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Are you looking for the best small diameter hunting arrows for this 2024 hunting season? You’re in the right place.

I’ve made a list of top picks for all budgets.

Best Small Diameter Hunting Arrows

Small Diameter Hunting Arrows

  1. Easton 5mm Axis
  2. Black Eagle X Impact
  3. Victory RIP XV Xtreme Velocity Elite
  4. Gold Tip Hunter XT
  5. Easton Axis 4mm F.M.J.

Small-diameter hunting arrows excel in penetration, minimize wind drift, and ensure quiet shots. Brands like Easton and Black Eagle offer top choices in 2024, but consider weight, straightness, and personal preference for a successful hunt.

When I first started bow hunting, I didn’t think much about arrows. But the more I hunted, the more I saw the value of using small-diameter arrows. Why? Because they cut through the wind better, go deeper into targets, and fly quietly.I always test new arrows, so keep checking back for updates.

When You are choosing arrows, consider how heavily or lightly curved spine arrows are.

There are many factors to consider when buying a right arrow, especially when you belong to 2024.  Let’s uncover the mystery.


  • Many hunters like small arrows from brands like Easton and Black Eagle because they fly straight, go deep into targets, and are quiet. They work really well when it’s windy or for shots that are far away.
  • These thin arrows are good but might cost more. When picking them, think about how heavy they are, if they’re straight, and what animals you’re hunting.
  • It’s important to keep arrows safe. Always check them to see if they’re broken and know how heavy they are. Using arrows of different weights can change how they fly.

Best Small Diameter Hunting Arrows

In 2024, bowhunters will have many arrow choices, especially thin ones. Here are the top 5 Small diameter hunting arrows this year:

Easton 5mm Axis

Most bowhunters want one simple, all-purpose arrow. The Easton 5mm Axis is a top choice. It’s strong, not too heavy or light, and is priced well. It’s great for close or long shots and for hunting different animals. I’ve used it, and its performance is consistent. Paired with Iron Will collars, it lasts long!

Best Long Range Arrow: Black Eagle X Impact

Every place has unique hunting needs. In my home, Pennsylvania, short shots in thick woods are common. But out West, long shots are the norm. In archery competitions, how many arrows are shot in a round? A round is a series of shots taken from a specific distance. 

The X-Impact arrow by Black Eagle is super straight and thin, making it great for long shots. It’s made of light carbon, but not too light. This means it flies straight, even in the wind. Black Eagle even lets you add arrow weight to its tip for better aim. It’s the top arrow in my book!

Best Lightweight Arrow: Victory RIP XV Xtreme Velocity Elite

Bowhunters like me often seek speed, especially when aiming at quick animals from a distance. The RIP XV arrow by Victory is perfect for this. It’s super light, which means it’s super fast. Unlike other light arrows, it’s also tough and won’t easily break.

The arrow is slim, which helps with speed and accuracy. It is important to have the good arrow speed for hunting a deer to penetrate the deer’s hide and vital organs. The speed of the arrow will depend on the weight of the bow and the weight of the arrowhead

Its special coating lets it fly smoothly and pierce deeply. Plus, it’s made so straight that it ensures a good shot every time. What I love most is its unique Shok Outsert that protects the arrow tip so it lasts longer. It’s a game-changer for hunters!

Best Hunting Arrow for the Money: Gold Tip Hunter XT

For bowhunters like me on a budget, finding a quality arrow without emptying our wallets is a win. The Gold Tip Hunter XT proves you don’t need to spend big to get great arrows. It is a standard size, perfect for any hunt. Its straightness is on point; I’ve never seen them wobble when tested.

What I appreciate most is its toughness. I’ve watched many fellow hunters use these, and they withstand a lot. They fit most hunting tips and don’t cost much. If you’re looking for value for money, this arrow is your best bet! 

Best Heavy Arrow: Easton Axis 4mm F.M.J.

If you’re hunting big game, you’ll want a powerful arrow that goes deep. I’ve always believed in the saying: it’s better to be hit by a pencil than a telephone pole. Easton F.M.J. arrows are a favorite among hunters. These arrows combine carbon and aluminum, giving strength and weight.

Weighing 11.7 grains per inch, it’s heavy and guarantees deep penetration. Plus, its slim design helps it slice through the air and target. For reliable shots, Easton F.M.J. is the way to go!

Are Small-Diameter Arrows Better?

Small  thin arrows, known as small-diameter arrows, like the Easton Axis and Black Eagle, are better for hunting. They go through targets more easily and are less affected by wind. These arrows have a smaller surface, so they slide into the target with less resistance.

Are small-diameter arrows better

In windy conditions, small-diameter arrows drift less to the side. This is especially important for Western hunters. Using these arrows with smaller feathers or vanes reduces wind drift even more and makes them quieter when flying.

These arrows also maintain their speed better over long distances, giving them more power for deeper penetration. Lastly, I said small-diameter arrows are the best choice for hunters. It improves shooting performance when you hunt animals.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Small-Diameter Hunting Arrows


  • Better Penetration: Reduced resistance due to smaller shaft diameter increases penetration.
  • Reduced Wind Drift: Less sideways drift in crosswinds compared to larger-diameter arrows
  • Smaller Fletching: Requires less fletching to spin, reducing the arrow’s total surface area.
  • Better Downrange Velocity: It maintains speed better over distance. And it leads to more kinetic energy and better penetration.
  • Precision and Consistency: Due to tight tolerances and uniformity from brands like Easton Axis.


