Drop Away Arrow Rest Vs Whisker Biscuit [A Complete Guide]




When it comes to archery, the choice between a drop away arrow rest and a whisker biscuit can significantly impact your shooting experience.

The drop away arrow rest offers precise arrow clearance, enhancing accuracy by dropping out of the way upon release. On the other hand, the whisker biscuit provides reliable support by encasing the arrow in synthetic bristles. Now, the question comes, drop away arrow rest vs whisker biscuit: Which is better?

Drop Away Arrow Rest Vs Whisker Biscuit

Arrow Rest Vs Whisker Biscuit

In short, whisker biscuits arrow rest is better for novice archers. It is less expensive and reliable. It reduces the arrow speed for making complete contact with the arrow. Does drop away provide better accuracy and velocity? It is better to use in the cold season and is easy to use.

Yet, this is only part of the picture. To know the arrow rest feature, pros and cons, and shooting performance with your shooting style. So, Let’s dive into deep-

Key Takeaways

  • Drop away arrow rest provides no contact(minimal)with the arrow. Meanwhile, biscuits make full contact with the arrow. 
  • Whisker biscuits arrow rest is easy for beginners.Drop-away rest is best for accuracy and hunting in the icy cold.
  • There are many types of arrow rests. It depends on shooting style, intended shooting, reliability, and comfort.

Drop Away Arrow Rest Vs Whisker Biscuit

What Is A Drop Away Arrow Rest?

A drop-away rest is one type of arrow rest used in archery. It is a mechanism that supports the arrow on the bow until the moment of release. As the bowstring draws back, the arrow rest holds the arrow in place.

Cable-drive rest and limb-driven rest are the common types of drop-away rest.Yet, as you release the string, the rest drops away, allowing the arrow to fly without any contact with the rest.

Drop-away rest is that it minimizes any interference with the arrow’s flight. For less interference, improve your accuracy and arrow speed. Arrow rests are famous for their crucial precision when shooting in compound bows.

What Is A Whisker Biscuit?

In archery, an arrow rest known as a whisker biscuit is used. When releasing the arrow, it helps to hold it in place. A draw cycle was used to hold the arrow in place, and the arrow shaft was covered in bristles.

Particular to a compound bow is the whisker biscuit. Without getting in the way, it holds the arrow.

The arrow may now be properly aligned because this forms a cradle for it. As you pull back and release the bowstring, the arrow will pass through the bristles without making contact with them. Your arrow flight will improve and the probability of fletching damage is increased.

How Do They Work?

Drop-Away Rests :-

The drop-away rests will move away from the arrow when they are released.Before the release shot and throughout the draw, it supports the arrow.

The drop-away rest provides a lot of clearance for your arrow to fly when the bowstring is released. It reduces any disruption to your arrow flight.

Drop-away rest ensures a quick and smooth drop. It minimizes the risk of fletching damage and improves accuracy and arrow deflection.

Whisker Biscuits :-

Whisker biscuit creates an encircle surrounding the arrow shaft. It holds the arrow in place before releasing and preventing it from falling off. As a result, it provides initial support and guidance for the arrow.

Whisker biscuits are commonly known for their durability. It is a very popular arrow rest for guidelines. To handle rough conditions without sacrificing arrow support.

In short, drop-away arrow rests allow the arrow to move freely by dropping away after release. Whisker biscuits encircle the arrow to offer steady support during the shot. 

You can also think about how limb-driven vs cable-driven arrow rests work? Aiming to give arrow clearance by various mechanical methods, limb-driven arrow rests are activated by the movement of the bow’s limb during the shot. Cable-driven rests are triggered by the movement of the bow’s cables.

Yet, choosing between two arrow rests depends on your shooting style and preference.

Advantages And Disadvantages  

Drop Away Arrow Rests :-

Advantages And Disadvantages  of Drop Away Arrow Rest

There are many advantages and disadvantages of drop away arrow rest. Among the novices, a query arises-What are the advantages of drop away arrow rests?

Here are some pros and cons given below-

Minimum(No) contact with fletchingIt is more complex than other arrow rests. It can be challenging to set up.
Provides improved accuracyMore Expensive 
The drop away improves the fpsPoor option for novices who are new to hunting bow.
Offering forgiveness to your shooting positionTroubles with timing. 
A more suitable choice for the targeted practiceSome drop-away rest create noise problems 
In compound bow, it looks better.Complex maintenance 
No obstacle on the arrow to poor accuracyRisk of mechanical failure.

Whisker Biscuits :-

Advantages And Disadvantages Whisker Biscuit
Pros Cons
Best option for novices.Sometimes it reduces the arrow speed.
Outstanding reliability in the field.Not ideal for high speed bows
Very simple to comprehend and operateAt 40 yards or farther,accuracy declines
Reasonable priceArrow fletching issue.
No difference in accuracy at 40 yards or lessSome argue that,it looks unattractive on bows
Resistant to break and durableNot ideal for hunting in cold weather
Maintains an arrow in the containment boxFairly Flexible shooting position
Superior choice when hunting Sometimes tuning is challenging.

Key Differences 

Many bowhunters wonder: What are the critical differences between drop-away rest and whisker biscuit? Here are some key differences:

Whisker Biscuit Vs Drop Away Accuracy & Speed

Undoubtedly, drop away arrow rest provides better accuracy. The problem with the whisker biscuit is that it slows down the arrow speed slightly. You can lose 3 to 6 fps on your shots.

