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How Fast Do Arrows Travel? Is there something many wonder about? Bows and arrows have a rich history. Normally it is used for hunting, warfare, and sports. But determining an arrow’s speed isn’t easy. Every bow is unique, and every person likes different types of bow.

So, finding one standard speed for arrows from all these different bows- that’s very challenging! But one thing’s for sure: people will always be curious to know, “How Fast Do Arrows Travel?”

In general, modern bows are powerful. With the tech we have now, bows are way stronger. They can shoot arrows super fast, anywhere from 100 to 300 feet in just a second.

How Fast Do Arrows Travel

Thanks to modern technology this result is faster and more accurate shooting. It’s impressive how tech has improved archery.

However, that’s not the whole picture. Did you know that many factors, like the arrow’s weight and your archery skills, can change this Speed? 

Even two similar bows can have different speeds.

So, let’s dive in with me. Today I show you unravel the mysteries of how fast arrows really travel.

How Are The Faster Arrow Speed Measured?

When you buy a bow, you’ll often see its speed measured in FPS, which stands for feet per second. The box usually gives you a speed estimate, showing how fast the arrow might go.

But remember, this number is simply a ballpark figure. Why?

Because the makers might have tested the bow in perfect conditions, they might have used a strong 70 lb draw to get that Speed while you’re using a lighter arrows 40 lb. draw. 

So, always take that Speed with a grain of salt and consider your strength and technique!

Speed Of Arrows From Different Types Of Bows

The kind of bow you pick significantly affects how fast your arrow flies. Each has its unique speed range, from longbow arrows to recurve bows, compound bows, and crossbows, composite bows. 

Let’s go more in-depth-

Speed of arrows from different types of bows

1. Speed of Arrows from Longbows

These are the classic bows, simple and without any fancy gadgets. While they may not be the quickest, they undoubtedly have a tremendous effect. Depending on your longbow, the arrow can speed up to, or even beyond, 200 fps. It just goes to show that old-school can still keep up.

2. Speed of Arrows from Recurve Bows 

Regarding recurve bows, they have a speed edge over longbows. Thanks to their sleek design, they give the arrow a bit more zip.

On average, you’re looking at speeds from 190-220 fps with a recurve bow. 

But get this: some top-notch ones can push the wooden arrow even faster, sometimes hitting actual Speed over 240 fps.

That’s pretty cool.

3. Speed of Arrows from Compound Bows

The compound bow packs a real punch in the speed department. With their unique design using pulleys and cams, they can fly an arrow. 

Most of the time, you can expect higher speeds from 300-350 fps. 

But here’s the kicker: some high-end ones can zoom arrows out at a blazing 400 fps or even faster. 

Talk about speedy.

Speed of Arrows from Different Types of Bows

4. Speed of Arrows from Crossbows

Crossbow arrows bring some great speed to the table. Using mechanics like compound bows, they directly boost the arrow’s Speed. 

On average, you’re looking at rates from 300-350 fps. 

But hold onto your hat: some top-notch crossbow arrows can shoot arrows drop 450 fps or even faster. 

5. Speed Of Arrows From Red Arrows

Arrows shot from bows can fly super fast. Their Speed often depends on the bow and the archer’s strength.

Typically, arrows can zoom between an Ibo speed of 150 to 300 feet per second. Some unique bows even make hands go faster than 400 feet per second! 

This Arrows quicker than a race car at the start of a race.

Factors Influencing Arrow Speed

There are many factors influencing the fastest arrow speed.      

1. The Draw Weight Of The Bow

When you pull back harder on a bow, it can shoot the arrow faster. Think of it like this: if you use more force, the arrow gets more kinetic  energy. 

When it’s released, for every 10 pounds more you pull back, your arrow can go 10-20 feet faster in a second.

But here’s the thing: not everyone uses 70 pounds, the strongest bow and arrow set. 

So, if you’re using a bow with a 40-pound bow, your arrow will fly slower than the Speed shown on the label. Simple as that.

2. The Draw Length Of The Bow

Pulling the arrow back further on a bow gives it more power. This makes the arrow zip through the air faster when you let it go.

So, bows with longer pull-backs shoot faster arrows. On the other hand, bows with shorter pull-backs don’t send arrows flying as fast. In fact, for every inch you add or subtract in pull-back, the arrow’s Speed can change by about 10 feet per second.

Let’s put it in perspective: if you use a bow that pulls back 28 inches, your arrow might fly slower than the top Speed the bow promises. Just see how it works.

3. Total Arrow Weight & Balance

The arrow mass matters a lot when you shoot it. Heavier arrows fly more slowly, but they go straighter. 

On the other hand, lighter arrows speed up but might not always hit the mark. How an arrow balances, whether it’s heavier arrows in the front or the back, can change how far and straight it goes. 

So, the right balance and arrow weight can make a big difference in your arrow’s flight.

