How To Cut Arrows Without An Arrow Saw ? Expert Tips





  • You can cut arrows without an arrow saw using tools like utility knives, tube cutters, or hacksaws
  • Safety is crucial. Always wear protective gear, use sharp tools, and cut away from yourself to prevent injury.
  • Cutting arrows to the right size helps archers achieve better results.

Cutting arrows can seem tricky without the right tools. If you’re wondering how to cut arrows without an arrow saw, we’ve got a simple solution for you!

How To Cut Arrows Without An Arrow Saw

Cut Arrows Without An Arrow Saw :-

Grab a carbon arrow and a utility knife. Score the shaft lightly with the knife, then make a light cross-cut. Keep going until the arrow breaks. If you like using a saw, place your arrow on a surface, cut it, and you’re done! Simple and quick!

So, the next time you need to cut arrows, remember you don’t always need an arrow saws. With a bit of care and precision, a utility knife will do the trick!

Learning this way saves your time and cash. Ready to learn in deep how to cut arrows without arrow saws,

The Reasons Behind Cutting Your Own Arrows

Sometimes archers need to cut their own arrows because it’s all about the right fit and better shooting. Most arrows are 30-33” long, which works for many. However, keen shooters often find out that this isn’t ideal. Arrows on the longer side might not be stiff enough. This can make them stray from their path, especially over long distances. This isn’t good when hunting or in a shooting contest.

And if you’re new to the archery game, you might wonder about what gpi arrow you should shoot.

On the other hand, Short arrows are not good for hunting or contests. They can fly in strange ways or even fall off the bow. Worst of all, they could break under the pressure of the bowstring. Potentially being is an arrow more deadly than a bullet” 

It’s clear that the arrow’s length isn’t just a small detail. It plays a big role in safety and aim. Especially important for those learning how to shoot a recurve bow left-handed, as the arrow length can play a crucial role in accuracy and safety

So, what’s the solution? Cutting a bit off the arrow. This makes it shorter and more suited for the shooter. It helps in getting a better, more natural shot and boosts accuracy. In short, it’s about making the arrow work best for you.

 The discoverthedinosaur says, :-

When it comes to archery, you want to make sure you are using the best equipment possible. This includes learning how to cut your arrows correctly.

How To Cut Arrows Without An Arrow Saw ?

While safety arrow tips are paramount when cutting arrows, another essential aspect to consider is the odd colored feather of an arrow. Cutting arrows might seem tough if you’re new to archery. Don’t worry; it’s simpler than it looks. You don’t even need an arrow saws. Just grab some basic tools and follow these steps to get it right:

  • Pick the Right Arrow: Before you begin, ensure you have arrows that match your bow. Wrong arrows can lead to bad cuts and missed targets.
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once: Before cutting, measure your arrow. Place a ruler or tape measure from the arrow’s tip to its nock point (where it hooks onto the bowstring). Jot down this length. It’s what you’ll be aiming for.
  • Get Cutting: Now, it’s time to cut. Take a sharp knife or a razor. Remember, safety first. Always cut away from yourself. Follow the length you noted earlier and start cutting. Keep the cut as straight as possible. If you’re unsure, ask a friend or look up a video guide.

By the end of these steps, you’ll have arrows that are a perfect fit for your bow. With practice, this process becomes even more natural.

Before you know it, you’ll be cutting arrows like a pro and hitting your mark every time!

What Are Some Methods For Cutting Arrows Without An Arrow Saw?

The hacksaw method reminds archers of the importance of the feathers used for arrows. Cutting arrows without using an arrow saw? It might sound tricky, but with the right tools like arrow rest, harbor freight, and methods, you can easily trim those arrows down to size. Here’s how:

  1. Utility Knife Method:
    • First, make sure your arrow is clean and dry.
    • Line up a utility knife blade with the place you want to cut.
    • Lightly score the arrow’s shaft by rotating it while pressing the knife gently.
    • Keep doing this until the arrow breaks cleanly at the scored line.
  2. Tube Cutter Method:
    • Grab a tube cutter from a hardware store.
    • Adjust the cutter to fit your arrow’s thickness.
    • Spin the cutter around the arrow, tightening it slightly after each turn.
    • After several turns, the arrow will snap cleanly.
  3. Hacksaw Method:
    • Secure the arrow in a vise or have a friend hold it steady.
    • Mark where you want to cut.
    • Use a hacksaw with a fine-toothed blade to saw through the arrow.
    • Smooth the cut edge with fine sandpaper or a file.

