How To Close A Rage Broadhead? A Complete Guide




A rage broadhead isn’t just an arrow tip; it is a gateway to successful hunts. Wide entry holes are consistently provided by them. There are many factors to consider. And closing at perfect range is one of the things. So, How To Close A Rage Broadhead? That’s confusing the hell out of every new archery.

How To Close A Rage Broadhead

However, is that all? Of course not! Keep reading to learn more about it.

Here is what to do-

  • Carefully retract the blades to their starting position.
  • Secure the blades by using a locking mechanism.
  • Make sure that the alignment is correct.
  • Put the broadhead in a protective case. Handle it with caution.

Summer of This Article is:

  • Rage broadheads are defined as mechanical broadheads. These broadheads are made of stainless steel and have different blade designs and weights.
  • There are 100 and 125 grains of rage broadhead typically used. 125 grains are commonly used in large game hunting for better penetration.
  • If the rage broadhead is damaged, it can be sharpened and replaced.

What Is A Rage Broadhead?

Rage broadheads are defined as the mechanical broadhead. These broadheads are made of stainless steel and have different blade designs and weights. They are well known for their accuracy, high penetration, and wound channel.

What Is A Rage Broadhead

Some rage broadhead models are designed for crossbows, and these broadheads can control high speeds. They use a slipcam rare deployment technology that ensures the blades open on impact. A shock collar is used to prevent premature blade deployment.

There are various types of rage broadhead. Rage Crossbow X 2-Blade is one of them, and these broadheads feature tough, razor-sharp .035-inch stainless-steel blades.

Rage Chisel Tip 2 Blade Broadhead is another excellent option that will provide you with high levels of accuracy, excellent penetration, and a legendary wound channel. 

It’s also one of the few broadheads allowing for upper and lower poundage bows. One such example is the Black Hole Foam Target. It ensures durability and prevents pass-through by absorbing the arrow’s force and providing field point accuracy. 

You should use a minimum of 1 to 2 inch longer arrow than your draw length for a rage broadhead. So, the arrow should be 29 to 30 inches for your 28-inch draw length for improved accuracy and safety.

Now, if you ask  how to lock rage broadheads? Then, it would be another story to tell.

How to Close A Rage Broadhead?

Rage broadheads are known for their mechanical design or expandable design. Close a rage broadhead, meaning the blades are closed position during flight to decrease the aerodynamic drag and then open upon impact. If your rage broadhead is deployed, now follow this step to close your rage broadhead:

How to Close A Rage Broadhead
  • Step 1: Safety First,
  • Step 2: Wear Gloves[ For Extra Safety]
  • Step 3: Inspect The Blades
  • Step 4: Identify The Deployment Mechanism
  • Step 5: Gently Press the Blades Together
  • Step 6: Engage The Closure Mechanism
  • Step 6: Engage The Closure Mechanism
  • Step 7: Secure The Broadhead

Step 1: Safety First,

Make sure that your broadhead is safe to handle. If your broadhead has been damaged, handle it with caution.

Step 2: Wear Gloves[ For Extra Safety]

You may choose to wear gloves to protect your hands from sharp blades.

Step 3: Inspect The Blades

Now, check the condition of the blades. If you find that they are damaged or bent, it is suggested to replace (the left blade) if possible rather than trying to close the broadhead.

Step 4: Identify The Deployment Mechanism

Now, determine the heads to identify the mechanism that keeps the blades open. Typically, this might be an O-ring, a small clip, or a specific type of retention system.

Step 5: Gently Press the Blades Together

You can use your finger or any other tool to close them. Most of the archers prefer a dental band rubber to keep the broadhead close. Gently close the blades together to close them. Be careful about pressing. Excessive pressure can damage the broadhead.

Step 6: Engage The Closure Mechanism

To keep the blades closed, engage any clips, O-rings, or other closure mechanisms that may be present. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, use the broadhead model that you have.

Step 7: Secure The Broadhead

If your rage broadhead has a retention collar or similar mechanism, Check that it is securely in place to stop the blades from accidentally opening.

There are various types of rage broadheads available in the market. I always suggest you follow the manufacturer’s manual or instructions for your specific rage broadhead. Suppose you need help seeking guidance from expert archers.

So, that’s the answer to your:  How do you keep Rage broadheads closed questions.

Can Rage Broadhead Be Sharpened?

Yes, a rage broadhead can be sharpened. Here, I will give you an easy technique to sharpen the rage broadhead easily. Here are the following steps:

Step 1: Remove Blade

Remove the blade carefully. You can take a piece of paper to check the sharpness rate of the blade.For ethical hunting, it is crucial to test your broadhead sharpness.

Step 2: Put Sharp Guide

Carefully put the blades in a stay-sharp guide. Make sure the blade is tightened in the stay sharp guide by using a tool.

Step 3: Find The Angle

Once you have completed it, each side of the blade is marked with a black felt marker. It should be done to see the proper sharpening angle of the blades.

Step 4: Make Sure Sharp Both Sides

After completing the marking, now, take your bastard file and run it along the blade ten times on each side, progressively going down in twos until you get to one.

Step 5: Take Sandpaper

Take a sandpaper. These are available with 3k,4k, and 5k grit. You can begin with a 3k grit sandpaper. Start with ten strokes on each side, progressively going down in twos until you get to one.

Step 6: Line Up Perfectly

Take a round, smooth steel. Now, you are going to take your smooth steel run along the guide. You might have to change the angle of the steel because if the guide isn’t lined up perfectly, then you are likely to have to line it up and use your judgment. You can use the marker if you need to. Typically, ten times on each side, progressively going down in twos until you get to one.