4. Length and Stiffness of the Arrow

Arrow length and stiffness affect how it flies. It’s important to know how to find the stiff side of an arrow, because long, stiff arrows usually fly faster than short and bendy ones. This is because they don’t change shape as much in the air.

But there’s a catch: long arrows might weigh more and wobble when they fly, while very stiffer arrows could break when they hit something. So, choosing the right arrow is all about balance. However ,there’s a catch: long arrows can be heavy and wobbly in flight. If you’ve ever wondered what happens if arrows are too long, consider that they may be less stable in the air.

5. Type of Arrowhead Used

The design and heaviness of the arrow tip matter when thinking about how fast the arrow goes and where it lands. 

For instance, the best hunting arrow tips, known as broadheads, are usually heavy arrows and don’t fly as quickly as practice tips or field points. 

Even though light arrow tips can make the arrow fly faster, they might not hit as hard. So, picking the right arrow tip depends on what you’re aiming for.

6. Power Stroke of the Bow

The power stroke is how far the bowstring moves from where it starts to when it’s pulled back. The arrow can go faster when the power stroke is longer because the bow has more force. 

But remember a longer power stroke means you need to pull the string back more, which can be more complex work for the person shooting the arrow. 

 The more you pull, the faster the arrow might go.

 7. Weather Conditions

Things like wind and temperature can change how an arrow flies. The wind might push the arrow to the side, making it miss its target. And if it’s too hot or cold, the bow and its string might also not work.

Tips:  Always watch the weather when you’re shooting arrows.

8. Altitude and Air Pressure

Air is thinner at higher altitudes, like on mountains. If you’re bringing arrows up to an elevated stand, remember that they may fly slower.

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So, if you’re shooting arrows at high places, remember the air might change how fast they go.

This is especially important to think about for significant archery events or hunting trips up high.

 9. Bow’s Quality and Efficiency

 A good bow can help you shoot arrows faster. But external factors, like shooting through mesh, can also affect how your arrows fly. So make sure you’re using the right equipment and techniques for the job. It’s all about what it is made of, its shape, and how well it’s built. Suppose someone makes the bow just the right things.

Your arrow gets a good push. So, if you want speedy arrows, pick a perfect bow.

10. String material and Tension

The bowstring’s material and tension affect how fast your arrow flies. Arrow accessories like a lumenok can also affect arrow flight , so choose your equipment wisely.

How Fast Do Arrows Travel To Kill A Deer?

For deer hunting, a fast and strong arrow is best. Your arrow should have strong force, even more than its speed, especially for long shots. 

So, even if your bow is slow, it’s the balance of speed and force in the arrow that counts.

How Fast Do Arrows Travel To Kill A Deer?

How Far Can a Fast-Moving Arrow Travel?

A hunting arrow from the compound’s bow can go 300-500 if shot upwards and around 150-250 yards on flat land. 

The world archery record for a heavier arrow’s distance is over 1,300 yards, but they used special gear for that.

How Far Can a Fast-Moving Arrow Travel?

How Fast Does An Arrow Travel Mph

An arrow’s speed can vary a lot based on the bow and arrow type. 

But typically, arrows from modern bows travel between 150 to 300 mph.

That’s super fast! The bow’s power and the archer’s skill both play a role in this speed.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Is Arrow Speed Important?

Arrow speed matters a lot. Why? Because when arrows go faster, they hit harder and go deeper. This makes them better for hunting or in fights. Also, faster arrows can go further and hit the target more accurately.

What Device Measures Arrow Speed?

To check how fast an arrow goes, you can use a tool called a chronograph or even a super-fast camera. On the other hand, with the fast camera, you can watch the arrow fly and figure out its Speed from the video.

How Can I Calculate Arrow Speed Without A Chronograph?

If you don’t have a chronograph, you can still estimate arrow speed with a simple method. Choose a specific distance to shoot the arrow( say 60 feet). When you release the arrow, start the stopwatch by  taking help from someone. Stop it as soon as the arrow hits the target. Finally, To find the arrow’s Speed, divide the distance (60 feet) by the time it took in seconds. This will give you the Speed in feet per second (fps).

Does Arrow Speed Affect Your Effective Range?

The bow, the design of the arrow, and the weather depend on how fast an arrow flies. To shoot faster, consider these factors. But remember, Speed isn’t everything; being safe and accurate matters most important.

How Does Draw Weight Affect Arrow Speed?

Pulling the bow harder makes the arrow go faster. But, you need more strength for a higher draw weight. So, the harder you pull, the quicker your arrow flies.

What Is A 350 Grain Arrow?

A 350-grain arrow is about the arrow’s weight. In archery, “grain” measures arrow weight. So, a 350-grain arrow weighs 350 grains, including all its parts.


In archery, the kind of bow you use, the design of the arrow, and the current weather really impact how fast do arrows travel.

A strong pull on the bow makes arrows fly faster, and tools can measure this Speed. 

To be great in archery, you must balance and understand all these factors.

I hope you now understand how fast arrows travel. To continue exploring archery tips, stay with archery magic.

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