Remember, no matter which method you pick, always cut carefully and safely. Properly cut arrows can improve your shooting, so take your time and get it right!

What Tools Are Required For Cutting Arrows Without An Arrow Saw?

To cut dozen arrows without an arrow saw, you can use tools like a utility knife, tube cutter, arrow cutter plate or hacksaw. However, a popular choice is the rotary tool cutter. 

Rotary tool Cutter Pros:Rotary tool Cutter Cons:
Quick: It cuts arrows fast.Safety: The blade is sharp, so be careful.
Clean Cuts: Offers smooth edgesWear: Blades can dull over time and need replacement.
Portable: Easy to carry and use anywherePrecision: Might not be as exact as an arrow saw
What Tools Are Required For Cutting Arrows Without An Arrow Saw

What Are The Common Mistakes To Avoid While Cutting Arrows?

Arrow Cutting might seem like a straightforward task, but many people often slip up.

 One of the biggest mistakes is not measuring twice. It’s crucial to double-check every measurement because if you cut an arrow too short, it’s no longer useful.

 Another mistake is using tools that aren’t sharp. A dull blade can give you a rough or slanted cut, which affects how the arrow flies. Also, never forget your safety gear. Those tiny pieces from the arrow can fly off and hit your eyes.

Some folks rush the process, but it’s important to take your time. Rushing can lead to errors or even injuries.

And don’t just focus on the length; different arrows have different structures. Understand your arrow’s make-up before you start cutting. When you’re done cutting, the job isn’t over. Some people forget to smooth out the end, but this step is key. A rough edge on an arrow can change its flight.

So, while cutting arrows might seem easy, make sure you avoid these common mistakes to get the best results.

How To Cut Carbon Arrows With A Pipe Cutter?

Thinking about trimming your carbon arrows? The pipe cutter is the tool for you. Built for metal pipes, it slices through carbon arrows with ease. Before starting, check the blade. Make sure it’s sharp. Ready to cut?

Hold that arrow firm, so it doesn’t snap. Use a vise or your hand to keep it steady.

Now, position the blade of the cutter where you want the arrow shortened. Start turning the cutter’s handle.

 When you feel some pushback, you’re done – the arrow is cut. With the right tool and these simple steps, arrow trimming becomes a breeze. 

Cutting Carbon Arrows With Dremel

Got carbon arrows and a Dremel? Perfect! Let’s get those arrows trimmed down. Follow this simple guide:

  • Kick-off: First, grab your Dremel and attach the cutting abrasive wheel. Find a spot on your arrow, right in the middle between its point and nock. Make a small notch there with the cutting abrasive wheel. This mark is just a starter for the main cut.
  • Widen the Path: Now, switch your Dremel to its grinding abrasive wheel. Use it to widen the notch you just made. You want to make this spot big enough so the Dremel blade fits in easily.
  • Time to Cut: Place the blade of the Dremel into your widened notch. Turn it on and carefully push through the carbon arrow shaft. Keep at it until you’ve sliced through the entire arrow. Remember, steady hands win the race!
  • Smooth Moves: After the cut, you might feel some rough edges. No worries! Pop on the sanding abrasive wheel to your Dremel. Gently smooth out any rough spots. This step ensures your arrow looks clean and feels smooth.
  • High Five: And there you go! With a Dremel in hand and these steps in mind, you’ve just mastered arrow cutoff. It’s as easy as pie!

How To Cut Carbon Arrows With A Grinder?

Being an archer means always ensuring your arrows are just right. One task might be adjusting their length. You might wonder: Can a grinder cut carbon arrows? Yes, it can!

