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Hey Enthusiasts! Are you serious about Arrow, right? Do you know what is an arrow nock in archery?  Or what is an arrow nock in a bow? I want to tell you a story.

A long time ago, suddenly, I found an arrow in my grandfather’s room. He was the trainer of an archery training center. I saw a part at the back end of the arrow. He said to me this arrow nock. Then, I wanted to know, What is an arrow nock?

He said:

What Is An Arrow Nock.

Arrow Nock

The arrow nock is the attachment point, the act of placing your arrow on the bowstring. It is crucial for arrow accuracy and overall performance. Various types of nock are available depending on specific needs and compatibility with the different arrows.

Do you want to know more about different types of arrow nock and their uses? In this article, I will explore it clearly. I hope that it won’t make you bored. So, let’s stick with me!

Salient Highlights

  • A small notch that joins the arrow to the bowstring at the back is called an arrow nock.
  • Press-fit nocks are the most popular type of nock and are used mainly by archers because these are easier to replace than other nocks.
  • To avoid any kind of fitting, try to use the same brands of nock and arrow.

What Is An Arrow Nock?

Do you know what is an arrow nock in archery? Or what does arrow nock mean?

What Is An Arrow Nock

Basically, a tiny notch at the back of an arrow is called an arrow nock. It joins the bowstring to your arrow. It serves several functions and is an essential part of the arrow. If it is not properly aligned, it can affect the arrow spine.

What Are The Different Types Of Arrow Nock?

Archers often use a variety of arrow nocks. Each of these has a unique set of benefits and applications. The following are the most common kinds of arrow nocks:

What Are The Different Types Of Arrow Nock


You can think about why I am describing this first, right? These are the most common nocks  and most used by the archers. They can be used with any type, size, or diameter of the arrow shaft, with the exception of the skinniest carbon shafts.

Do you know why it is the most popular Nock to the Archers? It provides greater benefits than other nocks. If you install them once in your arrow, you can easily pull them and replace them with your personal needs.

Therefore, It can easily align the Nock with the fletching. Choose a nock that is compatible with your specific arrow and give concerns about its diameter compatibility.

Pin Nocks

A pin nock is a smaller nock that is designed to slide onto an aluminum pin that is placed into the shaft end of an arrow.  Pin nocks are mainly used to protect your arrow shaft from getting damaged by the other arrows when hit.

Since all of the pins are manufactured in the same standard size, another great benefit of these nocks is that any pin nock will fit any pin insert nocks.

Some fun facts about this is-

  • The competition archers mostly use these. 
  • The shooters like this to avoid any type of damage when shooting them in a group. 
  • Archers believe that the smaller pin nock helps to provide more accuracy in the shot.

Not just that, you can replace them if they become damaged, which is another advantage of these nocks.

Over Nocks

I think you have got an idea by the name of it. Instead of being on the inside like press-fit or pin nocks, they slide over the arrow’s shaft. These are mostly used with wooden arrows and carbon arrows, which are larger in diameter size. Beginners commonly use it, but I have never seen it by professional archers.

Conventional Nocks

These are primarily used on aluminum shaft arrows with a conical rear end. This is referred to as swage. These are also very small nock-like overnocks, but these don’t cover all sides of the arrow shaft. To be compatible with various arrow diameters, they are also made in different sizes.  Usually, these can nocks are glued into position and oriented. You can also carry arrows in the nocked position.

Crossbow Nocks

These are made to be used with crossbows. Various types of crossbow nocks are available, such as Half-Moon, Flat Nock, Omni Nock, and Capture Nock.

Different types of nocks are commonly used with different brands of crossbows. One type of crossbow nock may perform better than another, depending on the crossbow’s design and style. So, to ensure which Nock is ideal for your crossbow, always check the manufacturer’s specifications.

Lighted Nocks

I think you have got an idea by its name. These are not the different types of arrow nocks.  These are mainly over nocks or aftermarket press-fit nocks with a tiny LED light inside them. As a result, these nocks add some additional features.

This helps to see the flight path of the arrow. Bow hunters mostly use it, and is very effective in making an effective kill. Make sure that the bent fletch can affect your arrow flight. It helps to protect your fletching from bent by seeing the right path.

Easton Nocks

Do you want to use the nocks from Easton? Here’s a brief description of some commonly used Easton Nocks:

Name Description
Easton – 4mm G NockThese are desgined for Easton’s 4 mm arrows and helps to provide top level accuracy.
Easton – 4mm G Nock SmallThese are the smaller model of the Easton – 4mm G Nock and it is typically made for the smaller diameter arrow.
Easton – 4mm G Nock LargeThese are designed for the arrow which are larger than 4 mm arrows.
Easton – 4mm G Nock Small Black  – 12pkThese are the packs of 12 small 4 mm G Nocks from Easton and available with black colour.
Easton – 4mm G Nock Small Blue  – 12pkThese are the packs of 12 small 4 mm G Nocks from Easton and available with blue colour.
Easton – 4mm G Nock Small orage  – 12pk These are the packs of 12 small 4 mm G Nocks from Easton and available with orange colour.

Arrow Nock Size Chart

Type of Arrow NockSize 
Press In NocksVarious sizes are available. The most common size is:Small: 4.5cm and 3/16 inches.Large:6.2 cm and ¼ inch.
Pin NocksVarious sizes are available. The most common size is:Small: 4.5cm and 3/16 inches.Large:6.2 cm and ¼ inch.
Fit Over NocksVaries
Cone NocksVaries
Lighted NocksVaries and these are suitable with the arrow with a 6.2 mm insider diameter. 

How To Nock Arrow?[Step By Step Process]

I have used multiple ways to nock an arrow on my compound bows and recurve bow. But, I will discuss the easiest method for your better understanding. Here is the step-by-step process:

How To Nock Arrow

Step 1: Place The Arrow On The Shelf

In the first step, the arrow should be placed on the shelf with the nock pointing to the skin. You can do this by two methods.

