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Have you taken archery as a source of pleasure, or have you had some passion for this old sport?

You are serious about your arrows, right? No matter if you are a sports freak or new in this area. You gotta know  what is arrow tips to get the most out of this.

What Is Arrow Tips

So, basically-

Arrow tips refer to small and pointed ends of arrows that can be used for arrows to increase their accuracy and efficiency. It comes in different shapes and sizes depending on your intended uses and personal preferences.

This isn’t everything yet. If you want to know more about different types of arrow tips and their uses, Let’s dive into deep-

What Is Arrow Tips?

Do you know what is arrow tips in archery? Arrow tips are the pointed ends of arrows that are used for various purposes. There are many types of arrow tips available, each with its unique design and function. You gotta learn those in order to be a pro in the archery field. 

Let alone that, the grain of the tips also affects the arrow spine and your performance. So, you gotta be clear about all those things.

What Is Arrow Tips

If you are new to archery, you likely don’t know much about different arrow tips types. It can be challenging to chase the right ones for target practice.  

Generally, the arrow comes with tips. You can also separately attach them after purchasing individually.

Well, then what are arrow tips made of? Generally, the arrow tips are made of rubber, plastics, material(steel/Aluminum), or soft material. It is up to you which one you gotta choose.

What Is Arrow Tips Used For?

In general, they are used to increase arrow accuracy and efficiency in shooting such as:

  • Field points are most popular, and they are suitable for a variety of uses – from practicing to small games. 
  • The judo point has spring-resembling arms designed to catch tall grass or brush and stop the arrow from burying deep in the ground. 
  • The bullet point arrow tip is one of the most popular points for small game hunting and target practice, such as foam, grass, bag, or carpet targets.

In summary, arrow tips are an essential component of an arrow and come in different shapes and sizes depending on their intended use. The type of arrow tip you choose will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Different Types Of Arrow Tips And Their Uses

Now, of course, there are many types of arrow tips. No worries! I won’t let you all be confused at all. Here is a table for your better understanding.

Different Types Of Arrow Tips And Their Uses
Arrow Tips TypeDescriptionUse
Field PointIt has a precise point that flares inside a wide shoulder used for target shooting and small-game hunting.Target shooting, small game hunting.
Judo PointIt has spring arms that prevent the arrow from burying itself in the groundSmall game hunting, stump shooting
Bullet PointSteel bodkin used for target shooting and small game huntingSmall game hunting, target practice
Bulge PointSimilar to bullet points but have a wider centerTarget practice,
BroadheadsHas a wide cutting edge and is used for big game huntingBig game hunting, such as elk and deer.
Fish PointHas a barb that prevents the fish from slipping off the arrowfishing

How To Choose The Right Arrow Tips?

The right arrow tip depends on several factors. Each of them has unique characteristics and uses.

Knowing what kind of tip you’ll need based on its intended use is a good idea.

While some tips are intended only for practice, others are designed to target particular species of hunting. These consist of big game (broadhead) tips, small game tips, and practice points.

Are you thinking about what arrow tips  for target practice? The arrow tips for practice are as follows:

Practice Points and Small Game Hunting

Bullet Points

These types of tips are very popular and have a classic design. These arrow points are widely used for practice. 

Bullet tips are excellent for practice because they hold up well and significantly minimize impact once they hit the targets. If you are thinking about  what is a field tip arrow then this is the answer.

Field Points

Field points are sometimes used for hunting smaller game and for target practice. Their shape has a sharp point that broadens into a shoulder closer to the base. 

The reason field tips are so well-liked is that they provide a great deal more penetration and accuracy than bullets and target points. Also, you can use screw-in 100 grain field points to ensure deep penetration and optimal arrow flight.

For beginners, it is suggested as the easiest arrow tip to shoot with a bow and arrow.

Target Points

Target points and bullet points have very similar functions. Target points and bullet points differ mostly in their form. 

Target points are designed with a short, cone-like shape specifically for target practice. Compared to bullet points, they are far more aerodynamic because of this.

Combo Points

Combination points are the ideal combination of field and bullet tips. This pattern has a sharp tip with a softer flare that increases to a clear should close to its base. 

Although they can be used for small game hunting, combo points are designed for target shooting and practice. 

Judo Points

Judo points tips are used only when hunting small games. In areas with thick undergrowth and tall grass, they are ideal for squirrels and birds. 

This is a result of the tiny, spring-like arms on these tips, which are intended to catch brush and other objects. 

Judo points should be handled carefully since their extended arms have the potential to catch and pierce other objects.

Broadhead Arrow Tips( Big Game Hunting)

So, what arrow tips to use for hunting?

Fixed Blade

Fixed blades archery broadheads are the most popular and traditional type of hunting arrow tips. These heads come in a variety of diameters and blade counts ranging from 2 to 6.

Mechanical Broadhead

Mechanical broadheads are the newest style of the broadhead. These have a set of removable, hidden blades that remain hidden while in flight. The blades are made to open and increase in diameter upon impact. 

As a result of the reduced wind resistance, they fly with far greater accuracy. The right arrow tips depend on your intended uses and personal preference. 

Most of the archers choose  stiffer arrows for better accuracy. Also, 100-grain broadheads provide better arrow speeds and penetrate deep into the target.

