Why Are My Arrows Hitting The Target At An Angle? Detect The Issues




One of the most common problems in archery is arrows hitting the target at an angle.

It is a problem that every archer faces at some point in his career whether he is a beginner or a toxophilite. Are you facing the same problem? Seeking solutions to ‘Why are my arrows hitting the target at an angle?’ No worries. Read ahead and you will never face this problem again.

Why Are My Arrows Hitting The Target At An Angle

Arrows Hitting Target At Angle?

In short, there are a lot of answers to this question. It can be because of your poor forms and techniques. Also, arrow alignment, wrong arrow rest, weak spine, etc can cause this problem.

Some Main Facts-

  • If you grip the bow slightly different from the actual technique, it will cause the arrow a massive shift from the target.
  • Keeping your jaw open while making the shots can cause the arrow to shift from its trajectory.
  • To aim perfectly, draw the arrow to the anchor point before releasing it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a whole lot more to it. Do you want to learn all of these? What are you waiting for? Let’s dive into it!

Why Are My Arrows Hitting The Target At An Angle?

Is your arrow hitting the target at an angle even at a shorter distance? There can be many reasons for this. Starting from the correct form of standing to griping to everything else. Archery is a sensitive sport.

Why Are My Arrows Hitting The Target At An Angle

A slight movement or change can cause the arrow to move or wobble, which way the arrow spins, resulting in a shift in the arrow trajectory, and ultimately hitting the target at an angle. In this case, arrow selection can be a reason as well. You may need to understand the horizontal distance to figure out the reason why your arrows are hitting the target at an angle.

What Are The Possible Causes Of Arrows Hitting The Target At An Angle?

Why do my arrows hit the target at an angle? There are a lot of possible causes of this problem. Curious about them? Here you go;

What Are The Possible Causes Of Arrows Hitting The Target At An Angle

Arrow Alignment

Arrow alignment plays a vital role in terms of accuracy in archery. Misalignment causes the arrow to slightly shift away from the arrow flight, which results in the arrow hitting the target slightly left or right.

Fletching Hitting The Rest

For compound bows, arrows are mostly attached to the bowstring using an arrow rest. Sometimes, the fletching hits the rest after being released. It affects the speed of the crossbow arrow and trajectory, ultimately leading to hitting the target at an angle or even worse, not hitting the target at all.

Weak Arrow Spine

A weak arrow spine is most likely to wobble. It will cause the arrow to shift a little from its trajectory, ultimately resulting in hitting the target at an angle. In the worst situation, it can also lead to missing the target.

Inconsistent Release 

Why are my arrows shooting to the right or left? Calmness and composure are important in archery. If you move while releasing an arrow, it is most likely to shift from its trajectory. It will cause the arrow to hit the target at an angle.  

Improper Hand Grip

Hand grip plays an important role in archery. A stiff and firm grip torques the bow, causing inconsistent release, arrow wobbling in flight, and reduced speed and accuracy. The worst part is the arrow shifting from its trajectory and hitting at an angle.

Incorrect Stance

An uncomfortable or incorrect stance causes the archer to stumble during the release of the arrow. It causes the arrow to wobble or move during the flight. It results in the arrow hitting the target at an angle or missing the target at once.

There can be more issues other than these. However, these are the most faced issues by most of the archers in this world.

How To Identify The Specific Causes Of Arrows Hitting The Target At An Angle?

Now that you have learned about the issues, the next thing that comes into your mind is knowing if I am facing the same problems. Do not worry. I’ve got you! Here are some ways to identify the specific causes of arrows hitting at an angle;

Inspect the Arrow

Inspect properly to find any misalignment in the arrow. Fix all the issues. Do not avoid minor adjustments just because they are small. These small issues will turn into huge problems in the future. Consult a professional coach or archer if you need any help.

Fix The Arrow Rest

Why are my arrows hitting right? Inspect the fletching and look for any visible damage from the fletching contact with the arrow rest. Make sure to check the position of the arrow rest on the bow to look for any interference with the fletching. Try to analyse the arrow flight for any inconsistency. 

Test The Arrow Spine

If arrows are too lightly or heavily spined for your bow what happens is that the arrows shift from their trajectory. To check for a weak arrow spine, test it. At first, nock the arrow to the nocking point and try to flex it. If it bends, it has a weak spine. Keep an eye on the arrow’s flight pattern during the practice sessions. Shoot multiple arrows and assess the arrow to find any inconsistency. 

Follow the guidelines properly to identify the issues more effectively. If there are orders to the steps, make sure to follow them.