There are two options: 

Either go around the string or put the arrow through the space created by the riser and string. It is generally easier and faster to go through the gap between the riser and the string.

Want to shoot a bow without a shelf? No problem! But, you must have to put the arrow on your hand. Don’t forget to wear hand protection because this type of bow can lead to harm for you.

It will get easier the more you shoot. Throughout the entire nocking procedure, make sure the bow is pointed down. When you intend to draw and shoot, only raise your bow.

Step 2: Check The Arrow’s Orientation

Check the orientation of your arrow. Generally, two orientations are used to attach the arrow to the string, but only one is right. 

You must do it clearly; you have to face clearance issues, and that can lead to a reduction in accuracy. As a result, the arrow can lead to erratic flight and can’t reach the target.

Step 3: Place The Nock Between The Nocking Points

After getting the right orientation, this is the time to get it towards the string. You have a nock between the two nocking points of your string.

In some cases, You will find only one nocking point. In this case, just attach your below the nocking point.

There is no problem even though the arrow might slide up to the upper nocking point. Because of this, you must always have an upper nocking point.

Otherwise, the arrow would not stay in its proper position when drawing the bow. Thick rubber pieces may be present on the center serving of sure rental bows. 

These rubber components of archery, which protect the fingers, are referred to as finger guards. These finger guards are essentially nocking points as well. Hence, you ought to nock your arrow in between the two finger protectors.

Step 4: Press The Nock On The String

This is the time to press the nock on the string. Until you get a sound, press the nock on the string. 

The arrow should remain on the string when your hand is removed from it. The arrow should remain firmly on the string even when you point the bow downward. 

The nock is not right for the string if it comes off when you point the arrow downward.

So,can you shoot an arrow without a nock? It can lead to dryfiring, so avoid attempting to shoot a bow that has a loose nock fitting or no nock. 

Proper Arrow Nock Alignment

The nock alignment on an arrow is crucial to getting the optimal arrow performance. 

Inaccurate alignment reduces the arrow’s overall accuracy by causing the fletching to bump against the arrow rest. So, arrow rest adjustment is also a crucial factor. You need to use a rest which is compatible with it. Proper alignment helps to fly the arrows properly.

To ensure proper alignment, follow these steps:

  • At first, select a select a single fletching vein.
  • Now, without glue, place the nock on your specific arrow.
  • After that, rotate the nock of the arrow until the vertical shot is positioned exactly above the fletching. 
  • Using a pen, mark the position.
  • Finally, this is the time to glue the nock to the arrow. If a amount of glue is applied accidentally. Don’t worry! You can remove the glue from the arrow shaft easily.

How Do I Choose An Arrow Nock? 

I know all those nock types may have confused you. You must be thinking which one to get. Well, no worries here are guidelines for choosing the right arrow nock.

How Do I Choose An Arrow Nock
  • Arrow Compatibility: All of the nocks won’t fit with your specific arrow. So, it is very crucial to check the compatibility of the nock for your specific arrow.  

To avoid any type of issue, it will be better for you to use the same brands, nock and Arrow.

  • Nock Fitting: It is very significant for the arrow to optimize performance. So, if you use different models or brands arrow and nock, make sure that they fit correctly with each other. 
  • Nock Size: To choose a nock, you must consider the arrow’s nock size. It plays a significant in archery performance. Be sure that your chosen nock size is ideal for your specific arrow.

For example, if you are a user of Easton Arrow, it will be better to use the Easton arrow nock size chart to avoid any issues.

  • Types of Nocks: Typically, five types of arrow nocks are commonly used by archers. But which type of nock is suitable for you, right? It depends on your specific needs and personal preferences. Depending on your specific need, different types of arrow tips are used.
  • Arrow Diameter: The same brand of different types of arrows are available in various diameters. For example, Easton 4 mm g nock is suitable for 4 mm diameter arrows.

Remember, the nock affects your arrow accuracy and overall performance. So, don’t forget to consider these. Take time to choose the best one which is best for your specific needs.

Uses Of Arrow Nock 

There are different types of arrow nocks. Each of these has its unique benefits and uses. 

Types of Arrow NocksUses 
Press Fit NocksThe press-fit arrow knock is a common type of arrow nock that is commonly found to use the archer. 
They can be used with all arrow shaft size, materials, and diameters except the thinnest carbon shafts.
Pin Nocks
Pin nocks are designed to help protect arrow shafts from getting damaged by others when hit. 
This type of arrow nock is most commonly used by competition shooters.
Over Nocks
Overnocks are generally used with wooden arrows and also in large-diameter carbon arrows. 
This type of arrow nock is usually found in beginner equipment, but professional archers don’t use this.
Conventional NocksConventional nocks are predominantly used on aluminum nock arrows that design a cone-shaped back end. 
Crossbow Nocks

Crossbow nocks are designed especially to be used with different types of crossbows. 
Lighted Nocks
Light arrow nocks are generally over nocks or press-fit nocks with a small LED light inside of them. 
Bowhunters are the primary users of these arrow nocks. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Where Is The Nock Located On An Arrow?

The arrow nock position is at the bank end of the arrow.

What Is Nock Tuning An Arrow?

Nock tuning is the adjusting the nock to achieve the optimal flight of the arrow. It helps to increase the accuray of arrow during shots.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have got a clear vision of what is an arrow nock?The Arrow nock is a crucial part of the arrow. Without a nock, you can’t shoot an arrow because it can lead to an erratic flight of the arrow.
Different types of arrow nocks are available. The arrow nock types depend on your specific needs and your arrow size. It helps to increase the overall performance of the arrow.

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