Can You Shoot Carbon Arrows From A Recurve Bow? [Things You Must Know]




A long time ago, one of my friends was very fascinated by archery, but he didn’t even use a carbon arrow with the recurve bow.

We were taking some skills from my grandfather, who was a renowned archer. He saw us carbon arrows to use. Then, my friend asked him- Can you shoot carbon arrows from a recurve bow?

He answered-

Can You Shoot Carbon Arrows From A Recurve Bow.

Carbon Arrows From A Recurve Bow

Yes, a carbon arrow can be shot from a recurve bow. Carbon arrows with recurve bows are well known for their exceptional characteristics. These are lighter in weight, more durable, and can be used for any purpose, such as hunting, shooting, or competition.

This isn’t everything. If you are excited to know the shooting process, arrow types suitable for recurving, and the things that should be considered, Check out the following section to get a detailed answer-

Key Takeaways

  • Carbon arrows can be shot with a recurve bow and these offer the best accuracy during shoot.
  • Carbon arrows are lightweight, strong and provide the best durability though it is more expensive than other arrows.
  • There are various things to consider when choosing carbon arrows for a recurve bow such as draw length, arrow length, material, etc.

Can You Shoot Carbon Arrows From A Recurve Bow?

Yes, You can shoot carbon arrows from a recurve bow. A bow type with curved tips at either end is called a recurve bow. These are very renowned for their exceptional performance characteristics. This is just like shooting regular arrows in a crossbow. So, if you can use a crossbow, then you can use this too.

Can You Shoot Carbon Arrows From A Recurve Bow

These are lightweight and strong and provide improved performance. Therefore, these are excellent for target shooting, competition, and hunting. So, even if you ask about can you use carbon arrows with compound bow? The answer would be the same. the carbon arrows are commonly used with compound bows

Some archers also use carbon arrows with recurve bow for bowhunting, field, and 3D archery.


When you choose carbon arrows for your recurve bow, make sure that they properly match the spine arrow and length for optimal performance and safety. This will ensure better accuracy and consistency in the shot. These are suitable for all purposes, and make sure that the arrow spine rating is compatible with the bow’s draw weight.

How To Shoot Carbon Arrows From A Recure Bow?

Here is the basic guide to shooting carbon arrows from a recurve bow. This guide aims to provide you with a basic, step-by-step layout so that when you take out your first recurve bow and try to shoot it, you won’t end up scratching your head. Before you begin, make sure that your arrow and recurve bow are perfect for shooting.

How To Shoot Carbon Arrows From A Recure Bow
  • Step 01:Positioning
  • Step 02: Preparing For The Shot
  • Step 3: Draw The Bow
  • Step 05: Take Aim and Shoot

Step 01:Positioning

As you position yourself for the shot, Make sure your legs are about shoulder-width apart. Ensure that your hips, torso, and entire body are positioned perpendicularly to the direction you wish to go. After placing a carbon arrow on the rest and nocking it, raise the bow especially if you are shooting downhill.

Step 02: Preparing For The Shot

As you raise the recurve bow, make sure your bow arm is straight and locked at the elbow and that it is about shoulder height.

Instead of clenching the bow in your hand, Pull the string while allowing the bow to press against and into the inside of your palm. And then:

  • You have kept down your shoulders.
  • You are not rotating the elbow of your bow arm so that the string strikes it when you release.
  • Your head is tuned towards your target, and the rest of your body should be perpendicular to the target.

Now, pull the string about halfway through and take note of the above.

Step 3: Draw The Bow

The string should be pulled all the way to the corner of your mouth. (The place where your string hand should be is directly below your jawline.) Your back muscles are much stronger than your arm muscles. So, when pulling, use them to do most of the work instead of using your arm muscles (biceps, triceps, etc.).

Step 05: Take Aim and Shoot

After that, determine your dominant eye. Now, aim at the target with your dominant eye and keep the other eye closed.

Now, Release the string by just letting it slip out of your fingers once you are certain the carbon arrow is aimed at your intended target.

Don’t jerk the string; neither will it show an abrupt release. It is also a significant factor in getting the perfect accuracy that you have to remain motionless until your carbon arrows hit the target.

N.B: When releasing the string, it is essential to maintain a relaxed hand. Jerking the string can lead to erratic flight of the arrow.

What Type Of Arrows Are Best For Recurve Bow?

Now you know you can shoot carbon arrows from a recurve bow. But is that the only arrow that is suitable for a recurve bow? Of course not! Here are some best types of arrows for recurve bow:

What Type Of Arrows Are Best For Recurve Bow
  • Carbon Arrows: These are versatile, as I previously mentioned. Carbon shafts and arrows are used for target shooting, field archery, and hunting. These are also known for their lightweight, speed, and penetration ability. The archers mostly use these for recurving bows.

For example, the Tiger Archery 30Inch arrows are the best carbon arrows for recurve bow.

  • Aluminum Arrows: Can you shoot aluminum arrows with a recurve bow?

These are durable and heavier than carbon arrows. These are highly matched arrows because of their weight, straightness, and stiffness. Aluminum shaft arrows are suitable for recurve bow target shooting.

  • Wooden Arrows: These are traditional archery arrows and have been used for centuries with recurve bow. The traditional archers mostly use these. They provide an authentic and nostalgic feel that is unmatched by modern materials like fiberglass or carbon. These are less durable and accurate than modern arrows.
  • Fiberglass Arrow: It is also commonly used with a recurve bow. As they are cheaper, it is a good choice for beginners. But these don’t offer the same level of performance and safety as carbon and aluminum arrows

However, each of them has advantages and disadvantages. All of them are suitable for recurving bows. Choose one of them depending on your specific needs and personal preferences.

