Can You Use Arrow Broadheads On Bolts? Know The Truth




Have you ever wondered about can you use arrow broadhead on crossbow bolts? This is a common query among the archers.

There are many factors to consider when using arrow broadheads on bolts. Broadhead has a significant impact on archery performance. A heavier broadhead may lead to better penetration. However, an excessive grain weight may lead to erratic arrow flight. Bolts are used only with crossbows, not with regular bows. So, can you use arrow broadheads on bolts?

Can You Use Arrow Broadheads On Bolts

Know The Truth Here:

In short, you can use arrow broadheads on bolts for crossbows. Make sure about compatibility with your specific crossbow. Consider weight balance for optimum performance and successful hunting.

Core Findings:

  • The term bolt is largely used in conjunction with a crossbow. It is typically shorter than arrows.
  • Crossbow bolts have two types of nock: half-moon and flat-nock. It is designed to reduce the risk of damage.
  • Broadhead affects accuracy and archery performance. A heavier broadhead can lead to better penetration in large game hunting.

This isn’t everything. Please read this article to know the critical differences between broadheads and bolts and their impact on archery. So, let’s dive into deep-

Can You Use Arrow Broadheads On Bolts?

First, let me explain about bolts and arrows. Some archers refer to the crossbow projectile as a bolt. Some of the archers refer to the arrow. Both of them are correct.

The term bolt is largely used in conjunction with a crossbow. Don’t get confused; a bolt isn’t used with a regular bow. A bolt may lack stabilizing profile vanes near the back, but all of them are present in the arrow.

Can You Use Arrow Broadheads On Bolts

So, what is the difference between a cross bolt or bolt and a standard arrow?

Crossbow bolts have a shorter, stouter build and are shot horizontally. Arrow broadheads are for hunting purposes and have increased cutting efficiency. A 100-grain broadhead weight is ideal for all types of arrows.

Typically, the broadheads are the business end of bolts /arrows. Both of them are designed for sharp blades and hunting. Usually, the crossbow bolts and compound bows are interchangeable. Most experienced archers consider any broadhead under 16 inches to be a bolt. Ensure that the weight of the broadhead and field points you want to use are the same as the heads that came with your crossbow bolts.

Crossbow bolts have two types of nock: half-moon and flat-nock. Half-moon nocks are typically found in crossbow bolts and have a grove for proper alignment. This ensures consistent arrow placement and helps secure the bolt during shooting. Flat nock no grove is present and offers a flat surface for the crossbow string to rest against.

Now, coming to your most desired answer. Typically, it is not recommended to use arrow broadheads on bolts. Here are some reasons:

Weight Matching

Some broadheads or field points are included with crossbow bolts. These heads have a specific weight that is in line with the total weight of the bolt. Using different heads can affect accuracy and potentially damage your crossbow arrows.

Function and Safety

Arrow broadheads are specially designed for vertical shots from regular bows. If crossbow bolts are applied, they might line up incorrectly. Therefore, they could impair accuracy and possibly damage your crossbow broadhead.

You must ensure compatibility and weight balance for optimum performance to use it. Either it will affect accuracy.

So, can you use regular broadheads on crossbow bolts? No, it isn’t recommended to use regular broadheads on crossbow bolts. Usually, the regular arrow broadheads are designed for large-arrow diameters. An inaccurate component can affect accuracy and safety. It would be best to use specific crossbow bolt heads for optimal performance.

What Is The Difference Between A Bolt And A Broadhead?

Typically, bolts are used with a crossbow, not in a traditional bow. Bolts are heavier and shorter than arrows. The bolts are mainly designed for accuracy.

What Is The Difference Between A Bolt And A Broadhead

Broadhead are commonly used for hunting purposes. Typically, broadheads come in three ways, including fixed-blade, mechanical, and hybrid. The range of the broadhead weight is between 100 and 125 grains. Heavy broadheads can increase penetration and use in large game hunting.

On the other hand, bolts also come in three different ways. They vary in weight. Lightweight bolts have around 5 to 6 grains per inch, midweight are 7 to 9 grains, and heavy bolts exceed 10 grains per inch.

Here is a chart about the real differences between broadhead and bolt:

FunctionFrom the crossbow it serves as the projectile fired.Attaches to the front end of an arrow or bolt.
ConstructionsBolts are smaller and heavier than arrows.It is the sharp and pointed tip of a bolt or arrow.
ShapesTwo shapes are available such as straight and cylindrical.Broadhead have come in three ways: Fixed-blade, hybrid, and mechanical broadhead.
BladesBolts have no blades and are mainly designed for accuracy.Broadheads have blades for cutting on impact.
UsesBolts are used for hunting, target practice, or warfare.Broadheads are used for hunting purposes.
PurposeBolts are typically used with crossbow or mediaeval-style crossbow-like weapons.These are designed for hunting and shooting with bows.
SafetyFor having no blade, there is no risk of injury.Requires safety for having blades.

Make sure that you intend to use them before choosing one of them. The choice between bolts and broadhead depends on your personal preferences.

You can think about broadhead bolts Witcher 3. The Witcher 3 is a game for wild hunting, and broadhead bolts are used for crossbows. There are two types, including Crafted Broahead bolts and basic broadhead bolts. Crafted broadhead bolts offer a great chance of causing bleeding and increased damage. Basic broadheads also deal the same as the crafted head bolt.

