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I once met my grandfather, who was a highly skilled archer. I went there to seek guidance about arrow tips.

He told me that arrow tips significantly affect archery performance. Then i asked him types of arrow tips.

What Are Arrow Tips

Types Of Arrow

There are various types of arrow tips commonly found in the category of practice, small game, and big game hunting.  Many of them also serve from target to hunting both purposes. The weight of the arrow tips greatly affects the arrow’s performance, and choosing the one depends on your specific needs.

This is a partial picture only. I will break all types of arrow tips into two categories: practice and small-game hunting. Let’s go over each of them and see which type is best for you.

Core findings

  • Arrow tips refer to small and pointed ends of arrows that can be used for arrows to increase their accuracy and efficiency.
  • Typically, the purposes of arrow tips depend on your specific needs and archery style.
  • The weight of the arrow tips greatly affects the speed, accuracy, and spine of the arrow.

What Are Arrow Tips?

Arrow tips are the small and pointed ends of the arrow that are used for various purposes to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the arrow during shots. These arrow tips are also called arrowheads or points.

Arrow tips greatly affect the overall archery performance. There are various types of arrow heads available in the market. Each of different kinds ofarrow tips has a unique design and function.

What Are The Purposes Of Arrow Tips?

There are various purposes for using arrow tips. Typically, the purposes of arrow tips depend on your specific needs and archery style. Here are some common purposes:

  • Practice: Most of the archers use arrow tips for practice when they are at beginner level in archery. Some archers practice with arrow tips for competition. Some commonly used arrow tips are bullet points, combo points, field points, etc.
  • Hunting: Most archers use tips for hunting. The hunting tips are usually shaped like hooks or blades. These arrow tips allow you to kill the animal quickly and make sure a humane kill.

However, these are the main purposes of using arrow tips. Some traditional archers also use them for historical purposes.

 Types Of Arrow Tips

There are various types of arrow tips commonly found in the category of practice, small game, and big game hunting tips. Many of them also serve from target to hunting both purposes. Here are the different types of arrowheads and their uses:

Types Of Arrow Tips

Practice Points and Small Game Hunting

Bullet Points

Bullet point arrow tips are very popular with archers for practice shooting, and they are available in classic designs. You wanna know why these are known as bullet points, right?

Bullet Points

They are called bullet points because of their traditional shape, like a bullet. Bullet tips are excellent for practice because they hold up well and significantly minimize impact once they hit the targets.

Target Points

Target points have similar functions as target points. These also serve the same purposes as like as bullet points. The target archers basically use these. But what is the main difference between them, right?

Target Points

The basic difference between them is their shape. The short, cone-shaped target points are intended for target practice. These are the arrow tips for target practice only, such as foam targets.

As a result, they will penetrate targets more deeply and are far more aerodynamic than bullet points. Because of their deeper penetration and design, target points are difficult to remove from the target from other types of arrow tips.

Field Points

These are the most common types of arrows tip and are used mainly for target practice. So, what are field point arrows used for? Most of the archers use these points to hunt smaller game occasionally.

Field Points

Their shape has a sharp point that broadens into a shoulder closer to the base. These are very popular with the archers because of their more penetration and precision design. 

Combo Points

These are the ideal mixture of both filed and bullet tips. This pattern has a sharp tip with a softer flare that increases to a clear should close to its base. 

Combo points are made for practice and target shooting. These can also be used to target small game hunting.

Combo Points

Because of their aerodynamic design, these are commonly used by 3D and target shooters. You can easily remove them from the target.

Judo Points

These arrow points are specifically used for small game hunting. In areas with thick undergrowth and tall grass, they are ideal for squirrels and birds. If you are searching for bird hunting arrow tips then this is the catch.

Judo Points

This is because the judo point tips have a small spring-like arm that is specially designed to catch the brush and other objects.

Judo points are among the more uncommon archery points; however, be careful when using them, as the outstretched arms have the potential to catch and puncture other objects.

Pin Points

The pinpoints are designed to tap angles from their tip, and these have a straight design. These are commonly used by the archers for ultimate accuracy when shooting in competitions. These provide a higher penetration ability and also penetrate the hard surfaces easily. These are only used with high-level archers for shooting competitions.

Pin Points

Bludgeon Points

Bludegon tips are specially designed for small game practice. The key advantage of these tips is they help to prevent the arrow from being hidden in the brush or under the grass. These tips are helpful for delivering huge impacts and blunt force trauma in the event of an animal impact. In general, they don’t penetrate at all because of their flared head.

Bludgeon Points

Blunt Tips

These are the same as bludgeon arrow tips. If you look at the shape, they are like simple cylinders without any tapering or flaring. Typically used for small game hunting, such as rabbits, squirrels, and small birds. These are available with very simple designs, which is the main reason for becoming popular like the bludgeon point.

Blunt Tips

Bulge Points

These are similar bullet points, but these are wider in the center than the arrow shaft. The basic functions are the same as bullet points. They are commonly used for target practice. Bulge tips are difficult to remove from a target when retrieving arrows.

Bulge Points

Broadhead Arrow Tips( Big Game Hunting)

In addition to small game hunting and target practice, various types of arrowheads for hunting,specially designed for big game hunting. Wanna know what kind of arrow tip do you use to hunt deer?

Broadhead Arrow Tips

Are you planning to do big game hunting, such as deer, bear, elk, or any other big animal? Then,  choosing the right arrow tips is a must. In general, broadheads are available in different varieties. Here are some types of hunting arrow tips:

Fixed Blade Broadheads

These are the most common types of broadhead and traditional style tips that are commonly used for hunting. Fixed-blade broadheads are typically used with traditional bows and used by traditional archers.