Are drop away rests more accurate? Drow away rest can contact 25 to 50 percent with the arrow due to its design and change. This reduces the effect of the drop-away rest on the arrow’s accuracy and velocity. 

Nothing comes into contact with the drop-away rest shooting. Which results in a more potent shot. But if you are well trained, both have the same lethal deadly effect. 

The whisker biscuit provides a slightly less accurate but not wholly accurate shot. This can’t be the reason for not using whisker biscuits.

Yet, the whisker biscuits lose feet per second for your arrow while dropping away gains.

Arrow Contact 

The Whisker biscuit arrow makes complete contact with the arrow. But, drop aways rest provides minimal contact with the arrow rest. It reduces friction and interference with the arrow flight.


The whisker biscuit is better in hunting scenarios due to its dependability. You can use whisker biscuits if you want to save your time for a mechanical failure. Drop-away biscuits can break mechanically easily. The biscuits are less likely to break mechanically.

Yet, the drop-away arrow rest performs best in a place like target practice. 

So, above is the key difference between drop-away rest and whisker biscuits.

Which Is Better: Whisker Biscuit Or Drop Away?

Some factors are given below to identify which is better between whisker biscuit and drop away.

Whisker Biscuit Or Drop Away Which Is Better

Speed And Accuracy 

Drop away arrow rest provides better speed and accuracy. You can lose 3 to 5 fps arrow speed in whisker biscuits arrows. According to Advanced hunter,

Drop Away Arrow Rest Vs Whisker Biscuit

Reliability :-

For whisker biscuits, dependability and simplicity will win every time. You can shoot equally just as you could with a drop away. But the accuracy will decrease as you go further. You can replace your whisker biscuit after hunting. 

So, drop Away was known for mechanical failure in the 1980s.

Forgiving :-

Using a whisker biscuit arrow rest, you can’t have proper alignment. It creates an arrow flight issue. In contrast, the drop-away won’t obstruct your shots as much.

It would help if you argued that you can adjust your drop away easily compared to the whisker biscuits.

Best For Novices :-

The biscuits hold the arrow firmly in position, making it easier to take shots.

The beginning will benefit from the biscuit’s full arrow containment for shots. It is less expensive and affordable for beginners. Yet, the drop-away is very expensive.

Cold Weather :-

There works an essential factor, whisker biscuit vs drop away for hunting. One thing is for sure: your arrow will have ten times more friction if the whiskers freeze. But you don’t want to worry about dropping away to hunt in the icy cold.

Ease Of Use :-

The bristles of the whisker biscuit can damage your arrow fletching. If you can’t install it correctly, drop away makes it far better for your arrow when installing. 

A question may pop up in your mind- what glue to use for arrow insert? There are many types of glue.To ensure a strong, secure bond for arrow inserts, use an arrow shaft epoxy glue specifically made for archery applications.

Here are some categories to judge which arrow rest is better:

CategoryDrop awayWhisker Biscuit
Accuracy SuperiorInferior 
Reliability InferiorSuperior 
Forgiving SuperiorInferior 
Easier on ArrowsSuperior Inferior 
Cold WeatherSuperiorInferior 
Best for NoviceInferior Superior 

How To Choose The Right Type Of Arrow Rest For Your Bow And Shooting Style?

There are different types of rest. Here describes how to choose the right arrow rest for your bow and shooting style.

How To Choose The Right Type Of Arrow Rest For Your Bow And Shooting Style

Whisker Biscuit

Pros: Holds the arrow securely and is suitable for bowhunting. 

Cons: Less accuracy, reduced arrow velocity. 

Drop-Away Rest

Pros: Provide more accuracy and minimal contact with the arrow.

Cons: It may need more tuning. 

Trophy Ridge whisker biscuits are almost the same as the whisker biscuits. This is not ideal for extremely fast bows.

Bow Type

Ensure arrow rest compatibility with your bow. Different arrow rests are designed for specific bow types.

Shooting Style

Consider your shooting style, like left-handed or right-handed. Consider your shooting for target practice, hunting, or competition. Match your bow’s specifications with your arrow.

If you want to hunt a lot, you can select biscuits. If you want to target shooting, you should select drop-away rest.


Determine your budget and select which is affordable for you. Whisker biscuits are reasonably priced.

Personal Preference 

Personal preference plays a crucial role in selecting the arrow rest. Choose the comfortable one for you.

Seek A Professional Guide

Consult with an expert archer for recommendations based on your specific needs.

Besides, if you ever think to remove the insert from the carbon arrow. Use a heat gun to melt any glue on an insert before gently twisting and pulling it out of the carbon arrow with pliers or an arrow puller.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Not To Use A Whisker Biscuit?

It loses fps and reduces accuracy at longer distances than 40 yards.

Is Whisker Biscuit Better Than A Drop Away Rest?

Yes, a whisker biscuit is better than a drop away for hunting a lot. It is reliable and better for the beginners.

How Long Will A Whisker Biscuit Last?

The biscuit should last for at least a few hunting seasons.

Can I Shoot A Whisker Biscuit With My Fingers?

Yes, you can shoot a whisker biscuit with your fingers.

Final Words

In short, your shooting style is more important than your selected arrow rest. There are advantages to both the drop away arrow rest and whisker biscuit.”Drop Away Arrow Rest Vs Whisker Biscuit” Which is better? You have got your answer. Right? If you hunt, you might use the whisker biscuit more. Depending on your personal shooting technique, you may select. Yet, many whisker biscuit archers argue that there is little difference in accuracy. Now it depends on your personal preference.

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