What Is A Good Arrow Speed For Deer Hunting [Deer Hunting Arrow Speeds]




There’s a saying I’ve often heard among fellow archers: A faster arrow only makes you miss quicker. While it’s true that accuracy should never be compromised for speed, there’s no denying that the right arrow speed can boost your chances in deer hunting.

But the question on many new hunters minds is, What is a good arrow speed for deer hunting?

What Is A Good Arrow Speed For Deer Hunting

Arrow Speed For Deer Hunting :-

 A good arrow speed for deer hunting, considering your TAW, is 250-300 feet per second. This speed gives the right energy to safely hunt deer while keeping your shots accurate at common hunting distances. Remember, it’s all about balance and precision.

On my hunting trips, I’ve learned it’s essential to pick an arrow speed that matches how you shoot and your bow. There’s no one perfect answer, but knowing the best arrow speed for deer hunting and finding the right balance. It can lead to unforgettable hunting moments.

Key Takeaways

  • The ideal arrow speed for deer hunting lies between 250 and 300 feet per second.
  • Arrow choice matters; it’s not just speed but also weight and spine that count.
  • Safety and accuracy should always come first, even before chasing higher speeds.

What Is A Good Arrow Speed For Deer Hunting [Optimal Arrow Speeds]

When hunting deer, the right arrow speed is like finding your favorite fishing spot. From my experience, aiming for a speed between 250 and 300 feet per second is a solid choice. It’s not just about raw arrow speed; it’s about the whole package.

In one hunt, I used a compound bow with a 30-inch draw length, which worked wonders for accuracy. That arrow, having the right weight, flew steady, even with a bit of wind drift.Speaking of weight, while a light 350-grain arrow might fly through the air, a heavier arrow holds its course, especially for those distant targets.If your arrows are too lightly spined, they will be more likely to flex on release, which can cause your shots to go off target. Then  what happens if your arrows are too lightly or heavily spined for your bow? It affects your regular archery journey.

But what if your target isn’t right in front of you? For those longer shots, a faster arrow helps maintain that flatter trajectory. Believe me, when a big buck is in your sights, and you’ve got just a few heartbeats to estimate the distance, that trajectory can mean the difference between a story of “the one that got away” and a successful hunt.  Do you know how many arrows are shot in a round of archery ? Different numbers of arrows are shot at different distances.

Remember :-

It’s not all about speed. Broadhead design, arrow build quality, and even shooting technique matter. So, while arrow speed is vital, make sure it complements your entire bow setup. Finding that balance will make your hunts truly memorable.

Why Arrow Speed Is Crucial For Successful Deer Hunting

In my years of deer hunting, the debate around arrow speed never fades. Here’s the thing: while accuracy and lethality lead the priority list, arrow speed isn’t far behind. For deer hunting, can you think of a question in your mind: how much arrow speed to kill a deer? A sweet spot lies between 250 and 300 feet per second.

This speed, combined with the right arrow weight, ensures your arrow packs enough punch while staying on course. Now you can be clear about how fast does an arrow need to go to kill a deer? When you want to go deer hunting, you can shoot from an elevated stand. So you to have clear knowledge about how do you bring your arrows into an elevated stand

I recall hunting with a lighter arrow, perhaps a 350-grain arrow, aiming at a distant target. My compound bow, set at a 30-inch of draw length , seemed perfect. But with a sudden wind drift, I wished I’d chosen a heavier arrow. Those faster arrows have their merits, especially for those long shots. They fly straight, reducing the guesswork when that dream buck is in sight. Did you know Small diameter hunting arrows offer a number of benefits, including increased penetration and reduced wind drift. 

For those tense moments, with mere seconds to act and the yardage a rough guess, a flatter trajectory which is mostly similar to gun flat trajectory from a faster arrow can mean the difference between a miss and a perfect hit. It’s crucial to balance your bow setup, considering the pound of draw weight and grains of arrow weight. It’s not just about raw arrow speed; it’s about making every shot count.

It’s which side of the arrow is stiffer in order to shoot accurately. To find the stiff side of an arrow, you can use a spine tester or the water float method.

Key Factors In Selecting The Ideal Arrow Speed For Deer Hunting

Choosing the right arrow speed for deer hunting can be like picking the perfect fishing lure; there’s an art to it. First up, bow setup is crucial. On one of my hunts, using a compound bow with a 30-inch draw length, I learned that firsthand. Your bow setup can determine the range and accuracy of your shots.

Next, consider arrow weight. I once tried a light 350-grain arrow, thinking speed was everything. But at a distant target with a touch of wind drift, I realized the value of a heavier arrow. Light arrows might fly quickly, but heavy arrows stay their course, especially in unpredictable conditions.

