What Grain Broadhead For 340 Arrow? The Answer




The gain of a broadhead is an important and tricky thing to decide. When i first got into Arrow thing, it got this thing confused me a lot. Cause there isn’t a correct answer to it. It varies among many factors. That’s why it is tricky to answer that. So, What Grain Broadhead For 340 Arrow?

What Grain Broadhead For 340 Arrow

The Answer

It is difficult to give the exact grain of a broadhead. Because grain depends on your shooting style and personal preference. As a general guideline, for a 340 spine, a 100 to 125-grain broadhead is suitable. It provides improved accuracy with better penetration. Experiment within these ranges and choose the one that offers you the best performance.

This isn’t everything. A right grain broadhead selection depends on various factors. To know the factors and safety concerns, read more. So, Let’s dive into deep-

Main Facts:

  • The weight measurement of the broadhead used on the arrow is called broadhead grain.
  • Various types of broadhead are present. Depending on your intended purposes, you can select the suitable one. For example, mechanical broadheads are largely used in hitting targets for their accuracy.
  • Accuracy, penetrating, and shooting style are crucial for choosing the grain of a broadhead.

What Does Grain Broadhead Mean?

Broadheads are the pointed tips of arrows that are used for hunting and shooting in archery. The weight measurement of the broadhead used on the arrow is called broadhead grain. Here, grain is a unit of measurement. One grain is equal to approximately 1/7000th of a pound. So, grain heads are very crucial in archery performance.

What Does Grain Broadhead Mean

There are various types of broadhead grain; these are-

 Types of broadhead grain

Fixed Blade Broadheads

These types of broadheads have a blade. The blade is permanently attached to the main body of the broadhead(Ferrule). Fixed blade heads have various designs, including chisel hybrid styles, and point,cut-on-contact. These types of broadheads are very popular for their durability and simplicity.


During flight, the blades on these broadheads are usually folded or retracted. They then open when they hit something. These are largely used for hitting targets because of their accuracy. These are also chosen for their aerodynamics. If you want to shoot a mechanical broadhead through the mesh, it can lead to erratic flight and reduce arrow penetration. Because it disrupts the blade deployment properly.

Replicable Blade Broadhead

In this broad head, they have a replicable blade. It allows the archer to change as needed. It also provides fixed and mechanical broadheads.

Small Game Broadhead

This is Mainly designed for small game hunting. It offers a wider cutting diameter, which increases the chance of a successful shot.

Blunt Broadheads

These types of broadheads are used for target practice or small hunting games. It has a flat or round tip. The target is designed to protect from expensive damage.

Bowfishing Broahead

At first, I am ensuring that these are specially designed for bow fishing. These are reversible and feature barbs to prevent fish from slipping off the arrow.

Besides choosing a broadhead, a question may pop up in your mind: What grain arrow and broadhead should I use? Arrow grain and broadhead depend on various factors, including draw weight, arrow weight, and your preference. 100-grain broadhead weight is recommended as good for its improved accuracy and penetration. 

What Grain Broadhead For 340 Arrow? 

Here 340 arrow refers to the spine or stiffness of the arrow shaft. The grain weight of a broadhead is another factor. The grain broadhead for the 340 spine arrows depends on various factors. The factors include the type of game hunting, your personal preference, and your bow setup.

What Grain Broadhead For 340 Arrow

But Commonly, 

The range around 100 to 125 grain broadheads are used for 340 spine. You should always check the manufacturer’s provided specifications. Make sure the weight of your arrow and broadhead matches your bow exactly. A proper arrow weight is essential for optimal performance.

The normal bread head grain ranges from around 100 to 125 grains. When choosing the grain, there are a few things to consider. If you want a fast-shooting bow, opt for some slightly heavier heads. This will help maintain arrow stability and accuracy.

