There Safety Precautions When Shooting Through Mesh?

Make sure your mesh is wide enough. Use a low-profile broadhead to avoid arrow interference. Also, follow the safety guidelines provided by manufacturers.

Do Mechanical Broadheads Need To Be Tuned?

To make sure your bow setup is correct, you might have to adjust mechanical broadheads. This will help with arrow flight and consistent performance.

Final Words

In the end, shooting different types of broadheads through mesh is very crucial in archery. A proper broadhead hit through mesh leads to improved accuracy and performance. Yet, many factors are interrelated with broadhead shooting through the mesh. 

Mesh diameter is the most essential factor to shoot with a broadhead. Arrow type, arrow velocity, and bow draw weight are crucial to shooting through the mesh. Can You Shoot A Mechanical Broadhead Through Mesh? 

Mechanical broadhead are not recommended to shoot through broadhead. I already have cleared you the answer. Be aware of your safety concerns.

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