Knock Off Rage Broadheads (Complete Guideline)




Have you considered knocking off Rage broadheads? Some hunters swear by their performance and weight accuracy, while others question their reliability. 

Opinions are divided! Knock off rage broadheads are the unofficial version of the Rage Broadheads. When using it, some legal and ethical considerations arise. So, What about knock off rage broadheads?

Knock Off Rage Broadheads

Knock Off Rage Broadheads

Knock Off Rage Broadheads performed almost as well as the real deal. They are often cheaper than the original product. It is essential to consider the potential difference in quality. You must ensure the legality of your hunting area.

This isn’t everything. To know the risks and concerns of using it with legal and ethical considerations, Let’s dive into deep-

What Is Knock Off Rage Broadheads? 

Knock off rage broadheads are the unofficial version of the Rage Broadheads. They are a type of arrowhead used in archery. These knock off ranges are often cheaper than the original product. This broadhead is sharpen enough to even hunt.

What Is Knock Off Rage Broadheads


Chinese knock-off rage hypodermic broadheads perform similarly to the rage hypodermic type of broadhead. In general, there could be potential issues with quality and performance. 

Here are some points associated with Knock Off Rage Broadheads:


Knock Off Rage Broadheads performed almost as well as the real deal. This broadhead is also perfect for a longbow. These broadheads have been used in archery and expansion tests. They were also used in tests of strength. Proved satisfactory results.


Knock Off Rage Broadheads are often cheaper than the original product. This is very effective if you are using a lot of mechanical broadheads(dependable broadheads) in a year. 


The style head of the knock off Rage Broadheads is visually similar to the original. It is essential to consider the potential difference in quality. Some racers have reported that these knock offs can shatter upon impact. You can even sharpen single bevel broadheads it doesn’t feel sharp enough.

The ITC issued a General Exclusion Order (GEO). The GEO closes the U.S. market to all foreign-made broadheads encroaching on the Rage.

What Is The Difference Between Rage Broadheads And Rage Crossbow Broadheads?

FeaturesRage BroadheadsRage Crossbow Broadheads
DesignDesigned for use with regular bowsSpecifically designed for use with crossbows
PerformanceThe blades may open before impact when used with a crossbow.Known to create wide wound channels and fast recovery times with good shoot placement
VariantAvailable in various modelsThere are five types of broadheads available. The main two are the Rage Hypodermics crossbow and the Crossbow X blade.
UsageCan be used with a crossbow, but may hurt accuracy,especially the high-speed ones.

So, can you practice with Rage broadheads?

You can practice with Rage broadheads. It is recommended to use practice heads, which are designed to fly just like the broadheads. 

This helps ensure accuracy without dulling your hunting tips. It is also suggested to practice with real rage to ensure the arrow is fly true.

Risks And Concerns With Knock Off Rage Broadheads

There are several risks and concerns as follows:

Risks Of Using Knock Offs In Hunting


These types of broadheads may lead to serious injury for lack of proper use. The quality of knockoffs is more tightly controlled than that of the original ones. These may lead to serious hampered.

Quality And Performance

Knock-Off Rage Broadheads are made of inferior materials. These could lead to a failed hunt or, worse, injure the animal in a nonlethal way.


Original rage Broadheads are designed and tested for durability. When used, knockoffs could break or stop working. Also, they cannot provide the same amount of force.

Using counterfeit products may violate trademarks and intellectual property rights. The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has issued a General Exclusion Order (GEO). 

It protects the FeraDyne Outdoors’ Rage line of broadheads from foreign patent and trademark infringers.

Inconsistent Performance

Performance can vary with knock-off broadheads because they’re not made as well. This inconsistency can change how well you shoot and hunt.

Well,  Do Rage broadheads fly like field points?

Rage broadheads are designed to fly like field points due to their SlipCam technology and rear-deploying blades. However, the flight can be influenced by factors such as bow tuning.

Risks Of Using Knock Offs In Hunting

Using knock off equipment in hunting can pose several risks. Here are some main risks related to using knockoffs in hunting:

Reduce performance

Knock offs are often made of cheaper materials. They may not have the same quality as genuine products. This could affect their performance and shot accuracy, potentially leading to missed shots.

Quality and Lifespan

Knock off items might not last as long because they’re not as good. They aren’t made of high quality material like the original product. They might break when you use them.

You can reuse a broadhead as long as the blades are razor-sharp. You can carry your preferred spare blade and shoot 3 or 4 deer with the same broadhead.