If you want to go for a large hunting arrow, you should choose the heavier broadhead. Because a heavier broadhead weight provides you with better penetration. A lighter broadhead is preferable for small game hunting. So, you can ask about What grain broadhead should I use with a 340 spine arrow.

100 to 125 grain is recommended as best for a 340 spined arrow 28 to 31 inches arrow length and 50 to 60 lbs bow is good with this grain weight. Experiment with some grain within this range. Give priority to your personal preference and shooting style. For large hunting, you may need a heavier grain broadhead with a 340 spine for better penetration.

Broadhead grain is very important in accuracy. It helps to fly the arrow accurately. A proper broadhead grain increases accuracy and archery performance. A query may arise in your mind: What is a 340 spine arrow good for?

A 340 spine is good for larger game hunting. 340 spine arrow typically is good for a 70=lbs draw weight bow. It provides you with the necessary stiffness and better penetration in hunting. If you want for large game hunting, you can add 25 grains to the broadhead to increase the total arrow weight. Heavier arrows will lead to better penetration and easy hunting.

But you can try different broadheads to see which one works best for you. Always follow the specifications of the organizers. Also, some local hunting provides some specific requirements for choosing the broadhead. So, as an ethical hunter, you should check this.

Factors Influencing Broadhead Choice

Broadhead choice is a crucial decision in archery. Several factors influence the Broadhead selection. Here are the factors:

Factors Influencing Broadhead Choice

Game Type

The Broadhead choice depends on your game type. A larger animal requires higher penetration. So the Broadhead should be heavier in weight.

Arrow Weight and Spine

The stiffness and weight of your arrow affect he Broadhead. To get the best results, make sure the Broadhead grain matches your arrow setups. 


Accuracy is very crucial in hunting. Some broadheads are designed to fly more accurately and consistently. Consistency is very important for accuracy in archery. 

Penetration and Cutting Diameter 

Penetration and cutting diameter shaft are crucial factors for choosing the broadhead grain. A heavier Broadhead can lead to better penetration. A heavier broadhead can cut more tissue in the animal.

Bow Draw Weight

Bow draw weight is another factor for best accuracy in archery. higher draw weight allows the heavier broadhead to enhance penetration. 

Yet, these are the essential factors that influence the Broadhead grain selection. Personal preference and budget are also crucial for the selection the Broadhead. Consider the type you chose, the arrow type, and the hunting conditions. Be mindful of safety and obey the laws.  

How To Determine The Right Grain Broadhead For You? [ step by step process]

Here are step-by-step processes to choose the right grain broadhead for you.

  • Step 1: Check Bow Specification
  • Step 2: Decide The Arrow Spine
  • Step 3: Ensure Arrow Length
  • Step 4: Ensure Weight
  • Step 5: Look Into Your Preference
  • Step 6: Select The Weight
  • Step 7: Practice And Experiment

Step 1: Check Bow Specification

Check your bow specification provided by the manufacturers. Consider your arrow weight. Here, I am giving a general guideline. Experiment with this, which offers you the best performance.Must follow the bow specification

Arrow GrainBroadhead Grain

When choosing the weight of your broadhead, it’s important to consider a few factors. The factors include draw weight, arrow speed, and your intended uses. A proper grain broadhead can optimize your archery performance. For your specific bow type and setup, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Step 2: Decide The Arrow Spine

Then, determine your arrow spine. It refers to the stiffness of the arrow shaft.For example, you want to use a 340 spine arrow. Make sure that the arrow spine matches your bow’s specif.

Step 3: Ensure Arrow Length

Ensure that the arrow length matches your draw length. The arrow length is typically longer than 1 to 2 inches than the draw length. Because this extra 2 inches will provide you with safety and accuracy. Arrow length affects the spine and overall performance.

In this step, calculate the weights of all arrow components. The components are an arrow shaft, grain inserts, fletching, and grain nock. Calculate the total arrow weight to know the mass of your arrow. By understanding the arrow weight, it will be easy to select broadhead grain.

