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Arrow rest is an essential part of archery. It is used to hold the arrows securely in place. It prevents the arrow from falling off during your shots. It helps to get improved shots with high accuracy and consistency.

Do you know why it is a common choice among the competitive archers? I want to tell you a story. A long time ago, my friends and I went hunting in the fields. One of my friends used a bow without an arrow rest. He wasn’t able to make a quick and successful hunt. Then he wanted to know do you need an arrow rest to make a successful hunt.

Do You Need an Arrow Rest.

Here is fact-

Arrow rest mainly offers high accuracy and consistency in shoots. You adjust them easily as your shooting styles. Various bow types are compatible with various kinds of arrow rests. Depending on your style of shooting, you can use some recurve bows without a rest.

This isn’t everything. To get more information about arrow rest, read this article.

What Is An Arrow Rest?

An arrow rest is an essential part of archery, which helps to hold the arrow in place during shooting.

You can think about its uses. It is used to hold the arrow in place throughout the entire shooting process until it’s fired. You can adjust the rest easily as your shooting style and easy to use.

What Is An Arrow Rest


The question is :

Do you need an arrow rest for archery? In general, I won’t suggest using an arrow for partice to field archery. 

But,  if you want to go for a hunt and want to make a quick and successful hunt, then it is essential to use it.

It gives your arrow a solid shooting platform. It helps to improve your accuracy and consistency in shots. As a result, you can make a successful hunt easily.

You wanna know do you need an arrow rest on a recurve bow?

Some recurve can be used without arrow rest. Bur Some recurve can be used without arrow rest. But I will advise you to use an arrow rest for improved accuracy in your shoots.

Do You Need An Arrow Rest?

The arrow is a crucial part of archery to hold the arrow securely with the bow during shooting. A bow with arrow rest offers you a better shoot and accuracy during hunting.

Do You Need an Arrow Rest

These are necessary when the arrow is not being helds by your hand. It helps to keep the arrow in place and prevents it from falling off the bow during the shot. 

It reduces the contact between the bow and arrow, and as a result, it allows for better arrow speed.

Without arrow rest, it can cause friction between the arrows and the bow and affect the arrow’s flight path.

In summary, it is essential for you if you want to hunt in the field; if you just want to use it for target practice, then there is no need to use it. It helps to increase your overall performance and make a successful hunt.

How To Use An Arrow Rest?

Here is the process to use an arrow rest:

  1. Install the arrow rest: Install the arrow rest on the bow as per the instruction provided by the company.
  2. Adjust the arrow rest: adjust the arrow rest to ensure that the arrow is level and in the correct position.
  3. Nock the arrow: Nock the arrow onto the bowstring. 
  4. Place the arrow: Place your arrow on the arrow rest.
  5. Draw the bow: Draw the bowstring back to your anchor point.
  6. Aim and shoot the arrow: Aim at your target and release the arrow.

You wanna know how far should the arrow extend past the rest. As a general rule, the arrow should be 1 inch past the rest.

The target archers were upgraded to drop away arrow rest to increase accuracy by reducing arrow fletching contact during each shot.

You can think about how to adjust a QAD drop away rest. Here is the process to adjust your arrow rest easily: 

  • Attach the rest to your bow and set the center shot.
  • Then, measure three or four inches below the rest.
  • Carefully and loosely attach the provided clamp.
  • Draw back the bow slowly, either by hand or in a press.
  • Slide the cord into the right position.
  • Secure it or insert the remaining cord into the string.

When Should I Move My Arrow Rest?

An arrow rest is a small device that holds the arrow in place until it is shot. It is necessary to tune the arrow rest properly to ensure that it holds the arrow securely. The tuning process involves adjusting the arrow rest’s height, center shot, and a protrusion for both compound and recurve bow.  

When Should I Move My Arrow Rest

If you notice that your arrows are falling to the left of the centerline on the target. You should move your arrow rest to the right and vice versa. 

If the arrow is positioned down, you should move the arrow rest up. If the arrow is positioned up, you should move the arrow rest down. If the arrow is positioned up or down very extremely, you need to change the position of your D-loop.

In summary, you should move your arrow rest when you notice that your arrows are not hitting the target accurately. 

Where Should The Arrow Rest Be?

Here are the points to keep in mind when positioning an arrow rest:

  • The arrow rest should be installed square to the bow’s arrow shaft.
  • The knocking height on the string should be established such that the arrow and the relaxed string form 90-degree angles on the top and bottom of the arrow.
  • The arrow rest should be adjusted to ensure that the arrow is not too close or too far from the bowstring.
  • The arrow rest should be adjusted to ensure that the arrow is not too high or too low on the bowstring.

Remember, the position can vary depending on your specific bow and arrow as well as your personal preference.

What Happens If You Stretch A Bow Without An Arrow?