Step 7: Leaver Strop

To finish the process, take a leather strop and do it five times on each side, one at a time. Now, you can check it on a piece of paper. Now, you have got a razor sharp.

Remember to follow each step. You need to remember one of the following steps to find the sharpness. Be aware of your safety concerns. Be careful at steps 1 and 2 because it may be harmful to you.

How To Reset Rage Broadheads?

To reset the rage broadhead, here are some steps:

Step 1: Lose Collar

To reset the rage broadhead, firstly, I loosen the broadhead part and the collar.

Step 2: Closed Blades

Make sure that the blades are completely closed. This is a crucial step and poses a challenge for the novice archers. Thus, bringing old and used broadheads with closed blades can add to the averageness of our hunting experience.

Step 3: Rotate

Rotate each collar cautiously to keep the blades’ flat portion sealed. This is done to secure the head in the place. Arrange the collars in a line before leaving the collars. Apply the bands to increase their strength. It is even effective to use three or four tightly twisted bands; there will be no issues.

Step 4: Repeat The Process

In the same way, You can tighten the collar. There is no rattling, indicating that the work is done successfully.

Step 5: Test It

The orthodontic bands can be used without any issues. These bands are also easily applied to knockoffs. This band doesn’t lead to any flight issues.

You can think about rage hypodermic crossbow broadheads. These are the type of mechanical broadhead. Rage hypodermic broadheads have two blades that expand outward upon impact to create a big wound channel. You may add 25 grains to your rage broadhead for a larger wound channel.

Commonly, this type of broadhead is used for high-speed crossbows. They possess a hybrid tip with needle-like ferrule. Additionally, they have a shock collar that has adjustable tightness and looseness to keep the blades closed or open.

Can You Replace The Blades On A Rage Broadhead?

Sure, a Rage Broadhead’s blades can be changed. You can follow this step-by-step guide to assist you in the process:

In the beginning, take out the broadhead’s old blades. Using one of the supplied knurl pins, you can accomplish this by driving the pin out. After the old blade has been sufficiently removed, remove it with pliers and insert the new blades. After that, insert the new pin in the remaining distance, and you’re done!

Can You Replace The Blades On A Rage Broadhead

A query can pop up in your mind about rage crossbow broadhead instructions. Here are some instructions:

The accuracy that is provided by the shock collar is vital. It aids in keeping the blades secure while in flight. Thus, make sure the shock collar is fitted properly.

Should your O-ring require replacement due to damage:

  • On an arrow, the field point is placed.
  • Place the fresh O-ring onto the shaft by rolling it over the field point.
  • With caution, remove the field point.
  • Roll up the O-ring onto the broadhead and screw it onto the arrow.

Make sure that the rage broadhead is compatible with your crossbows.

How Can I Confirm If A Rage Broadhead Is Unarmed Before Closing It?

You can close a rage broadhead in two steps if it is unarmed. To find out if you are a Rage broadhead, perform these actions:

Examine the blades closely. When a broadhead is in the open position, it is armed. The broadhead is unarmed if they aren’t. 

Check the O-rings thoroughly. If the blades are closed, it is necessary to inspect the O-rings. If the O-rings are positioned as intended, the broadhead will undoubtedly be unarmed. If you find that any of the O-rings are missing or there are issues, you have an armed broadhead. You can also follow the customer ratings to find out more information.

How Can I Confirm If A Rage Broadhead Is Unarmed Before Closing It

Can you think about Rage Hypodermic Crossbow no collar? Yes, this particular kind of rage broadhead is exceptional and made for crossbow shooting. It has a swept-back blade angle. The unique design ensures maximum penetration. A rage hypodermic crossbow with no collar means no need for any O-ring or shock collar.

With a 2-inch cutting diameter, the Rage Hypodermic no-collar broadhead is a very strong option for bowhunters. It also adds cutting-edge finger-like tabs to the Slip Cam pivot point of the blades.

The Trypan NC broadhead has a 0.039-inch-thick razor-sharp machine-stamped blade. Its stainless-steel blades slide into a perfect position with the right attitude for cutting penetration and diameter when it is deployed.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How Heavy Are Rage Broadheads?

Typically, a rage broadhead weighs 125 grains and in gram units 8.125 grams.

Do Rage Broadheads Open In Flight?

The purpose of Rage Broadheads is to open while in flight. One distinctive feature of these mechanical broadheads is that, as the arrow travels, its blades stay closed, reducing air resistance and guaranteeing precise flight.

How Many Grains Is A Rage Broadhead?

Typically, a rage broadhead weight ranges from 100 to 125 grains.125 grains rage broadhead is generally used for large game hunting for better penetration. Some archers prefer 100 grain for accuracy and small game hunting.

Final Words,

In the end, a rage broadhead plays a very crucial role in archery performance. Typically, various grains of broadhead are available. Hunters usually use a 125-grain rage broadhead for large game hunting. Rage Broadheads’ contact tip blade is critical to their lethal performance.

Rage Broadheads have a reputation for making tracking jobs much easier after a successful shot. A rage broadhead is designed for specific accuracy and lethality. It is designed for precise flight and accuracy. A rage broadhead typically provides wide-cutting diameters in large game hunting. So, How To Close A Rage Broadhead? 

It is very significant for an ethical and quick kill. I have already discussed the above. Follow each step and be aware of your safety concerns.

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