However, the right arrow tips depend on your shooting style and personal preferences. You can also add weight to the tip depending on your specific needs.

What Arrow Tip Is Best For Hunting Deer?

I think you have cleared about what is an arrow tips. The best arrow tips for deer hunting are the broadhead arrow tips such as mechanical broadhead, and fixed blade broadheads. 

The tips of broadhead arrows are made specifically for hunting large game. Better aerodynamics at the tips of the arrows allow the bow to fly more quickly and effectively.

You must use one of these arrow tips if you intend to hunt bears, elk, deer, or any other large game. There are several varieties of broadheads such as:

What Arrow Tip Is Best For Hunting Deer?
  • Fixed-blade Broadheads: These are generally used to hunt deer because of their stability and durability.
  • Mechanical Blade Broadheads: These are the best for bowhunters who want to increase the cutting diameter of their bows and shoot more accurately and quickly with a recent compound bow.
  • Removable Blade Broadheads: These resemble fixed-blade broadheads quite a bit. This allows an archer to simply change out blades without having to replace the entire broadhead.

When hunting deer, it is best to use carbon arrows or aluminum arrows with a broadhead tip. These arrows provide the necessary power and penetration to take down a deer effectively. 

Difference Between Practice, Hunting & Broadhead Tips

Here’s a table highlighting the key differences between practice tips, hunting tips, and broadhead tips:

FeaturesPractice TipsHunting TipsBroadheads Tips
DesignGenerally rounded or blunted.Designed for better penetration and cuttingSharp blades for effective hunting
PurposeUsed for target practice.Designed for hunting game.Specially used for hunting games.
SharpnessBlunt of dull for safety during practice.Sharper for effective hunting.Extremely sharp for quick, humane kills.
Construction0ften made of rubber, plastic, or soft materials.Made with more durable materials like steel or aluminum.Steel blades for cutting.
Cutting DiameterVaried, not necessarily similar to hunting broadheadsDesigned to mimic hunting broadheadsSpecific cutting width for hunting

Maintenance Tips For Arrow Tips To Ensure Longevity And Performance

 Maintaining arrow tips is an excellent strategy for ensuring their longevity and performance. Here are some tips to help you take care of your arrow tips:

Maintenance Tips For Arrow Tips To Ensure Longevity And Performance

Determine Your Arrow Tips Regularly

Before each use, you should check your arrow tips for wear, corrosion, or damage. Check for loose or bent points, as these can interfere with accuracy.

Apply Lubricant

Sometimes, you can use a small amount of lubricant, such as silicone or oil, on the arrow tips. 

It helps to prevent the arrow tips from rusting and it ensures their smooth operation.

Proper Cleaning

Don’t forget to clean your arrow tips after each use. I will tell you it is essential to clean your arrow tips to prevent moisture and debris. You can wipe with any residue with a soft brush or cloth.


A good storage condition is essential to keep your arrows. The longevity affects the storage condition. So, keep your arrow in a cool and dry condition.

Don’t store them in excessively humid or cold environments, as this can cause rust and other problems.

Avoid Hard Surfaces

You know that the arrow tips are sharp, and they can be easily damaged by shooting at a hard target. So, don’t hit hard surfaces; it can lead to decreasing their potency.


If you notice significant wear or damage to your arrow tips, replace them right away. Using damaged tips can reduce your accuracy and shooting performance.

Where To Find Arrow Heads?

Arrowhead finding can be a fascinating activity, and there are a few possible recognizes where you could be successful. Here are a few specific places to think about:

Search In The Woods

Arrowheads can be found in woods and other hunting areas. Since hunting wildlife was common in forests, there are a lot of arrowheads from bows and other hunting implements found there.

Search Creek Beds And Other Bodies Of Water

Arrowheads are often discovered near lakes and rivers or in dried-up creeks. 

This is due in part to the fact that many Native Americans established camps or lodged close to bodies of water, where they used and disposed of arrowheads as needed. 

Additionally, the water has a tendency to carry the arrowheads and deposit them along the shore.

Check Freshly Tilled Fields

When farmers turn over the soil, they often bring up arrowheads. Find out from a nearby farm owner when they till, and then request permission to search the fields for arrowheads afterward. 

Go outside soon after it has rained to increase your chances of finding arrowheads because the rain removes any possible layer of dirt that may be covering them.

Consult Local Resources

For information on the history of the area, contact the historical society, museum, or tribal association in your community. 

They might have knowledge of locations where arrowheads have previously been discovered.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What Is An Arrow Head?

The Arrow head is the pointed tip of the arrow which is often removable from the arrow shaft.

What Does Arrow Tip Grain Mean?

The arrow tip grain refers to the weight of the arrow tip. It influences the penetration and flight of the arrow. A heavier arrow leads to deep penetration and a lighter arrow leads to erratic flight of the arrow.

The arrow tips which contain poison, drugs, and any type of explosive material are illegal to use in New Jersey.

Final Thoughts

In the end, what is arrow tips? Arrow tips are the small and pointed ends of an arrow that are used for various. It is an essential part of archery to improve your arrow’s accuracy and efficiency. 

Various types of arrow tips are available for various purposes and each of them has a unique design and function. The arrow tips are sharp and can lead to harm for you. Always be aware of your safety concerns.

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