How To Make Aluminum Arrows? [A Comprehensive Guide]




My friend John and I talked about archery to learn skills from my grandfather. He said aluminum arrows are versatile, and the price ratio is in the available range. He advised us to make arrows on our own to get the perfect accuracy.

So, I asked him, how to make aluminum arrows ? 

My grandfather answered-

How To Make Aluminum Arrows

First, determine your arm length. The arrow length is typically 1.5 feet longer than your arrow length. Purchase a 5/64 inches aluminum arrow diameter shaft and sand it to a rough surface. Apply adhesive (such as super glue or epoxy) and attach the arrowhead.

This isn’t the whole picture yet. If you want to know more about aluminum arrow shafts, follow along!

Key Point

  • Aluminum is the best material for homemade arrows.
  • These are lighter in weight and cost-effective. These are excellent for both the target and hunting archery.
  • The bow draw weight plays a crucial role in choosing the right aluminum shaft. 

How To Make Aluminum Arrows?

Got your materias? Great then now it’s time to get into making it. Here is how to make aluminum arrows with aluminum:

How To Make Aluminum Arrows
  • Measure Your Arm
  • Purchase An Aluminum Shaft
  • Prepared The Shaft
  • Choose The Right Adhesive
  • Apply The Adhesive
  • Attach Arrow Tip
  • Measure Your Arm: First, determine your arm length. According to most archers, the perfect arrow length must be 1.5 feet longer than your arm length, and you get the desired dimension in the manufacturer’s specifications. So, can you cut aluminum arrows with a pipe cutter? Yes, you can cut it with a pipe cutter to get the desired length. 
  • Purchase An Aluminum Shaft: Now, purchase an aluminum arrow shaft. If your arm length is 3 feet, ensure the arrow length is 4.5 feet and the diameter is around 5/16 inches for aluminium arrows.
  • Prepared The Shaft: To improve adhesion, sand the aluminum shaft to a rough surface. To get rid of dust and residue, use denatured alcohol to clean the sanded surface.
  • Choose The Right Adhesive: Choose an adhesive for metal-to-metal bonding. According to most archers, super glue(cyanoacrylate) or Epoxy resin. 
  • Apply The Adhesive: Now, it is time to apply adhesive to the sanded area on the aluminum shaft.
  • Attach Arrow Tip: Now, the last stage is the arrow tip. Press the arrowhead (such as filed point, broadhead, etc) onto the adhesive-coated area. Make sure the correct alignment is with the aluminum arrow shaft.
  • Hold the arrowhead in place with your finger or using a clamp. It takes a few hours to cure completely. 

Must Add a fletching style to stabilise the arrow during the shot. Now, your aluminum arrow is ready to use. Make some shots to test if it is working the best job.

How Do I Choose The Right Aluminum Arrow Shaft For My Needs?

Now, you made the arrow so it’s time to choose the shaft of the arrow. This part is kinda tricky. Cause the aluminum arrow shafts are versatile, durable, and affordable. These are available in various diameters and wall thicknesses. In general, the first two numbers represent the shaft’s diameter (1/64 inches), and the second two numbers represent the shaft’s wall thickness (1/1000 inches).

How Do I Choose The Right Aluminum Arrow Shaft For My Needs

Don’t you understand yet? Don’t worry! Let’s clear with an example, a 2016 arrow has a 20/64 inch(5/16) diameter and a wall thickness of 16/1000 inch. 

Now, Consider your bow’s draw weight,

You know that the more the spine number, the more stiffer the arrow. Compound arrows draw weight is crucial to choosing the arrow spine option. If you are still confused then use a aluminum arrows spine chart to find the suitable spine number for you.

Imagine using a 28-inch arrow(+/- 1 inch) and 100 t0 125-grain arrow heads. 

Here’s a chart of spine numbers for different arrow draw weights

Bow’s Draw Weight Spine Number 
18 to 23 pounds 1516
24 to 27 pounds 1616
28 to 33 pounds 1716
34 to 42 pounds 1816
43 to 52 pounds 1916
53 to 60 pounds 2016
61 to 70 pounds 2117
71 to 80 pounds 2216 
81 to 100 pounds 2219+ 

Consider the arrow point weight and calculate the overall weight of the arrow. If needed, make some adjustments. If you are a beginner, seek guidance from an expert archer.

How Do I Attach Arrowheads (Points) To Aluminum Arrow Shafts Securely?

Are you thinking of attaching arrowheads to your aluminum shaft arrow? There are mainly two methods to attach arrowheads to the arrow shaft. Let’s see the method: 

Imagine you are using a medieval arrow as a historical reenactment and have purchased a Short-Bodkin point head and aluminum shaft. Let’s see the steps:

Method 1: Traditional Method

  • Gather Necessary Materials: First, ensure you have gathered the materials, such as standard Short-Bodkin heads and aluminum shafts. Don’t forget to take a pine dowel(length about 32”).
  • Make The Socket: In traditional arrowheads, you will find a socket. In this case, the socket must go outside the aluminum shaft. In this step, drill a hole through the shaft where the arrowhead will attach. Now, in the hole, insert the socket of the arrowhead. Make this attentively especially if you are making make bow and arrow for hunting.
  • Secure The Arrowhead With A Pin: Secure the socket with a pin in place. 
  • Heat & Attach: Heat the socket area using a blowtorch or forge. Then, on the shaft, firmly press the socket in place. The wood will burn just a little, solidifying the bond.
  • Trim The Excess Wood: Trim any excess wood available and trim it from the shaft. If needed, smooth the area of it.

Method 2: Glue Method Or Modern Arrow Inserts 

Some archers use inserts to attach arrowheads in the modern aluminum arrow shaft. Let’s see the steps: 

  • Gather the necessary materials such as aluminum arrow shaft, inserts(known as HIT inserts), and setting glue(such as Lock-tite Quicktite).
  • Make sure you have cut the aluminum shaft in a square shape.
  • Apply any fast-setting glue and insert the prepared insert into the shaft.
  • Remove any extra glue by wiping.
  • Allow the glue to completely set for a few minutes.
  • Finally, attach the arrowhead to your personal preferences, such as field point or broadhead. 

However, you can use both methods to attach the arrowhead to the aluminum arrow shaft securely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What Are Old Arrows Made Of? 

The old arrows were made of lighter wood, such as bamboo. 

Where Are Gold Tip Arrows Made? 

The Gold Tip arrows are made in the USA by an American Company that produces high-quality arrows. 

Are Aluminium Arrows Any Good?

Yes, aluminum arrows are good because they are lightweight and durable, and one of their key advantages is that they are cost-effective. 

Final Thoughts

In the end, I hope the above discussion was helpful for you and that you have a clear vision of how to make aluminum arrows? It is a pretty easy process to make it. Always be aware of creating and handling arrowheads because these are very sharp and can harm you. That’s all for today! Good Bye! Visit archery magic for more info like this.

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