How To Bow Hunt Without A Tree Stand? [Easiest Techniques]




To most enthusiasts, bow hunting is a challenging and exciting activity. Bow hunting with a tree stand is a common practice but it is not possible in all situations.

When hunting without a tree stand, you must have to adapt to find a more creative approach. So, how to bow hunt without a tree stand?

How To Bow Hunt Without A Tree Stand

Bow Hunt Without A Tree Stand

You can do a bow hunt without a tree stand by using a ground blind, natural cover, or stalking. You can use techniques like scouting, concealment, or climbing a tree to make a successful hunt. Always keep patience and confidence and shoot to vital organs to make a quick and humane kill.

In this article, I will explore the easiest techniques to bow hunt without a tree stand. I will cover in this article from the safety concerns to some essential gear, pros and cons to make a successful hunt. So, let’s dive into deep-

Key Info.

  • You can do a bow hunt without a tree stand by using alternative methods such as natural features, ground blinds, and stalking.
  • The key advantage of bow hunting from the ground, it is safer compared to an elevated position, and no chances of losing your balance or falling out from the tree.
  • Scent management, broadhead selection, and binoculars are the essential equipment to hunt a deer from the ground.

Can You Do Bow Hunting Without A Tree Stand?

Yes, you can do bow hunting without a tree stand. Some other alternative ways can be used for recurve bow hunting, such as natural features, ground blinds, and stalking. Pop-up ground blinds have become more popular and comfortable for bowhunting. Most of the deer hunters have realized bowhunting from the ground is safer and more enjoyable.  But wait, wait, you gotta keep some safety tips in mind while doing ground hunting.

What Are The Safety Tips When Bow Hunting Without A Tree Stand? 

Bow hunting without a tree stand can be an effective method. Though it is quite difficult, it comes with its own set of security concerns. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure safety when bow hunting without tree stands:

  • Wear Blaze Orange Clothing: Blaze orange clothing is obligatory in some states during hunting season. It is very useful when you are hunting from the ground. It helps other hunters to see you from a distance and avoid mistaking you as a game.
  • Get Downwind: The main benefit of being high up in a tree is that your scent disappears before the deer detect it. To avoid being detected, you must concentrate more on moving downwind from the game when hunting on the ground. Escipically, if you are hunting pheasant with a bow.
  • Make Use of Natural Camouflage: Use natural camouflage such as white camo instead of relying on artificial camo clothes. Use natural materials such as branches, grasses, or leaves that help to hide you. But don’t get too close while hunting near the house.
  • Stay Low: When you hunt in open areas such as meadows or fields where trees are not available for cover, try to stay as low as possible. You may walk behind a crawl or hills through open space using an effective cover. 
  • Use Landmark or Navigation Tool: Pay more attention to surrounding markers like watercourse or anything that could affect your attention. These markers help you remember the moving area and assist in navigating back later. Never use a public land area to hunt because it can harm others.
  • Known Emergency Procedures: Always carry basic first aid supplies and necessary components during any outdoor activity. 

Pros And Cons Of Bow Hunting Without Tree Stand

Pros Cons
It is usually safer than hunting compared to an elevated position.It provides you with a limited field to view.  As a result, it becomes harder to track the animal and determine your distance accurately.
No chances of losing your balance or falling from the tree.It requires scent control. Animals can detect your presence easily.
This can be especially helpful if you’re new to bowhunting or if you’re going to be hunting in an area with rough and uneven terrain.It is less comfortable than hunting from a tree stand position.
It allows you to go closer to the target and helps to make a successful hunt.Sometimes, failed to aim properly and makes a large wound to the animal without a good blood trail.
In this method, no need for any other additional equipment. So, it is a cost-effective method.It provides a fewer opportunity and angles to shoot the animal.

How To Bow Hunt Without A Tree Stand? Easiest Techniques

Do you know how to bow hunt out of a tree stand? If you are a bowhunter, you must have some skill, like hunting without a tree stand. It is quite tricky but possible to do it and requires some preparation and skill. So, how to hunt without a tree stand? Here are some techniques to hunt without a tree stand:

How To Bow Hunt Without A Tree Stand.

Natural Features

Can you imagine bow hunting deer from the ground without a blind? Yes, it is possible. You can use natural ground features such as bushes, rocks, and terrain variations to hide in the environment. You can hide behind the rocks or in bushes and wait for the game to come within range. 

Natural Features

If you are taking a long shoot for hunting, a rock serves as a steady rest for your bow. This way needs careful movement and awareness so the targeted creature does not notice. 

Ground Blinds 

Ground blinds may be challenging and exciting during bowhunting. These are safe shelters that you set up on the grounds, providing concealment from your target. 

Ground Blinds

Different designs are available for ground blinds, like hub blinds, pop-up blinds, and more. They are useful for hiding your movement and providing an effective cover. Also, the lightweight bow is perfect for this method. Such as:  40 lb bow good for hunting. This will make your hunting a lot easier.


Do you need a tree stand to bow hunt? No. It can give some benefits, such as a better view and more angles to shoot. But it isn’t necessary.  You can use a stalking method to hunt.


Some bow hunters prefer stalking, which is the method of hunting where hunters quietly and carefully move toward their target on foot. This is done after sporting the animal from a distance. 

