How To Stiffen Arrow Spine? [Know The Way]




Ever seen an arrow veer to the right(right-handed shooters) and wobble during a flight? It indicates a weak spine!

Trust me, when I went to hunt with my friends, my arrows were veering to the right and didn’t accurately hit the target.

How To Stiffen Arrow Spine

Stiffen Arrow Spine

My friend told me to stiffen my arrow, and I also got high accuracy and consistency in flight. But how will you do it, right? Let your curiosity take flight, and let me share with you how to stiffen arrow spine?

Wait, there’s more to share about Arrow Spine! Read this article to know more-

Key Point

  • Choose the right material arrow shaft. The carbon shaft is stiffer than other arrows.
  • Determine your arrow length as your draw length. Then, lower your spine number.
  • Adding inserts or placing a heavier nock on the back of the arrow can stiffen the arrow.

What Does Arrow Spine Mean?

The spine arrows mean the measurement of the arrow’s stiffness. Stiffness differs in the same Easton arrows: the lower the spine number, the stiffer the arrow spine.

What Does Arrow Spine Mean

For example, the 350 arrow spine is stiffer than the 550 spine arrow. Because 350 is lower than 550. There are two types of spine arrows. One is the static spine, and the second one is the dynamic spine.

What Is The Best Arrow Stiffness?

There are different types of spine indexes exist. Common spine indexes in arrows are 400,300,500 and 600. Among them, 300 spine arrows are the stiffest arrow spine. The Arrow spine indicates the stiffness of an arrow. In general,

What Is The Best Arrow Stiffness

the higher the spine number, the lower the stiffness. The lower the spine number, the higher the stiffness. 

So, the best arrow stiffer depends on various factors like

All these factors affect arrow flexing in your bow. So, the best arrow stiffness depends on your bow setup and shooting style. 

Things That Influence Arrow Stiffness

The following things influence the stiffness of arrows:

Shaft Stiffness

How much an arrow bends depends on how bendy an arrow shaft is. So, Shaft stiffness is measured by the material and the thickness of the shaft.

The shaft bendiness refers to its spine. Arrow shorter shafts are generally sold by their spine weight. For wooden shafts, it will labeled like 35-40 or similar. 

But carbon and aluminum shafts tell you the wall thickness, mass per inch diameter, and diameter. There are spine charts that help you to find the right shaft by using these factor values.


Length is an important factor that influences arrow stiffness. Shorter arrows are less flexible.

The longer the arrow length, the longer the draw length. A longer draw length has more stored energy than a shorter draw length. That means more force is created in the arrow, resulting in more arrow bends. Leaving the arrows a little bit long may be used to lower the spine.

Point mass:

Arrows bend more when they contain heavier points. When the bow applies force to the back of the arrow, it turns.

 The shaft is rotated until enough force is applied to the point to move it, which is heavier and requires more force. The heavier the point, the more difficult it is to move. 

As a result, the shaft bends more before moving the point. Do you wanna know do arrow wraps stiffen spine? Yes, arrow wraps can stiffen the arrow spine.

Brace Height

Higher brace heights decrease the length of the power stroke. Lower brace heights extend the power stroke, increasing the amount of energy available to push the arrow. 

This causes it to bend more the arrow. Waggle the stick again. Now, waggle it harder. The same goes for string mass; it alters the force applied to the arrow.

How To Stiffen Arrow Spine?

Here is a general guide to stiffening the arrow spine:

Choosing The Right Arrow Shaft

To choose the stiffened arrow, you must have to select a stiffer arrow shaft. Arrow shafts are made of different materials like carbon, wood, and aluminum. These materials have different types of stiffness.  Carbon express arrows are stiffer than aluminum arrow shafts.

Carbon arrows are also more durable and accurate than other types of arrows. Though these are relatively more expensive than others.

Choose The Proper Length

When choosing your arrow length, you have to select the appropriate arrow length matching your draw length. The longer the arrow length, the longer the draw length. A longer draw length has more stored energy than a shorter draw length. 

The longer the arrow length, the less the stiffness of the arrow. With the appropriate arrow length, the arrow is stiffer than the longer arrow length.

Determine Your Arrow Spine

Arrow spine means the stiffness of the arrow. You can increase your arrow spine by adding weight to the front of the arrow or by selecting a heavier arrow point.