Key Factors In Selecting The Ideal Arrow Speed For Deer Hunting

Then, there’s draw weight. A shorter draw might feel comfortable, but it impacts the power behind your arrow. Some crossbows shoot bolts, while others shoot short arrows. you have to learn more information about a crossbow shoots bolts or short arrow.

While hunting with friends, I’ve seen how grains per pound can change the game. Adjusting draw weight according to the grains of arrow weight can refine your shot’s precision.

Lastly, don’t forget the little things like string silencers and peep sights. They might seem minor, but they can make a significant difference, especially when you’re trying to ensure a quiet, accurate shot.

It’s not just about raw arrow speed; it’s about harmonizing all these factors to get that perfect shot.

Arrow Speed Unveiled : Explore Our Expert Insights!

Choosing The Right Arrow For Deer Hunting [Comprehensive Guide]

When I go deer hunting. I’ve seen bow hunters debate countless times about this topic. But curiously, many don’t sweat over choosing the right hunting arrow. The second Question is, what is the best arrow for deer hunting? If you find the first question answer, then you automatically find the 2nd question answer. Then, you pick the right arrow for deer hunting.

I remember my pal, an avid elk hunter, being meticulous about his arrows, knowing the weight, speed, and spine. Yet, many deer hunters couldn’t even tell you the brand of their arrow. It’s an oversight we ought to correct.

When hunting deer, your arrow’s spine, or stiffness, is paramount. Easton’s Gary Cornum once told me, “Matching the proper spine to your setup is vitally important.” 

When it comes to deer hunting, hunters can argue endlessly about the most efficient broadhead style. However, many overlook the crucial topic of choosing the right hunting arrow from my own experiences and chats with fellow hunters. I’ve noticed this oversight, especially among those hunting whitetail deer.

Choosing The Right Arrow For Deer Hunting

Understanding your bow setup is the first step. For instance, knowing your bow type, its draw weight, the right arrow length, and its speed are essential. But the crux of the matter lies in the spine, or stiffness, of the arrow. This is where many hunters, including myself, in the past have faltered. Gary Cornum from Easton emphasizes, saying, “Matching the proper spine to your setup is vitally important.” I’ve seen hunters excited by faster arrows compromise on arrow weight. It is leading to poor accuracy and frustrating results.

Another challenge comes in the form of cost. Premium arrows can be pricier due to their superior materials and manufacturing precision. While it might be tempting to opt for cheaper arrows, remember that a distant target doesn’t care about the price, but it is all about accuracy.

Investing in a quality arrow that suits your compound bow’s setup. It considers factors like grains of arrow weight and draw weight. It can make all the difference.

Choosing the right arrow is more than just a matter of speed or aesthetics. It’s about understanding your bow’s needs, prioritizing accuracy over cost, and valuing the art of the hunt. It might take some trial and error or seeking expert advice, but it’s a journey well worth taking. 

What Is The Best Arrow For Deer Hunting?

Here are some popular arrows to consider. The Easton 4mm Axis Long Range and the Easton Carbon Legacy 5mm Fred Eichler Edition are both from Easton. Victory Archery offers the RIP-SS Hybrid Arrow. Black Eagle has the Spartan Fletched Arrows. And if you’re looking for a match grade, there’s the Easton SONIC 6.0.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should My Hunting Arrow Be?

If you are confused draw length, your ideal draw arrow length should be between 25 and 28 inches. It’s a good rule to let your arrow extend a minimum of one inch beyond your rest at full draw. In my own setup, I always choose an arrow that’s an inch longer than my draw length. This ensures both safety and accuracy.

How Does Arrow Speed Affect Shot Placement?

Fast arrows have a flatter path, so it’s easier to hit targets beyond 25 yards, even if you don’t judge the distance perfectly. Within 25 yards, being a bit off in estimating the distance won’t hurt your shot much.

Are There Drawbacks To Excessive Arrow Speed?

 There’s a top speed for arrows, and crossing that limit won’t give you the benefits of faster arrow speed. It’s like a car; there’s a speed where it’s just not safe or effective anymore. It’s crucial to find the right balance.


Deer hunting is both an art and a science, with the right equipment playing a crucial role in success. The debate on the perfect arrow speed has been long standing, but finding a balance is key. A good arrow speed for deer hunting falls between 250 and 300 feet per second, ensuring both power and precision.

While it’s tempting to chase faster speeds, safety and accuracy must always come first. Equally important is the quality and fit of the arrow to the bow setup. Remember, it’s not just about speed; it’s about making every shot count in the hunt. I hope you understand very well about what is a good arrow speed for deer hunting.

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