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Have you ever wondered What are the best arrow tips for birds? This is a common query among the bird hunters.

Various types of bird hunting arrow heads are available depending on bird species. Some of them are most effective for small bird hunting. Some of them are effective for hunting large bird species. An accurate arrow tip leads to proper accuracy and overall performance. So, which are the best bird hunting arrow tips?

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Bird hunting arrow tips depend on various factors, including the bird species type and skill level. So, for versatility and accuracy, consider broadheads and small game points. For arrow retrieval and humane kill, consider JUDO points and bird blunt tips. Sometimes, bow fishing points can be used near water.

Core Findings of this Article is:

  • Arrow tips are used mainly for bird hunting. Different types of arrow tips are available depending on bird species.
  • Choosing the right arrow is essential for improved accuracy and ethical hunting.
  • 350 to 400 grains is suitable for bird hunting. For small birds,350 to 400 grains is enough to kill.

This is not everything. To get more information and for successful bird hunting, read more. So let’s dive into deep-

Most Effective Bird Hunting Arrow Tips

Arrow tips are used mainly for bird hunting. Various types of bird-hunting arrowheads are available in the market. Here are the most effective bird-hunting arrow tips discussed:

Most Effective Bird Hunting Arrow Tips

Bullet Arrow Tips

These bird arrow tips resemble bullets and are ideal for hunting small animals. Bullet arrow tips can easily pierce through the bird upon impact.

Blunt Tips

These types of tips lack a sharp or pointed edge. Blunt tips are designed to kill birds upon impact without causing large damage to the meat. Blunt tips are typically used for bird hunting. These tips’ penetration ability is less and reduces the risk of damaging the meat.

Blunt tips can easily pierce through the target upon impact. These types of tips offer quick and humane killing. Most ethical hunters focus on blunt tips. These are used for small animal hunting, including birds, rabbits, and squirrels. Also, maintaining the arrow carries guidance, too.

Grabbing Arrow Tips[JUDO Tips]

These types of tips have sharp wire springs protruding from the sides. The spring of the judo tips grab onto the skin of the bird and small animal without piercing. Judo tips are best for hunting small animals and vegetation or wooden areas. Thus, they prevent the arrow from getting lost.

Field Arrow Tips

These are only the variations of the bullet points. These have a shoulder structure just before the sharp end. Field trips are designed to prevent an arrow from getting stuck in the animal’s body. These types of tips are easier to remove. Field arrow tips are ideal for small game animals hunting, including birds. It may also be used for foam target practice.

Bird Points

Bird points are specifically designed for bird hunting. It has a small diameter. This design reduces the risk of damaging the bird meat. It still provides enough stopping power.

Remember to select the right arrow tips for bird hunting. As an ethical hunter, you should respect birds and other wildlife.

How To Choose The Right Arrow For Bird Hunting?

Choosing the right arrow for bird hunting tips involves several factors. These include your bird type, specific boe setup, and local regulations. Before going for bird hunting, know about the local laws in this area. Ensure that bird hunting with a bow is legal and know about restrictions. Here is a guideline to choose the right arrow for bird hunting:

How To Choose The Right Arrow For Bird Hunting

Identify The Bird Species

Depending on the bird species, it may require different arrow types. The first step is to identify the bird species you want to hunt. Bird species influence your choice of arrow and broad heads.

Arrow Spine

The spine of an arrow refers to the stiffness of the arrow. Matching the arrow spine with your specific Bow’s draw weight and shooting style is essential. The arrow’s spine is measured by suspending a 1.94-pound weight precisely in the center of the shaft. The shaft is suspended over a 28-inch gap.

A correct arrow spine ensures that the arrows flex appropriately during release. It also improves accuracy.

Draw Weight And Length

The draw weight and length are essential for proper accuracy and arrow flight. They need to suit your specific Bow. You can use  250 grains to broadhead for better penetration to the large bird species.

Arrow Material

Arrows are made from carbon, aluminum, or both of them. Carbon arrows are trendy for durability and consistent performance. Aluminum arrows are also commonly used by most of the archers. So, choose an arrow material that suits your preference and budget.

Arrow Length And Accuracy

Arrow length is very crucial for proper arrow flight. So, the arrow length should be matched with your draw length and type of hunting. An arrow that is too short or too long can affect accuracy. So, choose the right arrows that consistently perform well in accuracy.

Arrow Weight

Arrow weight is essential for proper arrow flight and penetration. For effective bow hunting,two-hole penetration is vital to achieve. The minimum arrow weight, including the broadhead, is around 350 grains.

Arrow Diameter

In recent years, smaller-diameter arrows have gained popularity. So, consider the bird species that you want to hunt. Smaller diameter offers better penetration and accuracy due to reduced wind resistance.

Specific Needs

Choose your arrows based on the kind of bird hunting you plan to undertake. Use a Zwickey Judo Point or a 100-grain G5 Small Game Heads for upland birds on the ground. These are helpful tips for bird-watching. Use 100-grain screw-in tips for carbon arrows. Use 135-grain glue-on game tips for traditional wooden shafts.


Select a broadhead that is designed for bird hunting. Various types of blade archery broadheads, including sharp broadheads and expandable broadheads, are available for hunting. JUDO points and blunt points are the popular choices for bird hunting. This type of arrow tip offers ethical and humane killing.

