Limb Driven Vs Cable Driven Arrow Rest [Key Differences]




There are many factors to selecting the arrow rest. The choice often comes from the archer’s preference and shooting style. Each of the arrow rest has its specific features, advantages, and disadvantages. So, it is important to choose the right one for you. Among various arrow rest limb driven and cable driven are popular. So, a query arises: limb driven Vs cable driven arrow rest which will be best?

Limb Driven Vs Cable Driven Arrow Rest

Limb Driven Vs Cable Driven Arrow Rest

In short. limb driven provides a smooth and precise release with improved accuracy and consistency. Its reliability and simplicity are well known. Cable driven provides a more flexible tuning customization. It applies to various bow setups and enhances performance.

However, this isn’t everything that you need to know. You have just begun. To know the advantages and key differences, read more. Let’s dive into deep-

Key Takeaways

  • Limb driven arrow rest provides a smooth and precise release. It contributes to improved accuracy and consistency in your shot. 
  • Cable driven utilizes the bow’s cable to control arrow movement. It provides more tune flexibility.
  • The activation mechanism of the bow is connected to its limb. In cable-driven arrow rests the bow’s cable activates them.

Limb Driven Vs Cable Driven Arrow Rest

Arrow rests play an important role in archery influencing arrow accuracy and flight. Limb driven and cable driven arrow rests are two common types of arrow rests.

Limb Driven Arrow Rest

When the bowstring is released, the bow’s limbs activate limb driven arrow rests. The energy from the limbs makes the rest move. Permitting the proper support and guidance of the arrow during a shot.

Limb-driven arrow rests are triggered by the limb movement rather than the bowstring. These can be more forgiving timing. Limb driven arrow rests are simpler in design than cable driven arrow rests.

Sometimes, you might need to change the position of limb driven arrow rests. This is to ensure that the timing is right and matches perfectly.

Cable Driven Arrow Rest

Cable-driven arrow rests are activated by the movement of the bowstring. When the string is released the cable rest is activated which in turn moves the rest to support the arrow.

Certain cable driven arrow rests come with advantage features. Then let archers fine-tune their setup by allowing micro change. Certain cable driven arrow rests give a high degree of precision timing.

A query can pop into your mind about drop away rest vs limb driven. Drop away rest and provide precise clearance upon release. Whether the limb is driven directly interacts with the bow limb. It provides simplicity and reliability. The activation cord is an important component of drop away rest. The rest cord helps to provide improved accuracy.

Yet, they may need more attention during tuning. Keep in mind the basic knowledge about the arrow equipment.

Characteristics Of Limb Driven Arrow Rest 

Limb driven arrow rests are widely used in archery. This type of arrow rest is designed to support the arrow. It provides accuracy and stability of the arrow during shots. Here are the characteristics:

Characteristics Of Limb Driven Arrow Rest 


  • Limb driven arrow rests usually have movable components. 
  • Allows you to fine tune the timing and activation of the rest. 
  • Adjustability helps archers during bow setup and shooting.


Limb-driven arrow rests are more compatible with different types of bows. Example: compound bows.

Activation Mechanism

The limb driven arrow rest is activated by the movement of the bow’s limb during the draw cycle.


The limb-driven method is designed to provide consistent arrow rests. It relies on the bow’s natural movement during the draw cycle.

Reduced Friction

Limb driven arrow rests are specially designed to reduce the arrow contact of the rest. Resulting in reduced friction.

So, these are important characteristics of limb driven arrow rest.

What Are The Features Of Cable Driven Arrow Rest?

Cable driven arrow rests are specially designed to support the arrows during shots. The function of an arrow rest is to keep the arrow in position. It helps to release accurately when the bowstring is released. Some of the features are given below: 

What Are The Features Of Cable Driven Arrow Rest

Cable Driven Mechanism

The mechanism is to bring it into place during the draw cycle and release.


Adjustable features allow archers to suit their bow configuration, shooting technique, and arrow type.


Cable driven arrow rest should be compatible with various types of arrow models. It can be used with a wide range of bows.

Easy Installation

It is easy to install and quick to set up.Suitable for the novices.

Smooth Arrow Release

A smooth and reliable arrow release is the aim of these arrow rest designs. It should minimize any disruption that could affect arrow flight.

Note: Specific features can vary with brands and models. Consider your individual preference, your shooting style, and your bow setup.

Pros And Cons Of Limb-Driven Arrow Rest

Limb-driven arrow rests are a type of arrow rest used in archery that functions by activating the rest by using the bow limb’s movement. Like other archery equipment, limb-driven arrow rests have their own set of pros and cons.

Anyway, if you are a beginner in archery; you can also think about drop away arrow rest vs whisker biscuit. Whisker biscuit rest may be helpful for you. It provides better forgiveness and simplicity. On the opposite, drop away rest requires more tuning and setup.

Pros Cons Of Limb Driven Rest

What we like

  • Simplicity: Limb driven rests are easy to set up and maintain.
  • Timing: This arrow rest often has an adjustable timing option. It allows archers to fine tune the rest’s activation.
  • Feature: Drop away rests, also known as limb driven arrow rests. It means they drop out of the way upon the arrow released. It leads to improving accuracy.
  • Consistency: Limb driven arrow rests are known for their consistency. It provides a consistent arrow launch. It enhances overall shooting accuracy. During a shot, the launcher arms are responsible for holding the arrow in place.
  • Quick Reset: The limb driven mechanism frequently enables the rest to be quickly reset. In each shot, it reduces interference with the shooting operation.