  • Costly: Tight tolerances and special materials can make them more expensive.
  • Durability Concerns: It might not be as robust as broader shafted arrows, like the traditional aluminum arrow.
  • Grip Issues: The smaller diameter can be challenging to grip for some, possibly affecting the shot
  • Potential Lack of Power: This may not provide the required impact for larger game animals compared to heavier arrows.
  • Not Always Beginner-Friendly: Heavier arrows, such as wooden ones, might be more forgiving for novices.

Note: Always choose arrows based on personal experience. This skill level and the specific hunting scenario.

Selecting The Ideal Small-Diameter Hunting Arrows

Choosing the best small-diameter hunting arrows is crucial for a successful hunt. Here’s how to do it in simple terms:

Selecting the Ideal Small-Diameter Hunting Arrows
  • The spine is Key:  Finding the stiff side of an arrow isn’t easy .It is important to choose the right spine for your bow. If the spine is too stiff, the arrow will not fly straight. If the spine is too weak, the arrow will bend too much and lose accuracy.
  • Weight Matters: After determining the right spine, decide on the arrow’s weight, measured in grains per inch (GPI). If you want a faster shot, opt for a lighter arrow. However, heavier arrows like the Easton Axis offer more penetration, which might be better for big game animals.
  •  Micro Diameter Arrows: These arrows, such as the popular Easton Deep Six Injections, are the current trend. They offer better flight characteristics, especially in wind, because of their smaller profile. They’re great for long-distance shots, but standard shafts might be just as effective for closer ranges.
  •  F.O.C. (Front of Center): This refers to the weight balance of the arrow. A higher F.O.C. can stabilize flight. Adjusting inserts, like aluminum or titanium ones, can tweak this balance. Aim for 10-15% F.O.C. for optimal performance.
  • Nocks and Fletching: Lighted nocks can help track your shot, but they’re heavier. Adjust your arrow’s balance if using them. For fletching, simple is best. Consider the type of broadhead you’ll use and choose accordingly. 

Remember, the perfect arrow for one hunter might not be for another. Consult arrow companies, use spine charts, and consider your hunting conditions.

Tips for Shooting Small-Diameter Hunting Arrows

When venturing into the world of bow hunting, how to bring arrows into an elevated stand the type of arrow you choose can make a notable difference. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with small-diameter shafts, often referred to as micro-diameter arrows. Here are some insights to help you get started:

  • Purpose: Micro-diameter arrows, like the Easton axis or Black Eagle, are designed to minimize drag and wind drift. This makes them particularly effective for hunting game animals, where precision is paramount.
  • Weight Matters: Heavier arrows often provide better penetration. GPI is a measure you’ll see frequently. While a heavy arrow is ideal for larger game, a midweight arrow can be a balanced choice for varied hunting.
  • Straightness and Tolerances: Straightness and tolerances ensure the accuracy of your shots. Look for hunting arrows with tight tolerances, as they indicate higher quality. Companies like Easton maintain exceptionally tight tolerances.
  • Materials: All-carbon arrows are popular because they are lightweight and natural. Don’t overlook the aluminum arrow. It can offer durability and a consistent weight tolerance.
  • Balancing Weight: While light arrows can fly faster, they may lack the kinetic energy needed for penetration. On the other hand, the heaviest arrow might reduce the distance. Crossbows shoot bolts or short arrows . Which is better? Bolts are shorter and thicker than arrows, and they are typically heavier. This makes bolts travel faster than arrows, and they also have more penetrating power. Your goal should be to find a balance based on your specific hunting needs.
  • Durability: The smaller shaft diameter doesn’t mean these arrows are fragile. In fact, many micro-diameter arrows are designed with durability in mind to withstand the impact on game animals.
  • Personal Preference: Normally, wooden arrows are essential to experiment. You have to decide which shooting style is better for you. Remember, what works for one archer might not work for another. when you are looking into a small diameter for hunting arrows. You have to consider hunting needs. Don’t be swayed solely by trends; instead, focus on the details like straightness tolerances, weight, and shaft diameter. 

Frequently Asked Question 

I like Small-diameter arrows because they go deep and don’t move much in the wind.

Are small-diameter arrows suitable for all types of games?

Small-diameter arrows offer better penetration, making them suitable for big game animals. However, the type of game you hunt and the specific bow setup matter. Always choose arrows that match your hunting conditions and the game’s size.

Do small-diameter arrows typically cost more than standard-sized arrows?

Normally, diameter arrows are more expensive than standard-sized arrows. Because it has a specialized design and materials. However, prices can vary based on the brand and quality. It’s always a good idea to compare options before buying. 


Small-diameter hunting arrows have gained popularity among hunters for good reasons. They offer better penetration, reduce wind drift, and ensure quiet shots. Brands like Easton and Black Eagle have new, thin arrows this year. They’re great but can be more expensive than regular arrows.

When you are buying the best small-diameter hunting arrows, think about how heavy they are, if they’re straight, and what you like. This will help you hunt well.

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