Fixed Blade Broadheads

These heads come in a variety of diameters and blade counts ranging from 2 to 6. These are very strong because they do not have any moving parts. All of the parts are fixed, which makes them very strong and suitable for big game hunting.

A disadvantage of these tips is that they don’t provide higher accuracy when they are fired at higher speed, but these are very reliable and trusted.

Warning: same state may have a legal issue on using broadhead. So, make sure check local laws before using it.

Removable Blade Broadheads

These are very similar to fixed-blade broadheads. The removable broadhead also doesn’t have any moving parts and is very solid and reliable. But what is the difference between a removable and fixed blade broadhead?

Removable Blade Broadheads

The key difference between them is that the blade can be removed and changed out. These allow the archer to change the blade as needed or if the blade is damaged. Removable blade broadheads are the most popular option for hunters today.

Mechanical Blade Broadhead

Mechanical broadheads are the newest style of the broadhead. These have a set of removable, hidden blades that remain hidden while in arrow flights. The blades are made to open and increase in diameter upon impact. 

Mechanical Blade Broadhead

Mechanical heads provide much more accuracy during flight than fixed blades because there is minimal wind friction. They are commonly used with compound bow.

In general, These require much more power and energy to penetrate their targets effectively. These are the best for bowhunters because of their large cutting diameter. 

However, the right one depends on your specific needs and personal preferences. Hopefully you have got a clear vision of what is the difference in arrow tips. 

Before purchasing, you must ensure that the arrow tip specification of the arrow manufacturer matches your arrow.

How To Choose The Right Arrow Tips? [Step By Step]

Are you confused about choosing the right arrow tips for you? Typically, the right arrow tips depend on your purpose, your target, and personal preferences. Here are some general steps to choose the best one for you:

  • Step 1: Determine your archery style: First, determine your types of archery, such as target practice, hunting, competition, or any others. For example, if you want to go big hunting, you must have to choose blade-type arrow tips. 
  • Step 2: Choose the material and weight of the arrow shaft: Probably you know that the weight of the arrow shaft greatly affects the arrow’s performance. The size of the arrow tips also affects the weight. In general, carbon arrows shafts are lighter than aluminum arrows shafts. Then, think about the weight of your arrow tips. It must be balanced for optimal accuracy.
  • Step 3: Determine arrow spine: Your arrow spine must match the draw weight, length of the bow, and arrow tip weight. A mismatched spine can lead to inaccuracy in shoots.

Now, pick the arrow rest that goes with your specific purposes and personal preferences.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Different Types Of Arrow Rest?

There are various types of arrow rest available in the market. I will discuss here the pros and cons of the most common arrow tips used by the archers.

Name Of Arrow TipsPros Cons
Field PointsThese are commonly used for target shooting and hunting. Tracks well. High penetration ability.These are difficult to remove from the target. Sometimes these may break other arrows.
Bullet PointsYou can easily remove them from the target. It doesn’t eat up the target. Affordable for most archers.These can be used only for target shooting. Less penetration abiltiy.
Target PointsA great choice for practice. Penetration ability is high. Very consistent.Relatively expensive. Can’t remove easily from the target.
Combo PointsSuitable for both hunting and target practice. You can easily remove them from the target. Great aerodynamics.Probably these may break or penetrate other arrows.
Pin PointsProvide high accuracy. Great tracking. Penetration ability is high.Expensive. Very difficult to find. Can be arrow loss easily. Can’t remove easily from the target.
Mechanical BroadheadThese are available with a variety of options. Provide wide range cutting diameter. Provide consistency in shots.You must have to use a higher poundage of bw. Possible Problems With the Blades Not Opening.
Fixed Blade BroadheadThese are very strong and reliable. The possibility of error is fewer.The key disadvantage is a small cutting diameter. The blade might get ruined.
Removable Blade BroadheadsYou can easily remove the blade. Reliable construction.Small cutting diameter. Not so strong.

How Does The Weight Of Arrow Tips Affect Arrow Performance?

Arrow tips play a crucial role in archery performance. So, it is essential to use the right-weight arrow tips. Here is how the arrow tips affect arrow performance:

How Does The Weight Of Arrow Tips Affect Arrow Performance
  • Speed: The weight of the arrow tips greatly affect the speed of the arrow. Lighter arrow tips enhance the speed of the arrow compared to heavier arrow tips.
  • Spine: Generally, heavier arrow tips weaken the spine of the arrow, and lighter arrow tips stiffen the arrow’s spine. As a result, the grain of the tips greatly affects the arrow’s accuracy of the shots and behaves abnormally during flight.
  • Penetration: A heavier arrow tip tends to penetrate deeply. On the other hand, lighter tips decrease the arrow penetration.

However, choosing the right arrow tip weight depends on your specific purposes, the target, and your personal preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What Kind Of Arrow Tip For Turkey?

The arrow tips which have wider cutting diameter and deeper penetration ability are best for turkeys such as Magnus Bullhead, fixed blade broadhead, etc.

What Is The Best Tip For Arrows?

The best tip for arrows depends on your specific needs( such as hunting or target shooting. For example, if you want to go for big game hunting, a fixed blade with a wider cutting diameter will be the best one.

What Are The Tips Of Arrows Called?

The tips of the arrows are called arrowheads or points.It is the part of the arrow which makes first contact with the target.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are various types of archery arrow tips. To ensure the right one, you must consider your specific needs and personal preferences. 

The arrow tips are sharp and can lead to harm for you. Always be aware of your safety concerns. I think you have got a clear vision of the types of arrow tips.

I hope you got your answer, and that’s all for today!

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