But, here’s what you need to remember to do it right:

  • Pick a top-notch bench grinder. It should be one meant for slicing metal. This choice ensures you won’t ruin either the arrow or the tool.
  • Keep a protective eyewear on the arrow’s temperature. You don’t want to get it too hot. For this, a grinding abrasive wheel meant for carbon fibers works best. It spins more slowly than the usual ones, so it doesn’t make things too hot.
  • Think safety! Your eyes need protection. Sparks from the bench grinder can fly out, and those sparks can harm your eyes.

So, there it is. With careful steps and the proper gear, you can trim carbon arrows using a bench grinder. Take it slow, gear upright, and your arrows will be perfect in no time!

How To Cut  Carbon Arrows With A Hack Saw?

If you need to trim your carbon arrows, grab a hacksaw with a fine-toothed blade. But remember, rushing won’t help. Take it slow and steady. Pushing too hard on the arrow? Not a good idea. It can harm your arrow. If you can, try clamping the arrow down. It makes cutting way easier and ensures a clean slice. So, with some patience and the right tools, you can size your arrow just right.

How To Trim Carbon Arrows Using A Hacksaw? A Step-By-Step Guide

Many folks turn to the trusty hacksaw. But hey, there are a few things to remember before you start.

 First off, check that blade! It needs to be sharp. A dull one? That’s a quick ticket to splintered arrows.

Now, while cutting, take it easy. Carbon is tough, and pushing too hard can break the arrow clean in half.

After you’ve made that cut, don’t forget to give those edges a good sanding. You want them smooth so they won’t snag on anything or break later on.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll have perfectly sized-arrows in no time!

Cutting Carbon Arrows With Tubing Cutter

Using a tubing cutter to trim your carbon arrow shafts is a breeze.First, line up the carbon arrow cutter on the shaft right where you’ve marked your cut. Give the pressure adjustment knob a twist until it feels snug but not overly tight.

Begin by slowly spinning the cutter around the shaft. After a full rotation, give that knob a little more twist to tighten, then spin it around again.

 Keep this up, turning and tightening, until you’ve cut right through.

Once done, grab a flat file or some sandpaper and smooth out the arrow’s end on a level surface. That’s all there is to it!

How To Cut Carbon Arrows At Home?

Cutting carbon arrows at home saves you time and money. This is not very tough at all. I hope you can cut carbon arrows very easily if you follow my steps.

Cutting carbon arrows is easy with the right steps.

First, wear safety goggles and have your accurate measurements ready. Practice with an old arrow to avoid mistakes.

 Always double-check your measurements: remember to measure twice and cut once. Secure your arrow using a saw with a vise clamp. Be gentle; don’t squeeze too tight to avoid cracking the arrow.

Align the cutting disc with your mark on the arrow. It’s better to cut a bit longer than shorter, as you can always trim more later.

Start your saw and make a steady cut. If the cut isn’t right, you can redo it. Once done, sand the cut ends with sandpaper to smooth out sharp edges, ensuring a proper fit for inserts and always ensure  arrow safety tips. Too long  arrow might stray from its path; and  too short, and it might snap under the bowstring’s force.

Decoding Arrow Point Choices : Factors Impacting Your Selection!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are There Any Safety Concerns When Cutting Arrows Without An Arrow Saws?

Yes, using the wrong tool to cut arrows can break them and hurt you. Always use safe tools and wear safety stuff.

What’s Your Secret Sauce To Cut Carbon Arrows?

My go-to trick for cutting carbon arrows is using a sharp tool and going slow to avoid breaking them. Always wear safety gear to protect yourself!

Are There Any Disadvantages To Cut Arrows Without An Arrow saw?

Yes, cutting arrows without arrow saws might not give a clean cut and can damage the arrow. It’s safer and better to use the right tool.


I hope you know very well how to cut arrows without an arrow saw. Start with a sharp knife. Mark where you want to cut on the arrow. Carefully score a line there with the knife.

After that, bend and snap the arrow at the line. Lastly, smooth out any sharp spots with sandpaper. There you have it – Always be careful and take your time.

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