What we don’t like

  • Tuning Issues: Compared to other arrow rest types, it may need more work and skill for performance.
  • Cost: Limb driven rest is more expensive than other arrow rests. It may vary with a particular model.
  • Maintenance: It is simple but requires regular maintenance for correct operation. If you neglect this, it may lead to problems.
  • Compatibility Issue: It doesn’t go with all types of bows. So, It is not applicable to all types of bows.

Noise: It can produce noise.

Pros And Cons Of Cable Driven Rest


  • Drop Away Design: This arrow rest provides a stable platform. It improves arrow flight.Thus,increases arrow flight. 
  • Full Arrow Containment:Many cable driven rests offer full arrow containment for stability during the draw.
  • Quiet Operation: It helps to reduce the noise.It is good for hunting covert manoeuvres.
  • Adjustability: It provides fine tune to the rest. Easy to adjust the height,time and other.


  • Complexity: Some rests have more moving parts. So, it is difficult to install. It leads to a problem.
  • Cost:  Higher quality cables are relatively more expensive than simple arrow rests.
  • Tuning Sensitivity: It is easier to tune than others. It may react negatively to changes.
  • Maintenance: Periodic maintenance is needed for consistent results.

So, these are not all but some of the important pros and cons of cable driven arrow rest. Make sure about the factors.

After knowing all of these, a query can pop up in your mind: how to remove the insert from the carbon arrow? First, use a heat source to apply heat. Then use an arrow puller to grip the insert and carefully twist and pull it from the shaft.

Key Differences Betweem Limb Vs Cable Driven

Limb driven and cable driven arrow rests are different types of arrow rest for archery. These provide support and guidance to the arrow during shooting from a bow. Here are the key differences:

  • Activation Mechanism: The activation mechanism is directly connected to the limb of the bow in the drive rest. But the cable driven arrow rests are activated by the movement of the bow’s cable.
  • Bow Cable Connection: In limb rest, there is not any direct connection to the bows. On the other hand, the cable rest has a direct connection to the bow’s cable.
  • Timing Issues: Limb rests have the ability to provide precise timing. On the other hand, cable rests may need more attention to the timing adjustment.
  • Code or Cable: Typically, limb rests work using a code or cable that is attached to the limb. When the bow is drawn, the rest comes into play. Cable rests that are attached to the bow’s cables are activated by a code or cable.
Key Differences Betweem Limb Vs Cable Driven

Consideration For Choosing Right Arrow Rest 

Cable or limb driven? There are various factors to consider when choosing an arrow rest. Your shooting style, your own performance, and the kind of archery are the influencing factors. Here are some considerations for selecting an arrow rest:

Consideration For Choosing Right Arrow Rest 
  • Shooting Style: Your shooting style is a crucial factor in choosing a rest. Arrow rest can vary with your intended uses. Whether it’s hunting, competition, or target shooting can influence what kind of arrow rest you select.If you are a novice archer, whisker biscuit rest can also be a good option.
  • Bow Type: Some are arrow rests specially designed for compound bows. Some arrow rests are more suitable for traditional bows.
  • Arrow Type:The length, diameter, and fletching of the arrow can affect the performance of certain arrow rests.
  • Budget: Different types of arrow rests are available in the market. Price may vary with the market. So, consider your budget for choosing an arrow rest.
  • Personal Performance: Personal performance plays an important role for selecting the arrow. In 3d shots you can use the both rest effectively. Choose the rest which is comfortable for you.

There are several popular brands of arrow rests available in the market. For both limb driver and cable driver archers. Here are some well known brands:

For Limb Driven Arrow Rests

  • Trophy Taker: Trophy taker produces a variety of arrow rests. Some of the arrow rests are limb driven in their models. These kinds of arrow rests provide smooth and reliable arrow clearance.
  • QAD (Quality Archery Designs): QAD limb driven rest is the most popular for its drop away arrow rest. It is also well known for the Ultra Rest series.
  • Hamskea Archery Solution: Hamskea limb driven rest provides various features. Precision engineering and micro adjustment is a well known feature. To most of the archers, it is the best for limb rest.

For Cable Driven Arrow Rest

  • Trophy Ridge: Trophy Ridge is known for a variety of archery accessories. These offer cable driven arrow rests with setup. It offers adjustability features.
  • Ripcord: Ripcord arrow rests are well known for cable driven designs. It consists of fast and reliable drop away performance.
  • T.R.U. Ball/ Axcel: This brand produces a variety of archery products. These types of arrow rests are designed for consistency and accuracy.

Are you concerned about arrow inserts, especially about perfect glue? It isn’t so easy to find the best glue to use for arrow inserts. There are many factors for use. Shaft-specified glue is common now and among them super glue, epoxy resin, and melt glue are common.

So, we can say that the archery market is dynamic. When you choose an arrow rest must consider some factors. As like your shooting style, personal preferences, and bow setup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I Get A Plastic Or Metal Arrow Rest?

If you are a beginner, plastic rests are suitable and budget-friendly for you. For improved durability and precision, a metal rest is good.

Does Arrow Rest Affect Accuracy?

Yes, it controls arrow flight and affects accuracy.

What Are The Best Limb Driven Arrow Rest?

The Vapour Trail LimbDriver Pro V, QAD UltraRest HDX, and Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro are popular limb-driven arrow rests.

What Is The Lightest Arrow Rest?

Carbon arrow rests are the lightest arrow rests.

Final Words

In short, every arrow rest has specific features, pros, and cons. Selecting the right arrow rest depends on several factors. Shooting style and personal comfort are very important in arrow rest selection. So, which arrow rest is better Limb driven vs cable driven arrow rest?

I think you already have got your answer. Limb can be chosen for precise and smooth release. On the other hand, cable rest can be chosen for more tuning. You can also know the customer service for easy selection.
To know more about arrow rest, stay with Archery Talk.

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