When a bow is stretched without an arrow, it is called dry firing. Dry firing can cause the bow to vibrate intensely, which can damage the bow’s components over time.

The energy stored in the bow’s limbs has nowhere to go. The energy vibrates powerfully throughout all parts of the bow, through the limbs, through the riser, and, if you are using compound bows, through the cams.

This can cause the bow to weaken over time if it is dry-fired too often. It also is not good for the upkeep of the bow. So, from my experience, I have never been recommended to stretch a bow without an arrow.

What Are The Different Types Of Arrow Rest?

Nowadays, various types of arrow rests are available on the market. But all arrow rest isn’t compatible with your arrow rest. Each type of bow has its own type of arrow rest. Let’s see which is better for you.

Compound Bow Rest

So, do you need an arrow rest on a compound bow? Yes, to ensure precise and accurate shooting with a compound bow, the arrow rest must be strong enough to handle the force released by the cables. 

Compound bows use the most modern technology, so the compound bow arrow rests are different than any other bows. Three types of arrow rest for compound bow are found to be used in archery.

Launcher Rest

It is the most basic type of arrow rest and is made of two prongs or a single blade rest that sticks up to support your arrow. 

The main function of this rest is to minimize contact with the arrows, and it is mostly used for target archery. If you are a hunter and like to shoot at odd angles, then it will be a better choice for you.

Containment Arrow Rest

Another term for it is a whisker biscuit rest, and its purpose is to hold the arrows inside a housing or cage. 

If you are a novice archer, this rest will be ideal for you as it keeps the arrow from falling off and makes a successful shot possible. They are better suited for hunting than they are for precise accuracy.

Drop-Away Rest

These types of arrow rest are the most technically advanced and offer the highest level of accuracy. As a result, it is very popular among competitive and experienced archers.

When it is fired from the bow, it flies without making any interference and reduces the chances of fletching contact. It provides improved accuracy and arrow speed. Be sure that there are two types: limb-driven and cable-driven.

Recurve Bow Rest

These are traditional bows, and they have no cable system. Mainly four types of recurve arrow rest are used in archery.

Shelf Rest 

These are the simplest rests, and they have a small flat surface, which is located just above the grip where the arrow is placed.

The traditional archers used are mostly, and if you have feather fletching, then it is best for you to shoot accurately.

Stick-On Rests

These types of rest are easy to install and affordable. So, it is a great choice for beginners. It is attached to the bow with adhesive.

If your recurve isn’t drilled to accept a screw-in rest, then I will suggest you use these types of rest. These can be used with either vanes or feathers.

Screw-In Rest

This is a step up from the stick on rest for recurve bows, which offer more firm and secure support for the arrow. 

They are as like as screws and can be tightened onto the bow. As a result, it helps to hold firmly.

You can also use a magnetic arrow rest. It uses a small magnet to pull the arm back to the rest position. Magnetic rests are also commonly used by the archers.

You can think about should I get a plastic or metal arrow rest? Both of them are effective. Generally, metals are heavier, and plastic arrow rest are cost effective. But metals are suggested to be used for their durability.

However, the choice depends on your personal preference and shooting style.

Pros and Cons Of Different Types Of Arrow Rest

Here is a table that summarizes the pros and cons of some of the most common types of arrow rests:

Types of Arrow Rest ProsCons
Shelf Rest Simple and inexpensive.Not suitable for all types of bows.
Strick of RestAffordable and easy to install.Not as durable as other types of rests.
Screw-In restDurable and accurate.More complex and expensive than other types of rest.
Launcher RestMinimal contact to reduce friction, and mostly used for target archery.Not recommended for bowhunting since during hunting, you’ll likely have to shoot from odd angles.
Containment RestGreat for beginners, it prevents the arrow from falling off.It is not as accurate as the launcher arrow rest due to more contact with the arrow and fletching.
Drop-Away RestProvides maximum clearanceMore complex and expensive than other types of rests.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can You Shoot A Bow Without A Rest?

Yes, you can shoot, but I won’t suggest you shoot a bows without rest because it leads to damage to your bow and arrows. It also impacts your accuracy in shoot.

Does Arrow Rest Affect Accuracy?

Obviously, a well adjusted arrow rest will help you to get proper arrow flight and speed, which lead to improved accuracy in your shots.

How Does An Arrow Rest Work?

An arrow rest supports the arrow before release. Types include containment and drop away rests. Containments holds the arrow, and drop away clears for clean release, reducing arrow friction and enhancing accuracy.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, do you need an arrow rest? An arrow rest is an essential piece of equipment in archery.If you are serious about hunting then it is essential for you. An arrow rest offers improved accuracy and provides safety. To make a successful hunt it is essential for you. It is mostly used by Olympic archers.

It prevents them from falling off the arrow from the bow during shoots and provides safety. Different types of arrow rests are compatible with different types of bows. Be aware of your safety concerns.

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