Customer Service

Real products usually have warranties and customer service. Knockoffs might not have the same support. If something goes wrong, you might be out of luck.

Safety Hazard

A poorly made knock off may break down easily. It can pose safety risks to the hunter and those nearby. Malfunctions and breakages may lead to accidents and injuries.

Hunting with knock off equipment raises ethical issues. Additionally, some jurisdictions may have laws against using certain types of knock off equipment. 


Knock offs might not work as well as real ones. They could break when you need them most, causing you to miss out on hunting.

Always remember, It’s important to use good, trustworthy gear when hunting. Also, don’t forget to follow all the rules and laws.

As an ethical hunter, you should know the legality of your hunting area and should use the accurate broadhead. Here are some legal and ethical guidelines:

  • Rules and Laws: Hunters must know and follow all hunting rules and laws.
  • Need for License: In most places, you need a hunting license. Getting a license might have age limits, costs, and a need for hunter education.
  • Following Restrictions: Hunters have to stick to the rules. This includes when you can hunt and what weapons you can use.
  • Reporting Catches: Some places ask hunters to report what they catch. This helps wildlife groups keep track of animal numbers and set hunting limits for the future.

Ethical Consideration

  • Respect For Wildlife: Good hunters care a lot about animals. They always make sure to treat animals kindly.
  • Helping Conservation: Good hunters support hunting and conservation groups. This helps take care of wildlife and their homes.
  • Waste Prevention: Good hunters try to use as much of the animal as they can. They don’t want to waste any meat.
  • Sharing knowledge: Good hunters teach others about why hunting is important. They share what they know with new hunters.

You can see the knock off rage broadheads review for deciding to use it.

Opinions on knockoff Rage broadheads vary. Some find them cost effective, with good weight accuracy and performance. 

Yet, others question their quality and reliability. Considering these factors for your specific needs is crucial for an informed choice.

How Do I Avoid Buying Fake Broadheads Online?

 Online platforms like Amazon and eBay are the assortment of broadheads. Avoiding fake or broadheads when purchasing online requires a combination of research. Also, you need to buy from reputable sources. Here are some tips to help you avoid buying fake broadheads: 

How Do I Avoid Buying Fake Broadheads Online

Purchase From Reputable Retailers

Always purchase the product from a trusted and reputable dealer. Chinese Rage is available for sale on various online platforms. 

Amazon, eBay, etc., are larger broadhead companies that sell online. This is the most effective way to ensure that you are purchasing a real product.

Inspect The Product

Look for signs of forgery. Fake broadheads might have cheap and thin shock collars.

Check The price

A quality product can be expensive. And while there are certainly some great deals to be had at a very low price.

Verify The Weight and Quality

The heads of fake broadheads may weigh less than they should, and the blade may be cheap and not very sharp.

Check Customer Reviews

Read the customer knock of rage broadheads review for the specific broadheads you are purchasing. Reputable customer reviews insights into the performance and validity of the product.

Contact The Manufacturer

Suppose you need more clarification about the authenticity of a product. Reach out to the broadhead manufacturers with a picture and details of such a product.

Now the question is:

how to tell if rage broadheads are fake? 

If rage broadheads are fake, they may look, weigh, feel, and shoot identical to the original products. It may offer half of the price of the original ones. It may have 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I Sharpen My Rage Broadheads At Home?

Yes, You can sharpen Rage Broadheads at home. Keep the blade flat against a sharpening stone. Then, make strokes along the stone for sharpening. Always be careful when handling sharp objects.

What Are The Risks Of Using Knock Off Rage Broadheads?

Knock off Rage Broadheads may be less effective and dangerous. They might shatter upon impact. Also, using knock offs can increase the costs of the original product.

Are There Any Online Resources To Verify The Authenticity Of Rage?

Fake Rage broadheads are not allowed. The U.S. International Trade Commission has a rule that blocks all broadheads that infringe on certain Rage patents and trademarks.


Knock-off Rage Broadheads are the unofficial version of the Rage Broadheads. They performed almost as well as the real deal. Some legal issues are seen in the U.S.

When it comes to use, some legal and ethical considerations arise. So, what about  knock off rage broadheads?

You can practice with Rage broadheads. It is suggested to use practice heads, which are designed to fly just like the broadheads. This helps ensure accuracy while maintaining your hunting tips. Some risk also arises when using it, including reducing performance and quality. It is cost effective also. Be aware of your safety concerns.

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