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If you are an archer or interested in archery, you must know GPI or Grain Per Inch. Unfortunately, most people are ignorant of its importance and there is not much detailed or organized information out there.

Are you looking for answers to ‘What GPI arrow should I shoot?’ Feeling lost while looking for an organized guide? No worries. Read ahead and you will learn all the details.

What GPI Arrow Should I Shoot

No one can specifically tell what Grain Per Inch arrow to shoot. It comes with experimenting with different things such as arrow materials, length, diameter, Grain Per Point, Force Of Center, shooting style, etc. Personal preference is what makes GPI different for everyone.

Salient Highlights

  • There is no straight answer to what GPI arrow to use.
  • GPI and GPP may sound similar but these are two completely different things.
  • Shooting style can cause GPI to change.

These are just some basic facts about the topic. There is a whole lot more to learn about this. Are you still interested to learn? What’s stopping you? Let’s dive into it!

What Is GPI In Arrows?

GPI or Grain Per Inch is the industry standard unit measurement to determine the arrow weight. It means the number of grains per inch of the arrow length. It is one of the most important factors to consider while selecting arrows. Why? Because it affects various things, such as arrow speed, kinetic energy, trajectory, penetration ability, and overall performance.

What Is GPI In Arrows

Usually, arrow manufacturers provide GPI specifications for their produced arrows. You will be required to consider a few things to find out what is the GPI of an arrow for your bow. I suggest consulting with a professional.

Arrow GPI Chart

What is arrow GPI chart? The GPI (Grain Per Inch) chart provides a specific range of values for GPI. It contains values for different arrow types and materials. Do you want to know the GPI for different arrow materials? Here you go;

Type of ArrowGPI
Wooden Arrows8-12 
Carbon Arrows6-10
Aluminum Arrows7-10
Fiberglass Arrows8-12
Hybrid Arrows7-10

For GPI based on the type of arrow, lighter arrows generally weigh 5-6 GPI, mid-weight arrows weigh 7-9 GPI, and heavier arrows weigh 10 or more GPI. 

Factors That Influence Arrow GPI

If you understand what is GPI for arrows, you need to know the factors that influence arrow GPI. Are you wondering why? Even if you select arrows with the right GPI, your performance will deteriorate by the influence of these factors. These are;

Factors That Influence Arrow GPI

Arrow Material

Arrow shafts are made of various materials, such as wood, carbon, aluminum, fiberglass, etc. Each of these has a different GPI. This is because the weights of these materials are different from each other. Two completely same arrows can have different GPI for two different materials.

Arrow Diameter

Diameter is required to calculate GPI. Depending on the arrow diameter, the GPI changes. For this reason, thick and heavy arrows tend to have a higher GPI as they contain more. Similarly, thin and light arrows have lower GPI as they contain less material.

Arrow Length

Arrow length influences the GPI for the same reason as arrow diameter. Longer arrows have more GPI compared to shorter arrows as they weigh and contain more material than shorter ones.

Insert And Point Weight

Insert and point are important to increase the effectiveness of any arrow. The difference in the weight of the insert and point makes an impact on the GPI. A heavier head or heavy grain head and insert will increase the GPI.


FOC, which stands for Force of Center, refers to the balance point of the arrow regarding the center. Adjusting FOC is adding weight to the front or rear of the arrow. However, adding weight to the front increases the GPI. And, adding weight to the rear decreases.


GPP or Grains Per Pound is the unit of measurement of the arrow weight. A lot of people confuse GPP with what is GPI on an arrow. To clear the confusion, GPP is the total weight of the arrow in grains for every pound of the bow’s draw weight. GPI is the number of grains for every inch of the arrow shaft.

The total weight of an arrow is used while calculating GPI. Therefore, any change in the GPP influences the arrow GPI.

Shooting Style

Different shooting styles and their purposes (such as hunting arrows for bow hunting, faster arrows for target shooting, etc) require a specific GPI ratio. Depending on them, the arrow GPI will change every time. It is important to achieve the desired speed, accuracy, or penetration for each of those shooting styles. 

If you want the right answer to what is GPI on arrows for your bow, you must consider all of these factors. I know it seems hard. However, the effort you will put into this will come out as a result of your performance.

What GPI Arrow Should I Shoot?

If you have come to understand what does GPI stand for on arrows, you may know there is no solid answer to this question. The ideal GPI for arrows is different for everyone. You may ask, why? It is because it depends on a lot of things. Do you need a guideline for those? Here it is; 

What GPI Arrow Should I Shoot

Arrow Length And Diameter

The length and diameter of an arrow are taken into consideration while calculating its GPI. If you are looking for heavy arrows, use the ones with higher GPI. Similarly, to find light arrows, look for the ones with less GPI. 

Bow’s Draw Weight

You need to match the GPI of your arrows to your bow’s draw weight. For the current arrow setup, it is advised to add 5 grains per pound of draw weight to determine the perfect arrow GPI. 

