The Right Way: How To Adjust Arrow Rest?




Are you thinking about how to adjust your arrow rest? If you are serious about hunting, then it is crucial to do so.

To achieve precise shooting and perfect arrow flight, an arrow rest must be adjusted correctly. Your control over the bow will improve as a result. A well-tuned arrow rest will help you increase your aim and accuracy in shooting. So, a query may arise in your mind: how to adjust arrow rest?

How To Adjust Arrow Rest

Here is what to do-

First, secure the arrow rest to the riser of the bow. Next, place your position while resting. Make sure it’s centered and adjust the height. Securely tighten the mounting screws. Finally, check the stability of the rest before shooting.

This isn’t the complete answer yet. To adjust your arrow rest properly and to get more information about it, read this article.

Why Does My Arrow Keep Falling Off The Rest?

Your arrow may keep falling off due to several reasons. Here are the reasons:

Incorrect Adjustment Of the Rest

The arrow keeps falling off if the rest isn’t correctly adjusted as your bow. It is essential to make sure the rest is installed and seated correctly.

Windage adjustment is crucial to prevent your arrow from falling off the rest.

Incompatible Arrows

You know that different types of arrows are suitable for different types of rest. A rest isn’t ideal with the all arrow. 

If your arrow doesn’t match with your arrow rest, the arrow may keep falling off the rest. You can check the flight path of your arrow via paper tuning.

Loose Arrow Rest

Arrow rest doesn’t need to be tight enough. But if your arrow rest is too loose, then it can lead to the arrow falling off.

Finger Tension

Your finger tension is essential to hold the bowstring. If you grip your bowstring too tightly or attach it incorrectly, it can twist the arrow off the rest.

Draw Weight

Muscle tension in your hand and forearm can twist your arrow off the rest and hamper your release.

Can’t you hold your bow at full draw for 10 seconds? You should try with a lighter draw weight; either the arrow keeps falling off the rest.

Incorrect Nocking Point

The arrow may fall off the arrow rest if the nocking point is set too low. This happens because insufficient downward pressure will be applied to the rest.

Torquing the Grip

Improper hand placement on the grip can twist your arrow off the rest.

How High Should The Arrow Rest Be?

Do you know what arrow rest is? Arrow rest is an essential piece of archery equipment that holds the arrow in place throughout the shooting process.

How High Should The Arrow Rest Be

The height of the arrow rest significantly affects your shot accuracy. There are various types of arrow rest available, and each of them has its unique advantages, disadvantages, and height requirements.

For example, 

For a drop-away rest, the height is recommended ¾ inches or less.

However, for arrows more than 16 inches long, an arrow rest with a height of at least 1 inch is suggested.

Remember, your specific bow type, arrow use, and shooting style influence the standard heights of arrow rest. 

How To Adjust Arrow Rest?

Are you thinking about how to adjust your arrow rest? Or Do you want to know how to adjust arrow rest at home? Here is a general guideline for different types of arrow rest to adjust properly:

How To Adjust Arrow Rest.

Adjustment Of Normal Arrow Rest:

  • To adjust your arrow follow these guidelines:
  • Align the arrow rest with the arrow shaft.
  • Adjust the height to as your shooting style.
  • Make sure that the rest is centered on the arrow rest window
  • Tighten the mounting screws securely.
  • Finally, test the rest for stability before shooting.

How to adjust drop away arrow rest?

  • Attach the rest to the bow’s riser and arrow shelf using the screws or mounting hardware.
  • Then, adjust your cam timing and orientation of the rest as necessary.
  • You know that drop-away rests are commonly of two types: cable-driven and limb-driven.

For Cable Driven Arrow Rest:

  • Connects its draw cord to a bow’s pull-down cable.
  • The pull-down cable pulls on the draw cord of the rest as the bow is drawn.  
  • This tension is then placed on the arrow-rest arm and raises it.
  • The tension is released when the bow is fired, allowing the arrow rest to drop and get out of the way of the arrow.

For Limb Driven Arrow Rest:

  • Attach a cable to the bow’s limbs. 
  • The limbs turn inside out when the bow is drawn. 
  • Consequently, the launcher arm is raised, and the cord’s tension is released. The limb bolts launch the launcher arm after the bow is fired, bouncing it outward.

So, how to adjust a QAD drop away rest?

  • Attach the rest to your bow and set the center shot.
  • Then,measure three or four inches below the rest.
  • Carefully and loosely attach the provided clamp.
  • Draw back the bow slowly, either by hand or in a press.
  • Slide the cord into the right position.
  • Secure it or insert the remaining cord into the string.

How to adjust arrow rest on compound bow?

Follow this guideline:

  • Loosen the rest’s bolt by using an Allen wrench.
  • Position the rest vertically with the arrow level. Your arrow should be level on the rest.
  • Adjust the height and center of the rest as needed.
  • Then, tighten the bolt firmly to secure the rest.
  • Test your bow’s performance and make some adjustments if needed.

You can also use shaft tuning, yoke tuning, and other tuning methods to adjust your arrow rest.

What Are The Different Types Of Arrow Rest?

An arrow rest is an essential of equipment for a bow setup. It holds the arrow during the draw and release process.

