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Are you serious about Arrow? Want to know how to add weight to arrow tip archery?

To improve performance, most of the archers changed the weight of the Arrow. Adding weight to the arrow tip affects the behavior of your Arrow. But it totally depends on your intended purposes and bow type. If you want to go for a hunt, it is a significant factor to increase the weight of arrow tips for better penetration to make an ethical kill of the animal. So, you wanna know How to add weight to arrow tip?

How To Add Weight To Arrow Tip.

Weight To Arrow Tip

You can add weight to the arrow tip at home easily. You can follow these methods to add weight to the tip, such as weight tubes, inserts, and switching the point weight. In all of this method, you have to detach the nock and then add the weight. The amount of weight depends on your personal choice.

This isn’t everything. So, to get more information about arrow tips and all the methods, read this article. So, let’s dive into deep-

Salient Highlights

How Are Arrow Tips Weighed?

Are you using arrow tips, but not effective it is? Do you know what grains arrow tip is suitable for you but need to know how to measure the weight?

Arrow tips are the small and pointed ends of the arrow, which are used to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the arrow. Knowing this will also help you with shooting a bow and arrow.

In general, the arrow tips are weighted in grains. In modern terms, one ounce is equivalent to 437.5 grains, or one-grain weight is just 0.00228572 oz.

In general, the arrow tip comes with an arrow most of the time. You can purchase them separately and attach them individually.

How Are Arrow Tips Weighed

Different types of arrow tips are available. Each of them has a unique design and function. Each of them has a different weight for various purposes. You can use also an arrow weight calculator to weigh your arrow tips.

For instance,

You can use a spine arrow chart to select the arrow tip weight for your specific bow. 

You wanna know how do you make arrows heavier? You can make your arrows heavier by adding weight to the arrow tip.

Selection Chart To Determine Which Point Weight Is Suitable For You.


How To Add Weight To Arrow Tip?

Do you know what is the best way to add weight to an arrow?  There are various ways to add weight to the arrow tips. Once you know the weight of your arrow, you will get an idea of how much weight to add for your specific needs. Here are the three easy methods to add weight to the arrow tips:

How To Add Weight To Arrow Tip

Method 1: Weight Tubes

are a very effective method to add weight to your arrow. The process is very simple. Adding weight tubes doesn’t influence the dynamic spine of the arrow and leads to better momentum.

Weight tubes are found in three, five, or eight grains per inch( GPI). But which will you use? Decide first, then follow the steps as follows:

  • First of all, detach your nock from the arrow and slide it down to the tube.
  • Then, mark the tube’s end where you want to cut.
  • After that, align the nock’s shoulder evely with the tube’s end. In particular, this is the place where the arrow shaft and nock slide together. 
  • In the end, cut the tube there; after sliding the tube back, attach the nock.

Method 2: Inserts

You can use arrow insert weights. It is the most common method to add weight to an arrow. The inserts are usually made of aluminum, and their weight is around 10 to 15 grains.

  • Remove the knock from your arrow.
  • Place the weight against the insert’s back. ( Use a heavier inserts)
  • Then, attach the arrow nock again.

Method 3: Switching The Point Weight

  • Carefully remove the nock from your specific arrow.
  • Replace the arrow point with a heavier one( Which you like to add)
  • Again, the nock.

You can also go for DIY arrow-weight tubes. Usually, a 1-inch piece weighs around 25 grain weight. This method might not work for everyone.

You can also use a Gold Tips screw-in weight system or a Black Eagle insert to add weight to the arrow tips. Typically, screw-in weights are used separately. On the other hand, they can be stacked on top of one another until the desired weight is reached. 

Keep in mind that if you add weight to the arrow tips, it can affect the dynamic spine of the arrow. 

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Adding Weight To The Arrow Tip?

Adding weight increases the momentum and penetration of the arrow.It can lead to the weakening of the dynamic spine of the arrow.
More kinetic energy is produced when the arrow is released. As a result, it makes an ethical and quick kill when hunting.It changes the required amount of force to push the arrow.
Provide more momentum than a normal arrow tip.The wrong weight can lead to erratic flight of the arrow and damage your equipment.
It may balance the weight added to the front by adding weight to the back end.It can affect the aim if the selected spine isn’t properly placed.