How To Put Broadheads On Crossbow Bolts?

Here are the step by step guidelines:

How To Put Broadheads On Crossbow Bolts

Step 1:Select Your Broadheads.

First, choose the type of broadhead you want to use. Fixed-blade, mechanical, and hybrid broadheads are available. Make sure that the broadheads are compatible with your bows.

Step 2:Inspect Your Bolts.

Examine your crossbow bolts. Make sure that the crossbow is in good condition. Check any signs of damage or bent shaft. A damaged bolt can affect accuracy.

Step 3:Prepare Your Bolts.

Some bolts may have nock. You must remove them. To ensure a secure fit for the broadhead, clean the insert properly.

Step 4:Thread The Broadhead. 

Wear the gloves in your hand, and then carefully insert the threaded end of your broadhead into the bolt’s insert. Carefully turn the broadhead clockwise while feeling for the threads to engage. Avoid cross-threading because it can lead to damage to the insert or broadhead.

Step 5:Blade Alignment

After securely threading the broadhead, check the blades are aligned properly with the vane on the bolt. Proper alignment is crucial for stable flight. In the opposite direction from the mark, rotate the bolt at a 180-degree angle and apply pressure to the tip of the broadhead. This will centre the broadhead for the shaft centre.

Step 6:Tighten The Broadhead.

Use a wrench to tighten the broadhead onto the bolt as needed securely. Make sure that it is snug but not overtightened.

Step 7:Test 

After attaching the broadhead to crossbow bolts, experiment with a few shots to ensure accuracy and consistency. Make any adjustments as you need to achieve the optimum performance.

However, keep in mind the safety precautions. Follow these above steps carefully for optimum archery performance.

A query about the best pistol crossbow bolts can pop up in your mind. Here are some of the best pistol crossbow bolts:

Carbon Express Maxima Red: These are excellent crossbow bolts for the hunting game.

Carbon Express PileDriver: These are excellent carbon crossbow bolts. It is regarded as the editor’s choice.

Tenpoint XX75 Magnum: These types of bolts are usually 20-inch crossbow bolts. For their reliability, they are a very popular choice.

Easton Full Metal Jacket Arrow: For crossbow enthusiasts have access to excellent, and long-lasting options.

Tenpoint EVO-X Center Punch Carbon Arrow: For increased accuracy and performance these types of bolts are popular with the archers.

BARNET 16075: These are perfect for target practice. Usually, they are outdoor carbon bolts.

However, remember to determine the bolt that fits your specific pistol crossbow and shooting style.

What are Considerations When Using Arrow Broadhead On Bolts?

While using arrow broadheads on bolts, there are some important considerations to keep in mind:

What are Considerations When Using Arrow Broadhead On Bolts


Ensure the broadhead you want to use is compatible with your specific crossbow bolts. Check the broadhead’s ferrule and the diameter of the bolt shaft. The ferrule is the part that is attached to the shaft. For better accuracy, they should match. You can use a crossbow broadhead which fits regular arrows easily.

Weight And Balance

Typically, 100 to 125 grains are used by the archers. So, consider the weight of the broadhead. Heavier arrows may affect the accuracy and flight behaviour of the bolts. So, weight balance is essential for accuracy and consistency. Lighter arrows may lead to an erratic arrow flight. For large game hunting, you can add 25 grains to  the broadhead for better penetration and ethical kill.

Type of Broadhead

There are three types of broadheads: fixed blade, mechanical, and hybrid broadhead. Fixed blade broadheads are sturdy and reliable. These are ideal for consistent penetration and provide a stable flight. A lighter broadhead can affect the sufficient kinetic energy and penetration.

Mechanical broadheads are designed for maximum damage to the target and may deploy upon impact.

Accuracy And Tuning

Proper tuning is very crucial for accuracy. So, properly tune your crossbow to the specific broadhead. Adjust the tune as needed to achieve the maximum accuracy.

Penetration and Cutting Ability

Before going into the hunt you should consider your intended game. For large game hunting, you need a better penetration broadhead. Your intended game can be deer, elk, or small hunting. So, depending on your intended purpose, choose an appropriate broadhead.

However, you should always follow the safety precautions during shooting your bolts and handling the bolts. Remember to determine the right broadhead because it is crucial for accuracy and successful hunting.

You can think about the accuracy of crossbow bolt tips for deer hunting. When hunting deer with a crossbow, it is crucial to choose the correct bolt. Here are some tips:

Determine the bolts at least 18 to 20 inches long, straight, and durable for enhanced kinetic energy. Try to use a bolt with a super straight design to ensure accuracy. For stability during flight, opt for bolts with 4-inch vanes.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are Arrow Broadheads And Crossbow Bolts Interchangeable?

If the weight, and size match both of them and are compatible with your specific crossbow then arrow broadhead and crossbow bolts are interchangeable.

Can You Use Regular Broadheads On Crossbow Bolts?

Generally, not suggested to use for imbalance.But, ensure the compatibility and weight for your specific crossbow you may use.

Final Words

Broadheads and bolts both play a crucial role in archery performance. Broadhead plays a significant role in penetration and characteristics of arrow flight. The bolts are relatively good with crossbows but not in traditional bowls. Using an arrow broadhead on bolts must ensure compatibility and weight balance. So, can you use arrow broadheads on bolts?

You have already cleared through the above discussion. Be aware of your safety.

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