Is A 40 Lb Bow Good For Hunting? [Hunter’s Guide]




A long time ago, in the adult stage, I went to the market to buy a bow for hunting.

I told the boy of the archery shop to give me a bow. He asked me, what is your draw length and how much bow I wanted to buy. I asked him, Is a 40 lb bow good for hunting? He told-

Is A 40 Lb Bow Good For Hunting

40 Lb Bow Good For Hunting

Yes, a 40-pound bow is good for hunting. It is the minimum suggested weight for hunting. If you can provide a perfect shot placement to the vital organ with a heavier grain blade broad heads, 40 lb is enough for hunting. 

This is a partial answer only. If you are confused about choosing the perfect bow weight for hunting, read this article.

Key Info.

  • The minimum suggested bow weight for hunting is 40 pounds.
  • The different bow needs different draw weights such as for larger men, 60 to 80 lbs is suitable for compound guys, and 45 to 60 is ideal for a recurve bow.
  • The bow weight is a crucial factor because it influences the speed, penetration, maintenance & stability, and comfort.

Why Does The Weight Of Bow Matter?

The weight of a bow matters because it greatly affects the draw weight, balance, and stability of the bow and your comfort. You know that draw weight is very important because it affects the speed of the arrow when the arrow is released from a bow. 

Why Does The Weight Of Bow Matter

As a shooter, your draw weight must be comfortable for you to get good form and accuracy. In general, A heavier bow tends to have more draw weight, which provides improved accuracy and penetration. 

In the case of stability and balance, You know that a hunter often has to carry his bow over long distances and sometimes for several days. 

In most cases, the conditions become rough, and if you plan to camp when hunting, you most likely have more equipment with you. With a lighter bow you can easily can hunt without treestand.

But, you will get only one shot at your target after days of carrying your bow. So, it is very crucial to feel your bow stable and balanced in your hands. For quickness,  A lighter bow is preferable, but pulling a heavier bow frequently or performing strength training will build the muscles that enable you to draw your bow more quickly. 

Is A 40 Lb Bow Good For Hunting?

Now, let’s clear the real question, Is a 40 lb bow good for hunting archery? Yes, a 40-pound bow is good for hunting. It also depends on your type of game, shot placement, and arrow weight. 

In general,  A 40-pound bow is adequate for hunting, and if you can put your shot in the vital zone( such as the liver, heart, liver, etc) while under stress, it can supply enough energy to pass the arrow through the organs. 

Is A 40 Lb Bow Good For Hunting.

In the case of a hunting game,

A minimum draw weights of 4o lbs is good but less than that will cause you to miss a lot of hunting opportunities, especially when you have to shoot an arrow more than 15 yards away.

So, can you hunt with a 40 lb recurve bow for hunting?  Yes, a heavy arrow with a 40 lb bow can be more effective for hunting. Typically, heavier arrows offer more kinetic energy and momentum. As a result, it leads to more cuts and penetrations through bone.

As a general rule of thumb, An arrow with at least 9 grains per pound of peak draw weight is good for hunting with a 40 lb bow. 

I suggest you try a heavier arrow like 500 gr and bladed head with your 40 lb bow because it is enough for hunting. It is difficult, but if you are hunting pheasant with a bow then this is great.

Bow Draw Weight Chart For Hunting

Actually, there isn’t any correct answer to it. Which weight of bow you need depends on you actually. How? Well, bow weight differs depending on your weight. For example: if you weigh 150 to 180 then 40 ib weight is perfect for you.

Here is Recommended body weight for Recurve & Longbow:

Archer’s Body Weight(lbs)Bow’s Draw Weight ( lbs)
Small Kid (70 to 100 lbs)10 to 15 lbs
Larger Kid ( 100 to 130 lbs)15 to 25 lbs 
Small Frame Female ( 130 t0 160 lbs)25 to 35 lbs
Medium Size Female25 to 35 lbs
Small Size Male ( 120 to 150 lbs)30 to 45 lbs
Medium Size Male ( 150 t0 180 lbs)40 to 55 lbs
Large Size Female (160+ lbs)30 to 45 lbs 
Large Size Men (180+lbs)45 to 60 lbs
Archer’s Size Bow’s Draw Weight
Small Kid 10 to 15 lbs
Large Kid15 to 25 lbs
Female & Youth25 to 40 lbs
Large Size Female & Youth40 to 50 lbs
Male55 to 65 lbs
Large Size Men60 to 80 lbs

Choosing The Perfect Weight For Your Hunting Bow: A Starter’s Guide 

It is crucial to choose the perfect weight for your hunting bow. It greatly affects the performance of the bow and helps to find you a perfect balance and comfort.

Here is a step-by-step process: 

Choosing The Perfect Weight For Your Hunting Bow
  • Step 1: Determine Draw Length
  • Step 2: Use A Draw Weight Chart
  • Step 3: Use A Draw Weight Scale

Step 1: Determine Draw Length

Do you know what draw length is? It is how far you pull the string back. The standard draw length is 28 inches for determining your bow’s draw weight.