This added weight will increase the strength of the arrow. This causes less flex of the arrow upon release.

The higher the spined arrow number, the lower the stiffness. On the contrary, the lower the spine number, the higher the stiffness. 

Choosing Heavier Arrow Nock

The nock of an arrow is composed of plastic and serves as a connector for placing an arrow on a bowstring. It remains the arrow in place as you draw the bow. Then, does adding weight to back of arrow stiffen spine? Yes, it can also stiffen the arrow’s dynamic spine.

Adding inserts or placing a heavier nock back of the arrow can help to stiffen the arrow.  This will increase the overall mass of the arrow, which results in less prone to flexing.

How To Tell If Arrow Spine Is Too Stiff?

The method by which we can tell an arrow’s spine is too stiff or too weak is to make a video about the arrow’s flight. 

After making the video, watch the video; if the arrow is veering to the left, then the arrow spine is called a weaker spine. If the arrow veers to the right, then the arrow spine is too stiff.

You can also determine the stiffness of your arrow by using an arrow spine chart or a spinner test.

Match your bow’s draw weight, your arrow length, point weight of the arrow, and find the spine number. 

Imagine you have found your arrow spine range of 300 to 400, but your arrow spine is 500. Then, your arrow spine is too stiff.

What Happens If Arrow Spine Is Too Stiff?

If the arrow spine is too stiff then there will be arise several problems. These are

What Happens If Arrow Spine Is Too Stiff
  • Erratic arrow flight will be shown if the arrow spine is too stiff.
  • During the shot, a stiff spine arrow might not be able to clear the bow’s riser. 
  • This can lead to contact between the arrow and the bow. This also results in erratic flight and reduced shot accuracy.
  • A stiffer arrow is not flexed properly upon release. This also results in shot inaccuracy.
  • They might not penetrate as deeply as arrows with the proper spines.
  • The excess stiff arrow can cause strain on your accessories and bow.

However, these are the general problems that you will face with your stiffer arrow spine. So, always find the correct arrow spine to improve accuracy and consistency.

How To Determine The Perfect Stiffen Of An Arrow?

Determining the perfect stiffening of an arrow involves different factors, including bow type, shooting style, and individual preference. Here is a general guideline to determine the correct spine:

  • Bow Specifications: To determine the perfect stiffness of an arrow, you have to consider your bow’s specifications. Like draw weight, draw length, and bow type. These factors can influence spine stiffness. 
  • Arrow length: For your bow, you should select the proper arrow length. Because a longer arrow length needs a stiffer spine. While a shorter arrow needs a less stiffer arrow.
  • Arrow weightA heavier arrow needs a stiffer spine for a stable arrow flight. On the other hand, a lighter arrow needs a stiffer spine. 

For a perfect arrow weight, you need to determine the weight of the point, insert, nock, and arrow fletching in addition to the overall desired weight of the arrow.

  • Spine Chart: Refer to the spine selection chart offered by archery retailers or arrow manufacturers. Based on variables like draw weight and arrow length, these charts match recommended arrow spine stiffness with bow specifications.
  • Arrow Testing: Using the spine chart as a guide, buy a range of arrows with varying spine stiffer ratings. Try shooting different kinds of arrows to evaluate their accuracy, grouping, and flying characteristics.
  • Fine-tuning: To get the best performance out of your arrow setup, make small adjustments to the spine stiffness, arrow length, point weight, or fletching configuration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Happens If Arrow Spine Is Too Soft?

If your arrow spine is too soft, it will flex very much compared to other arrows. It shows less accuracy and speed. Sometimes, it can be dropped before reaching the target.

Can Arrow Spine Be Too Stiff?

Yes, the arrow spine can be too stiff based on your bow setup and shooting style. But, too stiff an arrow spine can be flown inaccurately.

Do Stiffer Arrows Fly Better?

No, if your arrow is too stiff, it won’t fly straight. Generally, it shows erratic flight because of its lower accuracy.

Closing Thoughts

Using the right spine arrow is very crucial for your bow setup. So, when you purchase your arrow, make sure to grab the right spine according to your bow’s draw weight, arrow tip weight, and length. 
If your arrow is too flexible, you can easily stiffen your arrow spine with a slight change to the shaft material, length, draw, and tip weight. Hopefully, you have got a clear vision of how to stiffen arrow spine.

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