How To Remove Insert From Carbon Arrow? [Step-By-Step Process]




Insert is the most confusing thing about Arrow. When I first got into the arrow thing, this gave me a headache. Whether it matters to put or remove the insert from the carbon arrow.

Cause there are many factors to remove inserts from carbon arrows. Inserts can be removed for comfort, shooting style, and proper arrow balance. An accurate arrow insert can lead to better accuracy. So, the confusion around how to remove insert from carbon arrow rises more for me. Well, it can be easy if you the right way.

How To Remove Insert From Carbon Arrow

Remove Insert From Carbon Arrow

So, basically, you need to use a heat source to apply heat to remove the insert. Then, Use an arrow puller to grip the inserts securely. Carefully twist and pull the insert out of the arrow shaft.

Key Thoughts

  • Inserts play a pivotal role in archery performance. So, modifying or removing inserts is very significant to achieve optimal performance.
  • It is important to adjust arrow weight, balance, and arrow flight. According to your personal preference and shooting style inserts, removal can be needed. 
  • Using the right tool and process is very crucial. If a proper tool is not used and excessive force, an arrow will be damaged.

But that’s not all! It can’t be that easy. There is more to tell. Read on to learn all about that.

Can You Remove Inserts From Carbon Arrows?

You can remove inserts from the carbon shafts piece arrow. The right inserts are very important for you to achieve optimal performance. 

Your shooting style and personal preference are very important in archery. One significant way for optimal performance is to modify or remove inserts. 

Inserts play a vital role in arrow performance. Inserts affect factors such as weight distribution, penetration, and balance.

Can You Remove Inserts From Carbon Arrows

Well, then, How to remove nock inserts from carbon arrows? Use a specialized insert removal tool design for your specific nock inserts. Grip the insert securely and twist it out gently.

Yet, whether you are a novice or an expert archer, removing inserts is an important skill. You must be aware of your safety concerns to remove inserts.

Why Would You Need To Remove An Insert From A Carbon Arrow?

Removing an insert from the carbon shafts arrow might be necessary for various reasons, some of which are given below:

Changing Arrow Components

Suppose you need to modify the arrow point’s weight or type (field point or broadhead). You will need to remove the insert and replace it with a new one that fits the intended arrow tip.

Replacement Or Repair

If your arrow insert is worn out or damaged, you may need to remove it and replace it with a new one.

Adjusting Arrow Wight And Balance

It would help if you used various weights of inserts according to your needs. The insert can help you adjust the overall weight and balance of the arrow. Brass inserts arrow provides a better weight distribution and leads to proper arrow flight.

Reusing Insert

If you are reusing the arrow, you may need to remove the insert from the arrows to use them with new shafts. You can use hot melt glue to attach the inserts to the arrow shaft.

So, To remove the insert from the carbon arrows-does the arrow length and draw length affect it? No, they don’t have any impact on the process.

Experimentation And Tuning

Bowhunters and archers often try different arrow parts to find what works best for them.

Methods For Removing Inserts Based On Arrow Brands?

Arrow inserts are placed at the front end of an arrow shaft. They connect the arrow tip and other accessories. Several factors, including the kind of insert and the brand of the arrow, can affect how inserts are removed. Here are some general methods that can used:

Methods For Removing Inserts Based On Arrow Brands

Heat Method

Carefully heat the arrow’s tip using a heat source, such as a heat gun. The insert should be easier to remove because the heat will help loosen the insert glue bond that holds it in place. 

If you are wondering how to remove super glue arrow inserts. Use a heat gun to soften the superglue arrow inserts before removing them. Then, gently twist and remove the insert with pliers or an insert removal tool. 

Freezing Method

For a few hours, keep the arrow in a freezer. By using this method, the insert may be easier to remove, and the bond between it and the arrow may be loosened.

Insert Puller

These are specially designed for removing inserts. These tools have a gripping surface that helps you get a solid hold on the insert and remove it more easily.

Screw-In Inserts

Certain arrow inserts are designed to screw into arrow shafts. An effective tool for removing the arrow shaft is a pair of pliers.

Drill Bit Method

By reducing the weight behind the arrow point or inserts, the drill bit method is utilized to increase arrow performance. This helps to correct the arrow’s equilibrium. To prevent breaking the arrow’s integrity or injuring the shaft, the drill bit technique must be used.

Drill bit Trick Method

The front-of-center (FOC) or balance of an arrow can be changed using this method. Using a drill, archers can add or remove weight to alter the arrow’s performance.

In this time, you can think about what glue to use for arrow inserts. It is essential to understand the glue before removing it. Many types of glue can be used for inserting among them, super glue, hot melt glue, and epoxy resin are common.

Glue Solvent

Use a glue solvent to break down the bond between the insert and the arrow shaft. According to the product instructions, use a solvent to remove the solvent.

Then, a query can come up in your mind- How to remove epoxy arrow inserts?

The first step in removing epoxy arrow inserts is to hit inserts to soften the epoxy with a heat gun or hairdryer. Then, carefully twist or pull the insert with pliers or a specialized insert removal tool, being careful not to damage the arrow shaft. If necessary, reheat the arrow shaft again and work carefully until the epoxy bond is released. Then, wipe the shaft of the arrow of any leftover material.

How To Remove Insert From Carbon Arrow? (Step-By-Step)

Now, let’s get into how to remove inserts from an arrow. It can be challenging and may risk and may damage the arrow if not done carefully. Here are some general methods:

Before going through the process, you may need to know the carbon arrow insert removal tool. Materials you might need:

  • Insert Remove tool
  • Heat source
  • Pilers or arrow pullers
  • Propane Torch
  • Rubber Mallet or Hammer
  • Rubbing alcohol or Acetone
  • Cleaning Suppliers
  • Protective gloves
  • Safety gears

Step 1:- Apply Heat

Use a heat source to remove the insert. You can either use a heat gun or immerse the arrow in boiling water for a few minutes with the insert end down. The aim is to relax the adhesive used to bond the insert to the arrow.

