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When I was also a beginner in archery. I went to the market to buy an arrow for my bow. I asked the archery shop owner to give me an arrow.

He asked what type of arrow you wanted. I was astonished and asked him what are the different types of arrows in archery.

Types Of Arrow

Types Of Arrow

In general, five types of arrows are commonly used by most archers. The types of arrows you use depend on your purposes, such as hunting or target shooting, and the types of your bow. It is possible to shoot different types of arrows but never get the same result.

This is a little bit of an answer. To know the different types of arrows, types of arrow tips, and arrow rest, read this article. So, let’s start!

Key Takeaways

  • A right-type arrow is crucial for accuracy, consistency, and overall performance in archery.
  • The arrow types depend on your specific need( such as hunting or target shooting) and type of bow.
  • An arrow consists of four main parts: shaft, nock, fletching, and points.

What Are The Different Parts Of Arrow?

If you are new to the arrow era, then this whole thing may seem confusing to you. But I’ll try to clear up your doubts. Here are the main parts of an arrow:

What Are The Different Parts Of Arrow


If you ask which is the heart of an arrow, undoubtedly, I will say that it is the shaft. It looks like a long, straight, and lightweight rod. In general, The shafts are made of carbon, aluminum shaft, wood, and combined materials. 

This arrow materials greatly influences the flexibility, durability, and  weight of the arrow. Before choosing one, make sure about the compatibility of the shaft material and bow. For example, a wooden shaft can be used only with the recurve and longbow.


It is the essential part of an arrow and attaches to the rear end of the arrow. It is a small of plastic vanes or feathers that help attach your arrow to the bowstring.

The nock comes in various shapes and sizes, with the two main types being the push-in nock and the pin nock. The push-in nock is inserted directly into the back end of the arrow shaft. While the pin nock has a small pin that fits into a hole in the arrow shaft.

Properly fitting the nock to the bowstring and arrow shaft is essential for accuracy and consistency in archery. Cause it influences the arrow’s alignment and flight trajectory

Additionally, nocks are often color-coded, allowing archers to easily identify their arrows and maintain consistency in their equipment setup. Regular inspection and replacement of nocks are recommended to ensure optimal performance and safety during archery activities.

N.B: Most compound bows have two nocking points, and you can put your arrow anywhere between the nocking points.


It is an essential part of the arrow. It is the part that makes contact with your target first. These are also known as arrow tips. So, it is an excellent factor when hunting. So, how many types of arrow points are commonly used in archery? 

In general,  There are several types of arrow points used depending on specific needs. For intense:

  • Bullet Points: These are small, cylindrical points that are often used for target practice. They offer good aerodynamics and are easy to pull from targets.
  • Field Points: Similar to bullet points, field points are commonly used for target shooting. They have a pointed shape that allows for better penetration into targets.
  • Blunt Points: Blunt points have a flat, non-penetrating tip and are often used for small game hunting. They are designed to deliver a shock to the target rather than penetrating it.
  • Judo Points: Judo points have spring-like arms that open upon impact, preventing the arrow from burying itself in the ground. They are useful for shooting in grassy or wooded areas.
  • Broadheads: These have razor-sharp blades that remain fixed in place. They are popular for big game hunting. These have blades that open upon impact, creating larger wound channels. They are designed to maximize cutting diameter.


In simple sentences, fletching is the component of an arrow that helps to stabilize your arrow during flight. It helps to reach the desired target ideally and increases the arrow speed, accuracy, and impact power. Different types of fletching are available. These help to rotate the arrow properly and prevent it from wobbling.

For example, An offset fletching(right or left) creates an arrow spin. This spin helps to stabilize your arrow and keeps the arrow in an actual flight path. As a result, the arrow becomes less affected by wind.

What Are The Different Types Of Arrow?

Do you know how many types of arrows are there? No! No worries. Here are the main types of arrows archery:

What Are The Different Parts Of Arrow.