This method requires excellent mystery and knowledge of the animal’s behaviors. It’s a hard but successful kind of hunting. The goal is to get within the bow’s effective range without waking the animal.


the Scouting area or setting up in the right step is the key factor in making a successful hunt. So, find where the animal moves generally.

In general, Animals like mule deer, mature bulk, or elk are likely to pass by water and food plots. So, try to hunt in this area. This will help you to see deer activity or any other animal to get a shot at. So, if you are looking for how to hunt deer without a tree stand?

Then, it will be better for you to search the habitat, bedding ground, deer season, and food sources of the specific animal species that you want to hunt.


Ground hunting is another method to hunt without a tree stand. In this case, concealment is the most effective method.

In this method, You have to stay hidden, obviously in case of ground game. Be sure about a good backdrop so you are not noticeable. 

When you have brush piles behind you, you have a backdrop. The animal won’t come close enough for a shot if you don’t have a backdrop or wear camouflage.

This will help you prevent deer from detecting your presence. 

Climb In A Tree

If you don’t find any safe place, you can also hunt by climbing a tree. But what tree is suitable, right?

Find a tree that has thick limbs to climb. They can be very dangerous for you. Give concerns to the thickness of the limb and make sure it is a minimum of 8 to 9 inches thick.

Wear a safety belt and secure it to a limb that has a minimum thickness of 8 inches. If you don’t find like this a tree, never climb in the tree. I hope this method will be very effective for you.

You can also use some obstacles to reduce detection from the animal. It means you can use some elements like foliage, which will help you to hide from the targeted animal.

I always say that it is the most essential part after fixing your position. Track your deer and keep patience to shoot accurately to the animal.

So, wait for an ethical and clear shot, and try to hit at the vital organ( such as the liver. lungs, and heart). 

Keep confidence and be patient, then smoothly release your arrow to hit the target.

How Can I Do Deer Hunting From The Ground? 

So, how to bow hunt without a tree stand for deer? To hunt deer hunting from the ground effectively, follow these steps:

  • Scout the area to find feeding zones, trails, and bedding areas.
  • Use a ground blind or find a ground with lots of natural blinds to hide.
  • Use camouflage clothing and scent eliminators to reduce your odor.
  • Avoid any types of noise and try to keep it at a minimum level.
  • Be patient and aim properly at the deer. Try to aim at the vital organs such as the liver, heart, kidney, etc, to make a humane kill.
  • Shoot confidently to your target. I hope you will have a successful hunt for the deer.

Hopefully, you have got a clear vision of how do you hunt deer without a stand.  You can also hunt buck at ground level effectively by this process.

Must Haves For Bow Hunting From The Ground

It is quite tricky but not impossible to hunt with a bow from the ground. It requires some advanced skill and gear than hunting from a tree stand. So, let’s look at it:

Must Haves For Bow Hunting From The Ground
  • Bows & Arrows: These are the most important parts of bow hunting from the ground cover. Make sure that your bow is tuned properly and doesn’t have any cracks or damage. A bow with a shorter axle-to-axle will allow you to hunt from a blind or pop-up tent and will give you more room to maneuver in tight spaces.
  • Broadhead: You must have a broadhead that is ideal for an ethical killing of the animal. In general, the mechanical of fixed blade broadheads are suitable for the effective killing of the animal.
  • Clothing: It is also a very crucial part of hunting because deer have excellent eyesight. It is best to use masks or face paint that complements the camouflage or camo patterns you are wearing, which should be designed for the local terrain.
  • Footwear: Must wear hunting boots, which will help to prevent you from any damage and ensure dryness during wet weather and cold temperatures.  Some hunters also suggest to use hunting rubber boots when hunting in watery conditions like swamps.
  • Scent Management: Have you any idea about the sense of deer? They can sense the human scent up to 300 yards away. So, always try to manage your scent by using scent-free soap or any other wash product material.
  • Binoculars: You use binoculars to detect animals from long distances. It will help you to find the species easily and provide more time to fix your position.
  • Ground Blind/Tent: It will help you to hide properly from the targeted species. Make sure to allow for sufficient airflow. If it is not, it can harm your respiration. 
  • GPS: Use a GPS which will help you to maintain navigational tracking correctly back at your home.

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs)

Is It Possible To Bow Hunt From The Ground?

Yes, it is possible to bow hunt from the ground. Though it is quite tricky some archers prefer it than bo hunting with a tree stand. If you are a novice archer, it will be better for you.

Do Bow Hunters Use Tree Stands?

Yes, most of the boh hunters use tree stands to view the targeted species clearly. It also helps to shoot from different angles.

Is It Better To Hunt Deer On The Ground Or In A Tree Stand?

It is quite tricky to say but I will say to give priority to your personal preferences and shooting style. You will possibly hunt successfully if you can shoot perfectly. So, choose one of them as your personal preference.

Final Thoughts

In the end, bow hunting without a tree stand can be a great and rewarding experience for those highly skilled archers in stalking their prey.

You can hunt from the ground with scent control, camouflage cloths, and natural covers. You should give top priority to your safety concerns when bow hunting.
Hopefully, you have got a clear vision of “how to bow hunt without a tree stand” and that’s all for today!

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