Step 2:- Use Pliers or Arrow Puller

After heating the insert area, use pliers or an arrow puller to grip the insert securely. Make sure to protect your hands using a towel or gloves.

Step 3:- Twist and pull:

As you hold on tightly, twist and pull the insert out of the arrow shaft. If heat is needed to reapply, heat the arrow insert easily removed.

Step 4:- Inspect the arrow shaft:

After removing the insert, carefully inspect the arrow shaft, detecting any damage.

Step 5:- Clean Residue:

Use a fresh cloth or cotton swab to remove any glue or solvent residue. If a question arises, how do you remove adhesive from carbon arrows?

To remove hot glue from carbon arrows, use a clean cloth or cotton swab with Acetone or rubbing alcohol. Be careful not to damage the arrow shaft.

However, follow all steps properly so as not to damage your equipment and for best performance.

Can Heat Be Used To Loosen Inserts In Carbon Arrows?

Applying heat to loosen inserts in the carbon arrow is not suggested. Carbon arrows are made from different materials. Heat can damage them and make them less strong.

The heat may affect the glue used to bind the insert and damage the bond between the insert and the arrow shaft.

Suppose you need to remove or modify an insert into a carbon arrow. It’s usually suggested to use an appropriate tool to remove the arrow insert. If heat or force is applied without the proper tools, it may lead to damage to the arrow.

Now a question can rise, which is-

How to remove glued inserts from carbon arrows? Heat the insert using a heat gun to weaken the glue before removing the glued inserts from the carbon arrows. Then, carefully grasp and twist the insert with pliers or a specialized insert removal tool. Be careful not to damage the arrow shaft in the process.

Yet, follow the owner’s rules for arrow repair and insert removal.

Precautions To Take When Removing Inserts From Carbon Arrows?

Yes, there are some precautions to take when removing inserts from carbon arrows to prevent damage to the arrows. Some of the tips are given below:

Precautions To Take When Removing Inserts From Carbon Arrows

Use The Right Tools

When removing inserts, use a proper arrow puller or arrow grip. An appropriate tool gives a secure grip on the arrow without any damage to it.


To prevent damage, be cautious when heating the insert with a heat gun or hot water. So, How to remove aluminum inserts from carbon arrows?

Using pliers or a specialized insert removal tool, gently twist the aluminum insert out of the carbon arrow. If necessary, heat the insert to loosen any adhesive. During the removal operation, take care not to harm the aluminum shafts.

Twisting Motion

When you are pulling the insert and trying to remove it from the arrow, apply a twisting motion while pulling. This can help you break the bond between the arrow shaft and the insert.

Inspect for Damage

After removal, check the arrow shaft for any damage and also check for splinters, cracks, or other issues that may affect the arrow’s integrity.

Should you, as a precaution, drop away the arrow rest vs whisker biscuit before removing the insert? No, there is no direct effect on any type of rest. A rest typically affects how it sits and leads to improved accuracy.

Avoid Excessive Force

When you try to remove the arrow insert, do not apply excessive force. This can cause damage to the arrow insert and the arrow shaft.

What Are The Common Challenges Faced During The Insert Removal Process? 

Some general challenges that may be faced during the insertion removal process.

Alignment Challenges

Perfect alignment is very important for insert removal. It may be challenging to move the object into or out of the arrow shaft when it is misaligned.

Lubrication Issues

The insertion or removal procedure may be hampered by friction between the object and its surroundings.

Adhesion and Sticking

The inserts may attach to the arrow shaft due to factors like adhesives or other forms of attraction. As it t is challenging to separate the insert perfectly. A question can pop up in your mind-How do you remove adhesive from carbon arrows?

Apply a small amount of acetone or rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth and until it dissolves, gently rub the adhesive. Wipe away any residue with a clean, dry cloth.

To remove adhesive from carbon arrows, apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol or acetone on a clean cloth and gently rub the adhesive until it dissolves. Wipe away any residue with a clean, dry cloth.

Material Properties

The properties of the materials may also need help in the removal of the insert. For example, if the materials are brittle, they could be broken down during the process.

Environmental Factors

The temperature, contaminants, and humidity can easily affect the removal of inserts.

Safety Concerns

Depending on the procedure and the nature of the object, safety issues may arise during the removal of the insert. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I Seek Professional Help For Removing Inserts From My Carbon Arrows?

If you are an experienced archer and can use the necessary tools easily, then you don’t need to seek a professional. If you think about potential damage or don’t like the process, you should seek professional help.

Can Inserts Be Reused After Removal?

If the removal inserts are undamaged and the adhesive residue is cleaned, you can reuse them. 

How Do You Remove Epoxy From Arrow Inserts?

Use rubbing alcohol or Acetone to dissolve and remove the epoxy residue. Be sure to apply the epoxy carefully and provide good ventilation.

Can I Use Oil Or Lubricant To Aid In Insert Removal?

Oil or lubricant is not recommended to aid in insert removal. It can interfere with the adhesion and other structural integrity.

Is There A Risk Of Damaging My Carbon Arrows While Removing Inserts?

If a proper tool is not used and excessive force is applied. Your carbon fibers may be damaged.

Final Thoughts

In short, the correct inserts are very significant in your bow’s performance and accuracy.

For changing the point’s weight or replacement, your damaged arrow can be removed. For adjusting arrow weight and balance, insert removal is needed. So, How To Remove Insert From Carbon Arrow? I think you have already got the answer. Be aware of the factors and your safety concerns.

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