Aluminum Arrow

Aluminum arrows are the most popular choice for archers because of their versatility and affordability. Though these were invented before carbon shaft arrows, these also get priority as a traditional choice.

The key benefit of this arrow is that it is inexpensive compared to other types of archery arrows. Aluminum arrows allow more accuracy than other types of arrows, are extensively used in indoor shooting, and are best for target shooting.

Carbon Arrow

Carbon arrows are made of carbon core, which helps to prevent them from bending or damaging easily.  You wanna know what is the best type of arrow? These are the best arrows because of their lightweight, durability, and accuracy.

These characteristics make them an exception from other arrows. Generally, these are more expensive than other type of arrows. And use of arrows depends on their type. But carbon arrows can be used in various types. Such as:

  • Bowhunting
  • Sport shooting
  • Target shooting
  • Recreation shooting
  • Competition etc.

These are versatile arrows and are a good choice for the novice archers.

Fiberglass Arrows

If you ask me which is the best for beginners? Without closing my eyes, I will say that fiberglass. But what is the reason, right?

Fiberglass provides some extra benefits; it is very strong and doesn’t break easily. It is more cost-effective than other types of arrows. You can also customize them to your needs. So, if you are a beginner in archery, it will be a good choice for you. These are good for target practice.

Wooden Arrow

Wood arrows are very popular with traditional archers. These offer the classic look to feel natural, which makes them the main choice for some archers.

These arrows are specially designed for the longbow and the traditional bow. Traditional archers mainly use types of arrows for hunting and target practice.

You can easily customize them to your personal preferences. These are heavier and slower compared to aluminum and carbon arrows.

Hybrid Arrow

These are commonly made of a combination of aluminum and carbon materials. As a result, these offer a great look and enhanced performance.

They provide controlled accuracy, durability, and consistency in shots. These are mainly used for wide range shooting and also used in 3D archery.

However, the type and size of the arrow depend on your specific needs( hunting or target shooting) and your personal preferences.  Flu-flu arrows are also commonly used by the archers.

What Are The Different Types Of Arrow Tips?

Do you know the types of arrowheads? Arrow tips play a crucial role in archery performance. This is the component that makes contact first with the arrow. Various types of arrow tips are designed for specific tasks, from target practice to big game hunting. 

What Are The Different Types Of Arrow Tips
  • Field Point Tips: These arrow tips are suitable for small game hunting, such as birds, rabbits, or doves, and target shooting.
  • Judo Point Tips: Judo points are referred to as versatile arrow tips because they have spring-like arms that are shaped to catch tall grass or brash. These are mainly designed for small game hunting and practice shooting.
  • Bullet Point Tips: These tips help to decrease the force when hitting the target. These tips are most popular for the archer for small game hunting and target practice such as foam, grass, or carpet targets.
  • Blunt Arrow Tips: These tips are made of plastic or rubber and are like the bludgeon tips. These are also used for small games like rabbits and bird hunting.
  • Combo Point Tips: These are a combination of bullet and field tips. These are mainly used for small hunting and are great for target practice.
  • Pin Points Tips: Archers use these tip arrows mainly for competition shooting.
  • Bulge Points: These tips are similar to bullet arrow tips. Bulge tips have a wider center design, which helps to create a large hole and hits hard on the target.
  • Broadhead Arrow Heads: These tips are mainly used for big hunting purposes. Various types of broadheads are available, such as mechanical, fixed blade, and removable broadheads.

However, the choice depends on your shooting style and personal preferences.

What Is A Weak Arrow?

You know that the arrow spine refers to the stiffness of an arrow, and it refers to whether the arrow is weak or not.

Here’s the deal:

When you shoot that arrow, it’s got to deal with the weight of not just itself but also the tip. So, if your tip is heavier, the arrow’s going to flex more. And this flexing continues as the arrow zooms through the air. Normally, this flexing helps the arrow fly straight, but if your arrow’s spine is off, it’s not going to play nice.