Different types of arrow rests are compatible with different types of arrows. So, understanding the different types of arrow rest is crucial for accuracy and consistency in your shots.

Here are the descriptions of some commonly used arrow rests:

Type Of Arrow RestDescriptions
Shelf RestThe bow riser has a basic rest built in that offers an arrow-supporting shelf-like surface.
Drop Away RestWhen the bow is drawn; this rest moves out of the way to provide optimal arrow clearance and minimal interference.
Containment RestThese rest stop unintentional arrow falls or displacement during the shot because they are made to enclose the arrow completely.
Whisker Biscuit RestAn arrow rest covered in bristles that stabilize the arrow and minimize the possibility of fletching contact.
Screw-In Rest Screw-in rests are similar to stick-on rests except they screw into your recurve bow.

How To Set Up An Arrow Rest On A Compound Bow?

Are you thinking about how to adjust the arrow rest compound bow? Follow these step process:

  • Step 1: Read The Instructions
  • Step 2: Attach The Rest To The Bow Riser
  • Step 3: Set In Position
  • Step 4: Set Arrow Rest Center and Tie In The Cord
  • Step 5: Tie The Knot Properly On The Downward Cable
  • Step 6: Finishing Touches

Step 1: Read The Instructions

Well, then,how to set up arrow rest on bow? The first step is to read the setup procedure of the arrow rest component for your compound bow.

So, unbox your arrow rest package and study the given instructions manual thoroughly.

Step 2: Attach The Rest To The Bow Riser

In this step, carefully attach your arrow rest to the bow riser. You can easily attach the rest to the rise by using Berger Hole Screw.

Depending on the arrow rest you bought, you might also need to install a few extra screws.

Step 3: Set In Position

Now, to pull the cord up to the up position, remove it while the arrow is on the bowstring. Must ensure that the arrow center is horizontal to the center of the Berger hole. If you need any adjustments, do it properly.

Additionally, you must examine the down position to make sure the arrow shelf and the arrow holding arm are not in contact.

If they are in contact, make some adjustments so that the two units don’t touch.

Step 4: Set Arrow Rest Center and Tie In The Cord

Do you know which is the center shot? The left to the correct location of the arrow rest is called the center shot.

Installing this shot at the recommended distance specified by the manufacturer of your bow or arrow rest is necessary.

Have you centered the arrow rest? Now, tie the drop-away cord quite snugly. Be cautious. It can’t be too tight or too loose.

You can do this properly by tying the cord to the downward cable using a setting knot.

Step 5: Tie The Knot Properly On The Downward Cable

In this step, carefully pull the bow so that the drop-away rest is engaged.

Consider whether you can draw the bow in this position. Have you been able to draw the bow fully? If not, you make some adjustments to the tightness of the cable.

After you have tightened the knot accordingly, you need to tie the final knot on the cord. This has to be done beneath the setting knot.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

After completing the arrow rest setup, you must cut any extra chords that are below the knots. Additionally, you can use a lighter to melt any frayed pieces.

Which Way Do You Move The Rest Of An Arrow On A Compound Bow?

Well, then moving the arrow rest left or right depends on which way your arrow hits the target. Here is a general guideline:

Which Way Do You Move The Rest Of An Arrow On A Compound Bow

First, take your arrow and shoot at a target. If your arrow hits the left of the target, then you should move the rest slightly to the right.

If the arrow hits the right side of your target, then you should move the rest of the arrow slightly to the left.

Remember, this is a general rule only. You can also use paper tears to see your arrow flying, such as left or right. Clean tears indicate that your arrow flies perfectly. 

You may need to do some fine-tuning based on your specific bow and shooting style.

How Far Should Your Arrow Be Past Your Rest?

The length of your arrow past the rest can vary depending on your specific bow setup and requirements. Here are some guidelines as follows:

  • As a general rule, the arrow should be 1 inch past the rest, not the riser edge.
  • It also depends on your arrow rest type and where you want the end of your arrow to sit on the shelf.
  • When an arrow is at its shortest length, it can be just long enough to sit fully drawn while at rest.
  • Arrow rest should be placed approximately ⅛ of an inch away from the riser.

However, these are the general guidelines only. The exact length can vary depending on your specific bow, arrow rest, and shooting style.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which Way To Move Rest When Broadhead Tuning?

When tuning a broadhead, the directions in which the arrow hits the field point should be used to adjust the arrow rest. For example, if the arrow impacts the right of the field point, adjust the rest slightly to the right.

Why Does My Arrow Keep Going Up?

Incorrect bow tuning and excessive pressures on the string cables are the reasons your arrow keeps going up. Another reason could be that the arrow rest is set too high.

Why Is It Important To Properly Adjust The Arrow Rest On A Bow?

It’s critical to improve your shot’s accuracys and consistency. It ensures that the arrow is held securely and helps you control your bows more effectively.


How to adjust arrow rest? A proper arrow rest adjustment is essential for straight-arrow flight and increases archery performance. The steps and guidelines given above will help you make sure that your arrow rest is adjusted properly. Your shots placement accuracy and consistency will improve as a result.

Examine your arrow rest regularly. An inaccurate adjust arrow rest can lead to a poor arrow flight. Make any necessary adjustments to your shooting styles and specific bow.

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