Why Does Arrow Tip Weight Matter?

Arrow tip weight is a significant factor that affects the behavior of your bow performances. Here are some reasons:

Why Does Arrow Tip Weight Matter

Arrow Flexibility

Arrow tip weight affects the flexibility of the arrow. Don’t know how?

For example, you are using two arrows of the same length and stiffness to shoot, but the arrow tips’ weights are different, which will affect arrow flexibility.

Get clear with another example: 125-grain head would flex than 100gr head.

Bow Safety

The arrow tip weight greatly affects the safety of the bow. Want to know how?

If your arrow tip weight is less or higher than the recommended weight, the arrow will behave differently and lead to damage to your bow, such as cracking or breaking the limbs of the bow.

Arrow Flight

The weight significantly affects the flight of the arrow

For example,

A lighter can easily be affected by wind, and as a result, it can lead to erratic flight of the arrow. On the other hand, a heavier arrow may drop quickly.


The target archers prefer to use heavier points, but why?

A heavier grain point ( heavier broadhead such as 150 grain) is mainly preferred by the target archers because it can lead to better speed and a flatter trajectory than a 100-grain point.

Course Stability

Heavier arrow tips may tend to stay on course better than lighter arrow tips.

For example,

If you shoot two arrows at a time in a crosswind, the lighter one will be more affected by the wind.

However, the weight of the arrow tips is the essential factor that affects your arrow performance.

Here is a chart of different types of arrow tips with their recommended weight:

Types Of Arrow TipsRecommended Weight
Bullet Arrow Tips75 to 150 grains
Judo Points 100 and 125 grain
Field Tips100 to 120 grain
Grabbing Arrow TipsLight to midweight
Blunt Arrow TipsLight to midweight
Fishing Arrow TipsMid Weight
Combo Point TipsLight to midweight.
Pin Points Tips100 to 120 grains.
Bulge PointsLight to midweight.
Broad head Arrow Tips85 to 350 grains

Keep in mind that the weight of arrow tips can vary depending on the type of bow and your intended purposes.

You can think about the uses of judo points. Judo points are used only when hunting small game. In areas with thick undergrowth and tall grass, they are ideal for squirrels and birds. 

Safety Considerations When Adding Weight To Arrow Tips

 Adding weight to an arrow tips, you must follow these safety considerations:

Safety Considerations When Adding Weight To Arrow Tips
  • Dynamic spine: If you add weight to the arrow tips for your intended purpose, it can make the arrow spine weak.

For example, if you add 25 grains to the arrow tips, your spine will weaken by 2.5 pounds.

  • Weight distribution: If you add weight using weight tubes, it is distributed equally along the length of the arrow. As a result, minimal change happens in the dynamic spine.
  • Arrow Performance: The weight of the arrow can lead to erratic flight of the arrow. For example, adding weight to the front of the arrow can lead to a change in the dynamic spine as it changes the amount of force needed to push the arrow.
  • Safety of the equipment: if you add extra weight than the recommended weight, it can lead to erratic flight of the arrow. As a result, it will damage your bow and cause injury to you.

However, the wrong weight added to the arrow tip makes weaker arrow spine. As a result, the arrow behaves differently than usual, which influences your safety concerns. Always follow the arrow manufacturer recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What Is The Best Way To Add Weight To An Arrow?

The best way to add weight to an arrow is the screw-in weight method. In this method, you can change the weight of the tips easily.

Do Heavier Arrows Hit Harder?

Yes, generally, the heavier arrow possesses more momentum and kinetic energy. As a result, it hit the target harder.

What Arrow Weight Should I Shoot?

The ideal arrow weight depends on the draw weight of the bow and your specific needs. In general, for a 60 to 70-pound compound bow with 27 to 30 inches draw length, 420 to 450 grains of the arrow is effective for hunting.

Final Thoughts

In the end, how to add weight to arrow tip? It is crucial to add weight to the tips for those who are serious about hunting. It provides more momentum and kinetic energy. As a result, it helps to penetrate deep into the animal and make an ethical kill of the animal.

However, make sure to add the proper weight because correct arrows are essential for improving the accuracy and performance of the arrow. Overweight can lead to heavier arrows, which can not reach your target correctly.

I hope you got your answer, and that’s all for today!

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