Bow Specifications To Consider To Use An Arrow

When you purchase a bow to use carbon arrows for the first time, it is essential to know the bow’s specifications. Understanding the bow specification makes it easier to consider using an arrow:

Bow Specifications To Consider To Use An Arrow

Bow Handedness

It is very crucial to know whether the bow is left or right-handed. It is the most basic specification. Don’t understand why?

Well, let’s see with an example: If your dominant hand is your right hand, you must hold the bow in your left hand and have to aim your right eye. 

Likewise, If you are a left-handed archer, you have to hold the bow with your right hand and aim at the target with your left eye.

Arrow Speed

It is measured in feet per second (FPS). The more the fps number, the more your arrow will fly properly. Bow manufacturers give them ATA or IBO on the bow package that you want to buy.

ATA refers to the Archery Trade Association, and IBO refers to International bowhunting organizations. So, it is a very crucial part to consider for your specific needs( Hunting or target shooting).

Mass Weight

It is the weight of your bow without any other components. But why you will consider it, right? The bows, which are heavy arrows in weight, lead to more stability, making them easier to use when focusing on a target.

It also helps to minimize the noise. A heavier arrow is perfect, but too heavy an arrow shaft can lead to fatigue in your muscles because it places a lot of stress on your muscles. 

You can use a lighter bow. If you want more weight, you can also add it after purchasing it. Lighter arrows with higher GPI are suitable for speed and longer-range shooting.

Bow Length

There are various lengths of bows available in the market. Bow length is measured from the bottom axle center to the center of the top axle.

Shorter bows are more maneuverable and perform better when shooting in small areas. Because of the sharp point at full draw of the string, shooting a short bow with your fingers will be more challenging. 

On the contrary, For target shooters and hunters who want more forgiveness or stability when shooting at longer ranges, longer bows usually perform better.

Draw Length

It refers to how far a bow is pulled back. The draw length depends on your size. Most of the bows give access to adjust the draw length so that you can adjust the length to suit you.

The bow gives a range of length adjustments. So, it is crucial to consider because choosing a bow that doesn’t support your draw length affects your accuracy and overall performance.

Draw Weight

Generally, it is measured in weight. It is the amount of force to pull your specific bow. Manufacturers provide the symbol on the package.

Isn’t it clear? Let’s break down with an example: If you need a 50-pound draw weight, you will find a 50# symbol on the package. Make sure that there are differences between compound bows and recurve bows.


Let-off is the term used to describe the decrease in holding weight at full draw. It is calculated as a percentage of your total draw weight. 

At full draw, a 50-pound draw weight with a 75% let-off would only weigh 12.5 pounds. As a result, an archer can shoot a bow with great power while only holding a small portion of its weight, enabling it to aim more precisely. So, must consider it to choose a bow.

Brace Height

The distance between the string and the bow grip’s deepest point is referred to as the brace height.

If you’re thinking about going with a modern compound bow, The manufacturer will determine the brace height. These settings let you get the most out of your bow, so you shouldn’t change them. 

While manufacturers will offer recommendations, it is ultimately your responsibility to determine the ideal brace height when selecting a recurve or longbow. It is crucial to consider because a shorter brace height leads to more arrow speed, whereas a longer leads to less speed of the arrow.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Using Carbon Arrows For a Recurve Bow?


  • Carbon arrows are more durable than other types of arrows.
  • These provide consistent straightness.
  • They offer more accuracy in the shot.
  • They are usually safer to use.


  • These are more expensive than other types of arrows.
  • It forms sensitivity.
  • Carbon arrows are not compatible with all bows.
  • If you want to find the carbon arrows, you can’t. As a result, lost arrows.

Things To Consider While Choosing Arrows For Recurve Bow

Here are some considerations for choosing an arrow for a recurve bow:

  • Draw Length: Consider your draw length. It is the measurement of how far you pull your bowstring back. 

It can be calculated if your arms are wide, parallel to the floor, and measuring the distance between the tips of your middle finger in inches. Then divide this number by 2.5

  • Arrow Length: It is very crucial because it totally depends on your draw length. For example, if your draw length is 28 inches, the arrow length will be 30 inches( 1 to 2 inches longer).
  • Arrow Material: It affects the durability of the arrow and its flight path. The commonly used materials are carbon, aluminum, and wood.
  • Arrow Spine: The draw weight of your bow, the length, weight, and the tips of the arrow will all affect the spine of an arrow. The lower the number, the more stiffer the arrow spine. You can use an arrow chart for easy understanding.
  • Arrow Weight: It depends on your specific needs. If you want to go hunting, it will be better to choose heavier arrows and vice versa for practice shooting.
  • Fletching, Arrow type, and Nock system: You must consider this when choosing an arrow for your recurve bow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can You Shoot Normal Arrows Out Of A Recurve?

Yes, you can shoot it. But the type of arrow depends on your specific recurve bow and its weight.

Can You Shoot Carbon Arrows From A Longbow?

You can shoot, but carbon arrows are not the best choice to shoot with a long bow because of their higher stiffness.

Are Recurve Bows Powerful?

An arrow can travel with more energy and speed when using a recurve bow because it stores and releases energy more effectively than a straight-limbed bow of the same length.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above discussion was helpful for you, and you have got a clear vision of Can you shoot carbon arrows from a recurve bow? The carbon arrows are suitable with a recurve bow. Carbon arrows are lighter arrows in weight and offer the best accuracy with the recurve bow.

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