Shooting Style

Different shooting styles require different arrow GPI. If you need low-spined arrows for speed and long-range targets, use light arrows with higher GPI. For higher accuracy, flatter trajectory,

 and higher penetration, use heavier arrows with a lower GPI.

Personal Preference

Your personal preferences play a vital role in selecting the GPI range for your arrows. How so? For example, if you prefer using a modern compound bow, you will need to find arrows that match the temperament of the bow. You can use higher or lower spine arrows, heavier or lighter grain arrows, heavier shaft, etc according to the bow.

Even if you completely understand what does GPI mean in arrows, it is highly recommended to consult a professional before making any decision. Also, keep experimenting with different arrows and GPI to find the ideal combination for you. 

How To Calculate The Right GPI?

If you have come so far, you understand what does GPI mean on arrows and how important it is! Now, the question is how to calculate it. To satisfy your quest, here you go;

  • Measure and determine the bow’s draw weight in pounds.
  • Decide on your desired GPI ratio. Consider factors such as personal preference, shooting style, purpose, etc.
  • Calculate the total arrow weight by multiplying the bow’s draw weight and desired GPI.
  • Determine the arrow length. It is usually measured from the throat of the nock to the end of the shaft.
  • Finally, divide the total or finished arrow weight by the arrow length and the answer is the GPI.

It is necessary to follow the order while calculating the GPI. Be careful otherwise, you won’t get the right GPI for your arrow shaft.

How To Manage That GPI In The Field?

Various manipulation techniques can be used to manage the GPI in the actual field. Interested in learning the techniques? Let me tell you these techniques have the ability to change the temperament of the entire game.

Modifying Arrow Length

As arrow length is considered while calculating GPI, modifying will directly affect it. Lengthening will decrease and shortening will increase the GPI. Always experiment and modify the length of your arrow shaft to achieve better overall performance depending on the situation.

Changing Point Weight

Altering the weight of the arrow’s weight or tip manipulates the GPI. How? Adding weight will increase and removing weight will decrease the arrow’s GPI. 

Adjusting Insert Weight

Adjusting the insert weight also affects GPI. It is similar to the way GPI changes after changing the point weight. Adding the insert weight will increase and removing will decrease the GPI.

Using Weight Tube

Weight tubes are small cylindrical weights to be inserted into the arrow shaft. If you are seeking precise adjustment of GPI, adding or removing weight tubes can help you with that.

Adjusting Fletching Material

Adjusting fletching or vane materials may not affect the overall arrow weight or GPI. However, this slight influence can sometimes result in miracles.

Be cautious of the changes. If you are not confident about certain techniques, do not follow them. A simple mistake can result in miseries. For professional advice, you can always contact a consultant. 

What If You Don’t Follow The GPI?

What does GPI mean in arrows? It is the most important thing to consider in any form of archery. What if someone doesn’t? He or she will face various serious issues. What are these? These are;

What If You Don’t Follow The GPI

Reduced Arrow Speed

GPI has a significant effect on arrow speed. If you don’t follow the GPI, it will affect your overall performance. Arrows with lower GPI travel slowly through the air. It results in a significant reduction in arrow speed. Also, it affects the penetration abilities. Not following the GPI will heavily cost you in long-range games and target shooting. 

Increased Bow Noise

Using arrows with improper GPI can increase the vibration and noise while releasing the bow. It will distract the archer and negatively impact the performance. Also, if someone is sensitive to slight noises, it will cause him greater pain.

Inconsistent Arrow Flight

Improper GPI results in inconsistent arrow flight. It causes the arrow to move, wobble, and fishtail in the air. Inconsistent arrow flight decreases accuracy and increases the difficulty of hitting targets.

Safety Hazard

Using arrows with improper GPI causes increased bow noise, inconsistent arrow flight, etc. Any of these things can cause equipment failure and result in serious injuries to the archer.

The arrow’s GPI needs to match your bow’s draw weight, your shooting style, and personal preferences. Carefully consider these things while selecting arrows.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s The Significance Of Arrow Materials With GPI?

Arrow materials highly influence the arrow GPI. The GPI changes depending on the materials. For example, a wooden arrow range is around 8-12 GPI. Whereas, it is 6-10 GPI for a carbon arrow.

Why GPI Is So Important In Archery?

GPI is important in archery because it affects the overall performance. Whether it is bow hunting or target shooting, GPI affects accuracy, consistency, penetration, speed of arrow, trajectory, kinetic energy, and many more.

Do I Need To Consider My Bow’s Draw Weight When Selecting GPI?

Certainly, the draw weight of a bow indicates the amount of force needed to draw back the bowstring to its full length. You need to match the GPI of your arrows to the draw weight of your bow.

What Is The Perfect GPI Ratio?

There is no such thing as the perfect GPI ratio. It is different for everyone depending on the arrow length and diameter, the bow’s draw weight, shooting style, personal preference, etc.


What GPI arrow should I shoot? There is no specific answer to this question. Various things need to be considered while selecting arrows, such as the bow’s draw weight, shooting style, personal preference and comfort, etc. It is also possible to modify the GPI by altering arrow length, point weight, insert weight, etc.

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