Step 4: Ensure Weight

Make sure that the arrow weight is compatible with your draw weight. So, know your bow’s draw weight.

Step 5: Look Into Your Preference

Take into account your personal preference for broadhead types based on your shooting style or hunting. There are various types of broadheads, including fixed blade, replaceable, mechanical, or hybrid.

Step 6: Select The Weight

Now, you have reached the step to select your grain weight. Based on all the above steps and testing results, choose a broadhead within the recommended weight range. For example, for a 340 spine, the common range of broadhead is 100 to 125 grains.

Step 7: Practice And Experiment

Practice and experiment with different types of broadheads by shooting them at a target. Ensure accuracy, consistency, and penetration. Choose the one that is comfortable for you and provides optimum performance.

As a general guideline, there are various arrow lengths . 85 to 125-grain broadhead is considered as good. For a 28 to 31-inch arrow length and 50 to 60-lb bow weight with 400 to 500 spine, you should choose a 100 to 125-grain broadhead.

However, you can easily determine the right grain broadhead for your bow by following these steps. Be aware of your safety and local regulations. Must take into account the other equipment. Give priority to your personal preference and comfort.

What Are The Safety Concerns About Broadhead?

Here are some safety concerns about broadheads:

What Are The Safety Concerns About Broadhead

Sharpness: Many broadheads are designed to be extremely sharp for effective hunting. This sharpness is very risky for you during handling, especially if proper care is not taken. Therefore, always use protective and broadhead cover with caution.

Storage And Transport: When you don’t hunt with your arrow, keep them in a quiver securely. During transport, Make sure that the broadhead is secured and no chance to come into contact with you.

Attachment Broadhead: Be aware of when attaching the broadhead to arrows. An inaccurate installation can lead to erratic flight. As a result, it may be injurious to you.

Arrow Inspection: You should regularly inspect your arrow for any signs of damage.Because a damaged arrow can lead to erratic flight and may be hazardous to you.

Draw Length and Anchor Point: Ensure that you are using the correct draw length and anchor point. An inaccurate draw length and anchor point can lead to unsafe release and affect the trajectory of the arrow.

Rules and Regulation: Sure about your local hunting regulations, which include specific requirements for broadhead type and use.

You can think about 340 spine arrows with 200 grain broadhead. It depends on many factors. If you want a 340 arrow spine with a 200-grain broadhead, you should choose a 70+lbs bow and 28-32 inches arrow length. In general, if you have  a 70lbs draw weight, the minimum arrow weight including the broadhead could be  (350 5*70). Experiment within this range, which offers you the best performance. Keep in mind your shooting style and hunting conditions. Be aware of your safety concerns.

However, always be aware of your safety concerns. Remember, the above are essential safety concerns. Follow the rules and regulations of local hunting. It will help to reduce the risk associated with the broadhead. Properly Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How Many Grains Is A 340 Arrow?

The suitable range is 100 to 125 grains broadhead for a 340 spine arrow.

How Do I Know What Grain Broadhead To Use?

It depends on your arrow; ‘s total weight. For accuracy and improved arrow speed, the typical range is between 85 to 125 grains for most hunting applications. Check the specifications of your bow and experiment with a few grains. Choose the comfortable one.

Is 500 Grains A Heavy Arrow?

Yes, a 500-grain arrow is a heavier arrow. This type of arrow is used for large game hunting sometimes. It provides more accuracy and better penetration. But it affects the proper arrow flight.

Final Words,

In the end, broaddhead grain plays a significant role in archery. A perfect broadhead grain improves the accuracy and archery performance. Broadhead grain varies with your arrow spine. If the grain isn’t compatible with your spine, it may cause erratic flight and be harmful to you. So, What Grain Broadhead For 340 Arrow?

I have already described the answer. I think you are cleared now. Always remember your personal preference and shooting style. A heavier grain broadhead may lead to larger penetration in hunting. Be aware of your safety concerns.

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