How To Fix The Specific Problems?

After you have learned about the issues and how to identify them, it is time to learn how to fix them. All these issues have their ways of being fixed. Curious to learn about the ways? Read ahead;

How To Fix The Specific Problems

Aligned Arrow

The arrow should be in a straight line to be properly aligned. Place the arrow in the arrow rest and nock it to the nocking point in the bowstring. Align the arrow rest with the bow’s centre shot to see if the arrow sits straight. Align the sight pin with the arrow flight. 

Suitable Rest

If your fletching constantly hits the arrow rest while releasing, change the arrow rest. To find the suitable arrow rest consider a few things such as the arrow type, the bow type, and your shooting style. If you have any specific preferences, try them out. Always experiment to find the equipment you feel comfortable using.

Spined Arrow

The stiffer the spine, the more accurate the shots are going to be. To spine arrows properly, measure your bow’s draw weight at the draw length. Find out the spine chart provided by the manufacturer to find the correct arrow spine. Tune the arrow according to your findings.

You can try paper tuning. It is to shoot an arrow through a piece of paper to see how much rip it creates. Seek help from professionals if you need it. Also, if you are going to add weight, I suggest using a 400-spine arrow for a 60-pound bow.

Perfect Aim

To stop the inconsistent release, aim properly. Pull the bowstring to the anchor point. Look down the length of the arrow at a downward angle and align the sight pin with the target. Properly grip the bow while maintaining a comfortable stance. After the arrow leaves the arrow rest, stay still for a few seconds to prevent any disruptions.

Proper Grip

Try to relax your hand and grip the bow’s riser. Hold the bow in your inactive hand at an upward angle. It must be a perpendicular 90-degree angle. Grip in a way that it is firm yet relaxed to prevent any grip torques. Try not to squeeze the bow. Your thumb should be pointing forward, the palm should be holding the bow, and the rest of the fingers should be curled up and resting on the front part of the bow.

Comfortable Stance

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your body should be facing the target in sight at a 90-degree angle. Keep your legs straight and your body weight should be on the balls of your feet.

All of these things may seem difficult but these are actually easy to do. All you need to do is pay a little attention to the details.

Does Fletching Your Arrows Left or Right Make a Difference?

How To Prevent These Problems From Happening In The Future?

The good news is that you don’t need to perform any additional steps to prevent this issue. There are some things that you can implement in your daily practice sessions, to help you make the perfect shot. These are;

  • While gripping the bow, keep the hand pressure equal on all sides or the bow will bend toward the side where there is more pressure, resulting in hitting higher or lower than the target.
  • While hooking, place 30% of the pressure on the top finger, 50% on the middle finger, and 20% on the bottom finger. A change in pressure in any of the fingers will cause hitting the target higher or lower.
  • Try to figure out the right draw length for you. It will prevent shooting higher or lower than the target.
  • Keep your jaw shut while anchoring and releasing the arrow. The lower teeth and upper teeth should be perfectly aligned and shut.
  • Try to ensure a proper follow-through. Otherwise, there is a high chance of hitting outside the target.
  • Keep wind into consideration while making the shots. Headwinds or tailwinds can cause you to hit the target higher or lower, especially at shorter distances.
  • Make sure to inspect the archery equipment regularly to fix the issues if any occur.

Try to follow all of these steps. It will definitely minimize the chances of hitting the target at an angle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What Is The Optimal Angle To Shoot An Arrow?

It depends on the trajectory and the distance to the target. Usually, 10-15 degrees to a slightly upward angle. However, it may be different for larger distances.

Do Heavier Arrows Fly Faster?

No. Lighter arrows fly faster than heavier ones.

Are Wind Conditions Responsible For Arrows Hitting At An Angle?

Yes. Adverse wind conditions can cause an arrow to shift from its trajectory and hit the target at an angle. It can also lead to missing the target.

Is Arrow Spine A Key Factor In Target Impact Angles?

Yes. A weak arrow spine can lead to many arrow flight issues. 

Does The Change Of Angle Affect The Time Of Flight?

Yes. When an arrow is released at an angle, it follows a curved trajectory. Horizontal shots increase the time it takes to reach the target.


Why are my arrows hitting the target at an angle? Hope you hadn’t this query in your mind right now. Arrows not hitting the target straight is a common problem among archers. Every archer faces this problem every day. There are a lot of different reasons for this. Starting from stance to following proper techniques. If you maintain a few things regularly, you will most likely make the perfect shots.

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