How do you know if your arrow’s spine is too weak? Well, if you can get a video of your arrow in action, check if it’s flying “nock left” – that’s a sign. When you’re paper tuning, and you see a tear that’s “nock left,” yep, that’s another clue.

And if your arrow ends up stuck in the target with the nock pointing left, well, you’ve got yourself a weak arrow spine. So, if you got an arrow it is high time to change it.

What Is The Deadliest Arrow?

The arrow that uses a broadhead arrowhead is considered the deadliest arrow.

These are specially designed for big game hunting. These types of arrows have razor-sharp blades that cause significant damage to the target and ensure a quick and humane kill. There is no specific deadliest arrow. However, the deadliest arrow depends on some factors:

  • Broadhead Type: For hunting, broadheads are crucial. Mechanical broadheads expand upon impact, causing more damage, while fixed-blade broadheads are known for their durability. The choice between these types can depend on the game being hunted and personal preference.
  • Arrow Material: Modern arrows are made from materials like carbon, aluminum, or a combination of both. Carbon arrows are lightweight and offer high speed, while aluminum arrows may be preferred for their durability.
  • Arrow Weight and Speed: The weight and speed of an arrow impact its penetration and lethality. Heavier arrows may penetrate better, but faster arrows might deliver more kinetic energy.
  • Accuracy: The deadliest arrow is also the one that hits its target accurately. Factors such as arrow spine, fletching, and the archer’s skill play a role in accuracy.
  • Intended Use: Arrows designed for specific purposes, such as target shooting, hunting, big game, or self-defense, will have different characteristics.

What Are The Different Types Of Arrow Rest?

There are different types of arrow rests are available in archery. All of these are not suitable for your specific arrows. Let’s see which is better for you.

What Are The Different Types Of Arrow Rest

Compound Bow Rest

What types of arrow rests for compound bows? These are the rest that ensure precise and accurate shooting with a compound bow. These arrow rests use modern technology like compound bows.

  • Launcher Rest: These are the arrow rest mostly used for target archery. The primary function of this arrow is to minimize the contact with the arrows. The archers who like to shoot from odd angles are the best choice for those.
  • Containment Arrow Rest: These are also known as whisker biscuits. If you are a novice archer, this rest will be ideal for you as it keeps the arrow from falling off and makes a successful shot possible.
  • Drop-Away Rest: Drop rests are the most advanced arrow rest and provide the highest level of accuracy. There are two types: limb-driven and cable-driven.

Recurve Bow Rest

These are traditional bows, and they have no cable system. Four types of recurve arrow rest are mainly used in archery.

  • Shelf Rest: Most simple arrow rests are used by traditional archers. These are the best for you to shoot accurately.
  • Stick-On Rest: It is a great choice for the novice archer because of its affordability. These are also easy to install.
  • Screw-In Rest: These are the rest like screws and help to hold the arrow firmly.

You can also use a magnetic arrow rest. It brings the arm back to rest by means of a tiny magnet. Archers also frequently use magnetic rests.

These are the pieces of gear that help to hold the bow and connect the arrow in place while shooting.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What Are The Different Types Of Arrow Weapons?

The types of arrow weapons depend on your bow type and specific purposes such as hunting or target shooting. Some types of arrow weapons are target arrows, field arrows, broadhead arrows, etc.

What Are The 4 Parts Of An Arrow?

The four main parts of an arrow are the arrow shaft, nock, fletching, and points.

What Arrow To Shoot?

As a general rule of thumb, add 1 to 2 inches with your draw length to get the appropriate arrow length. These arrows are suitable to shoot.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have cleared up the types of arrows and have a clear vision. Arrows are crucial for archery performance. A suitable type of arrow can only win you in a competition or help you make a quick and ethical kill of the animal

So, be aware of choosing the type of arrow. Always give concerns about your safety.

I hope you got your answer, and that’s all for today!

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