Is your draw length longer than 28 inches? Generally, a 2.5 lb bow weight is increased for every inch over the 28” draw lengths.

Determine Draw Length

Conversely, If you decrease the draw length, you have to reduce 2.5 lb bow weight for every inch under 28’’ length. In general, the more the draw length, the more the draw weight, and vice versa. Now, the question is: how you will measure your draw length, right? Let’s follow these steps:

  • Start by standing with your back to a wall, and extend your arms against the wall.
  • Determine your length from the ends of a middle finger to the other ends of a middle finger( basically both arms, hands, and chest).
  • Then, divide your measurement by 2.5, and this is your draw length. That way you wanna find out You can hunt elk with a 55 lb recurve bow.

Step 2: Use A Draw Weight Chart 

Don’t want to go for any calculation? Well! You can find your recommended draw weight by using a draw weight chart. If you are a beginner or never shot a bow before, this will provide you with an average draw weight.

I have provided a draw weight chart for different types of bows in the lower section. This will help you to find the perfect draw weight based on gender and your body size weight.

Step 3: Use A Draw Weight Scale

You can also determine your bow weight by using a draw weight scale. A draw weight scale can be used by nocking the arrow and attaching it to the bowstring.

Use A Draw Weight Scale

Now, raise your bow and pull the bow back to full draw to get a good form. Then, check the measurement using the draw weight scale. As a human, sometimes errors can happen. So, take 2 to 3 times measurements to avoid any type of error. 

How Many Pounds Is A Good Hunting Bow?

Bow weight greatly influences the speed and penetration of the arrow. You will see that some archers like to shoot more draw-weight bows which help to shoot faster. It is very difficult to get the proper shooting form, especially for long-distance shooting.

So, how many pounds does a bow need to hunt?

A comfortable weight bow is different for the other archers. According to my experience, some shooters like to shoot 70, 80, 90 lbs bow for hunting. Adult men like to shoot between 60 & 70-pound draw weight bows. You can ask me which is a good weight range for hunting, right? It depends on your targeted species. 

For instance, A 40-pound bow is enough for hunting a whitetail deer. If you want to go for a larger game, such as moose or elk, I will suggest you use a bow within 60 to 65 lbs.

According to most of the state regulations, a minimum of 40 lbs draw weight bow must be used. It provides excellent arrow flight and kinetic energy. If you can aim at the vital organ and hit perfectly, it is also enough for hunting.

What If You Choose The Wrong Bow Weight?

If you choose the wrong bow weight, you have to face some problems. Here are some problems given below:

  • Wrong bow weight means your bow may be heavier in weight. Bow draw weight refers to the determination of the force needed to pull the bowstring back to its longer draw length. So, a heavier bow will be difficult for you to draw and can’t maintain properly to get a balance and comfort aim. 
  • If you go for a couple of days hunting, you have to carry your bow long time. As a result, you will feel tired and have some risk of injury yourself or to your bow.
  • In the case of the lighter bow, if your bow is too light, it won’t be able to produce sufficient kinetic energy and momentum as well as speed. 
  • Therefore, you will face problems shooting at a longer distance or in a wind environment which affects the arrow flight.
  • As a result, you won’t be able to make a successful hunt and make an ethical kill of the animal. So, use a bow weight of at least 40 pounds to kill effectively.
  • Never bow hunt very close to a house because a wrong arrow can be dangerous for you or others.

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs)

What Can You Hunt With A 40 Pound Bow?

With a bow with 40 pounds, you can hunt rabbits, squirrels, turkeys, ducks, geese, whitetail deer, etc easily. If you can aim at the vital organ and shoot, you will able to hunt larger animal species also.

Is A 40 Lb Bow Enough For Deer?

Yes, a 40-pound bow is enough for deer hunting. To ensure a successful hunt, use a larger grain arrow with a sharp blade head and aim at the vital organ.

Is A 40 Pound Bow Hard To Pull?

No, it is generally a suggested weight for hunting, and it is not hard to pull. Though it totally depends on your strength and draw length. 

What Is The Range Of A 40 Pound Bow?

1. For the novice archers in hunting, 15-20 yards.
2. The experienced for hunting, 30 to 40 yards.
3. For target shooting, 40 to 50 yards.
5. In general, the maximum range is 250 to 300 yards.

Final Thoughts

In the end, a bow’s draw weight is the most important factor because it provides your comfort and maintenance. Without proper shooting form, you won’t be able to make a perfect shoot.
A wrong bow weight can lead to inaccuracy in shoots and harm to you. It greatly affects the speed, kinetic energy, and momentum. Hope that you got a clear vision of Is A 40 Lb Bow Good For Hunting? and that’s all for today! Stay with Archery Magic for info.

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