In summary, a 100-grain broadhead weight is suitable for bird hunting. choose the right arrow that suits your shooting style. Consider your hunting purpose and desired performance.

Is There Any Specific Arrow Weight Requirement For Brid Hunting?

Arrow weight plays a significant role in bird hunting. What arrow for bird hunting? So, Here are some discussions about arrow weight requirements for bird hunting. Let’s delve into the specifics:

Optimal Arrow Weight

During bird hunting, consider arrows weighing between 350 and 450 grains. This includes the broadhead or field point. This weight range achieves the balance between penetration and accuracy. Depending on bird species, choose suitable grains that are ideal for hunting.


A proper weight arrow can lead to better penetration and an easy hunt. A heavy arrow provides more kinetic energy and better penetration. Lighter arrows may lack the necessary kinetic energy. They may not pass through feathers, skin, and bone effectively due to a lack of momentum. However, excessively heavy arrows can lead to poor accuracy and erratic arrow flight.

Feathered Animal

Using lighter arrows in the 350–400 grain range is appropriate for small birds. These include bird species, doves, and quail. They don’t penetrate too deeply and offer enough kinetic energy.

Waterfowl And Turkeys

When hunting larger birds like geese, ducks, or turkeys, consider arrows in the 400 to 450 grains. These heavier arrows ensure better penetration through more rigid feathers and bones.

Bow Draw Weight

A Bow’s draw weight influences the arrow selection for bird hunting. So, match your arrow with your specific Bow. A higher draw weight requires slightly heavier arrows for optimal performance.

Yet, you need to to focus on your individual preferences and shooting style. So, take some experiments and find one that fits with you and offers the best work.

What Is The Best Arrow For Bird Hunting?

The best arrow for bird hunting depends on many factors. These include the type of birds you want to hunt, shooting style, and personal preferences. Here are some:

Carbon arrows are very popular with hunters. They are durable, perform consistently, and are lightweight. Carbon shafts arrow offer adequate accuracy and are suitable for various bird species.

What Is The Best Arrow For Bird Hunting

Feather Fletching: Instead of plastic vanes, consider feather fletching. Especially when shooting up close, feathers offer excellent stability and are less noisy during flight.

Spined Matched Arrows: Make sure the arrow spine matches your Bow’s draw weight. These types of arrows provide better arrow flight consistency and accuracy. Thus, it makes it easy to hunt the bird species.

Broadheads: These are a versatile and successful tool for bird hunting. Their razor-sharp blades cut deeply when they strike something. Mechanical broadheads open up upon impact with the target. Fixed-blade broadheads offer superior penetration. Select what best suits your hunting style.

For larger birds like waterfowl or Turkeys, choose the broadheads designed explicitly for bird hunting. The cutting diameter of these broadheads is customized to cut through feathers and bones.

JUDO Tips: JUDO tips are excellent because their wire spring prevents the arrow from getting lost in vegetation or grass. These are very helpful for bird hunting.

Weight Consideration: Choose the arrows from 350 to 450 grains. The lighter arrows are typically suitable for small bird species and slightly heavier ones for larger bird species.

However, the best arrow for bird hunting depends on the above factors. Keep in mind to practice your chosen arrows to build accuracy and consistency.

How Do You Prepare Your Arrow For Bird Hunting?

Arrow preparation involves various essential factors for bird hunting to ensure accuracy, effective performance, and safety. Here are some steps:

How Do You Prepare Your Arrow For Bird Hunting

Inspect Arrow: Inspect the arrow carefully for cracks, splinters, or other damage. Role each arrow on a flat surface to examine the bend. Straight arrows may fly accurately.

Appropriate Arrow Length: Cut the arrow according to your draw length. Ensure they are long enough to clear the arrow rest and not too short to avoid finger pinch.

Insert And Nocks: Check the insert is installed correctly. Attach nocks securely to the back end of the arrow shaft. Ensure they are appropriately aligned.

Fletching and Tuning:

  1. Fletch your arrows with feathers or vanes, and use a fletching jig to apply glue.
  2. Attach ¾ fletch correctly.
  3. Check the proper tuning through paper tuning and Bare-shaft tuning.
  4. Adjust if necessary.

Broadheads: Choose the correct tips for your hunting purpose, such as bird hunting. Ensure the tips are sharp enough for hunting. You may use field points that mimic the weight distribution of broadheads.

Practice: Practice regularly to get the best arrow flight and accuracy.

Remember, a well-prepared arrow offers improved accuracy. It also leads to a successful shot placement in bird hunting.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What Is The Best Arrow Tip For Hunting?

JUDo Tip is the best arrow tip for bird hunting.

What Is The Best Speed For Hunting Arrow?

An ideal speed for a hunting arrow is 260 to 300 fps. This speed provides balance, accuracy, and penetration.

Is A Heavier Arrow Better For Hunting?

Yes, heavier arrows provide better penetration and stability. As a result, they are effective for bird hunting.

Final Words

Hunting arrow tips are essential for successful bird hunting. An appropriate arrow tip is necessary for improved accuracy and overall performance. Hunters use different types of arrow tips depending on bird species. So, Which is the best bird hunting arrow tips?

The answer is quite tricky because of the different bird species. I have already discussed the above. Be aware of your safety concerns.

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