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My friend Michael suddenly called me at his home.

Recently, we went hunting and spent enough time, but I didn’t know the reason. When I reached his house, he directly showed me a poisonous arrow.He wanted to know, Are poison arrows allowed during hunting? 

Are Poison Arrows Allowed During Hunting

Poison Arrows

Yes, poison arrows are allowed during hunting, but they vary by location. Arrow poisons are used to poison the tip of the arrow to hunt the target animal easily. Some states allow the use of poison arrows, whereas it is strictly illegal to use them. 

Well, Michael is a novice archer, and I am an archery expert. He wanted to know what poisons are generally used in hunting and whether there is any risk of using them. 

In this article, I will detail the poisonous arrow. Hopefully, you won’t feel bored. So, read this article-

Key Thought

What Poison Is Used On Arrows?

Arrow poisons are used to poison the tip of the arrow or darts to hunt the target game animals easily. This is commonly used by the native archers all over the world.

Here are some arrow poison examples: 

Plant-Based poisons

Many plants contain poisonous substances that can greatly affect the nerves. Hearts, liver, and muscles of the animal. You wanna know which are the specific plants that are very poisonous. Here is an example:

Plant-Based Poisons

Curare is a plant-based poison that inhibits the post-synaptic membrane of the neuromuscular junction’s nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.  It is a muscle relaxant that paralyzes the breathing system, which results in death.

In Africa, 

The poisons for arrows are made from that plat which contain cardiac glycosides. The cardiac glycoside container plants are Acokanthera, Oleander, Strophanthus, and Milkweeds, which are all in the family of Apocynaceae. Some species of the genus Mostuea are also used to make arrow poisons.

Animal-Based Poisons

One species of poison dart frog whose secretions are used to make poison darts is the black-legged dart frog.

In the Northern Kalahari desert, 

The most often used arrow poison comes from the pupae and larvae of the Diamphidia genus of beetles. 

Animal-Based Poisons

This is applied directly on the arrow tip or mixed with plant sap to serve as a binder or bind the tip of the arrow with a powder formed from the dried larva mixed with plant liquids.

In general, these toxins work slowly from small to large animals, even humans, and may withstand the effects for 4-5 days before dying off. These can also affect human consumption. However, it affects the most if you use this poison for bird hunting.

In the United States, the native americans use venomous reptiles as poison. As one of the two venomous reptiles in the Southwest, the Gila monster has been utilized as a source.

You wanna know did Native Americans poison their arrows?

Yes, the poisoned arrow was made from extracts from several plants or from reptiles. Additionally, poisonous snakes were made to bite into the liver or flesh. 

Are Poison Arrows Allowed During Hunting?

Are poison arrows illegal?  The allowed use of poison arrows during hunting varies by location. Some states permit the use of poison arrows, whereas some states have strongly prohibited it. You can get a better suggestion from your local game warden.

Are Poison Arrows Allowed During Hunting.

As long as the bow is fully charged, using poison arrows with a longbow compared to a compound bow is quite effective and guarantees a dead deer or animal. For example, 

The state of Mississippi,

It doesn’t prohibit the use of poison arrows in deer hunting. However, not all types of arrows are allowed to be used, such as succinylcholine chloride or ancetine, which are not legal to sell in this state. 

Without Mississippi, 

All states have strictly prohibited the use of arrows with poison. However, the poison arrows sometimes make a successful hunt, but they are not legal in most states. If you wanna use it, please check your local regulations.

Wanna know what are poison arrows in feng shui?

These poisoned arrows from Feng Shui can cause people or groups of people to have weaker energies and worsen their health.

Only the state of Mississippi allows the use of poison arrows. Here are some states in which poison arrows are illegal to use:

Name Of State Hunting Regulation with Poison Arrow
ArkansasPoison arrows are illegal to use with a broadhead.
Delaware No poison arrows or arrows with explosive tips may be used or carried by you.
HawaiiIt is illegal for anyone to own any explosive, barbed arrows, drugged arrows, or toxic arrows.
In Indiana, It is illegal to use the poison arrow.
Maine It is unlawful to use poison arrows with explosive tips.
MassachusettsIt is forbidden to use mechanically drawn bows, explosive tips, or poisoned arrows.
North Carolina Poison arrows or poisonous arrows should not be employed to harvest any wildlife. 
OhioThe poison arrows are illegal to use.
TexasIt might not be illegal.
West VirginiaUsing an arrow with a poisoned shaft or head is illegal.

What If You Use Poison Arrows Where It Is Illegal?

If you use poison arrows where it is illegal, you may be faced with many problems. If you find your local regulation law, you will see the best answer that can happen for you. The authority may issue fines, harass your bow equipment, and also suspend your hunting license.

The most recent news was that in January of 2023, ten individuals were issued citations in Louisiana for bow hunting violations using poison arrows.

The hunters had poison pods and were intentionally trying to shoot whitetail deer. Even a single deer without antlers had been shot and killed by one of the hunters with a poison-equipped arrow.

However, using poison arrows may be unethical sometimes because it can lead to unnecessary suffering for the animal. So, it won’t be better for you to use poison arrows. Never shoot a bow and arrow with poison in public land.

Several risks come if you use poisonous arrows. Here are some issues of using poison arrows rather than legal arrows.

Risks Of Using Poison Arrows Rather Than Legal Issues
  • Longtime Suffering: You know that some poison works slowly, and some arrows may affect 4 to 5 days before the death of the animal. As a result, this conflicts with ethical hunting practices. 
  • Legal Regulation: It is illegal to use in most countries and may face fines and other legal troubles.
  • Ecological Impact: If somehow the injured animal escapes and poison remains in the animal, it can affect the ecosystem by breaking the normal dynamics of predator and prey.
  • Injurious To You: If anyhow it comes into contact with you, it can lead to harm for you. It has been recorded that it can cause lethal damage to your body part also if quick treatment is not taken.
  • Contamination of Edible Meat: Do poison arrows taint meat? Although the meat of animals who are killed by poison arrows may not be directly contaminated, there is always a chance of it.

How Effective Are Poison Arrows?

The effectiveness of arrow poison depends on the types of poison you have used in your arrows. Also, the effectiveness is affected by the poison size of the animal and your skill.

  • Types Of Poison: How effective is your poisonous arrow? It depends on your kind of poison. Some poisons with marginal shots can lead to kill quickly, whereas some take 4 to 5 days to cause death.
  • Size Of Targeted Animal: Smaller size animals can quickly die from a poison arrow. In the case of larger animals, it may require time if sufficient poison doesn’t enter the bloodstream or the muscle of the animal. 
  • The physiology of the animal also plays a role in how quickly the poison affects the organism.
  • Shooting Skill: How effectively you shoot the poison arrow also affects the effectiveness of the poison arrows. If you shot pods accurately to the vital parts ( liver, kidney, heart), it ensures a quick kill of the animal. A poor shot can lead to harm for you.

However, it can be harmful for you when handled. Don’t take a breath during using this poison because it can lead to inhibiting your respiratory system. To make sure an ethical kill use expandable cutting surfaces broadhead. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Do the poisoned arrows have reduced damage in hunt showdown?

No, the poisoned arrows don’t reduce the damage in the hunt showdown. These only apply the poison during the hunt, but they damage like regular arrows.

Did Native Americans Poison Their Arrows?

Yes, the native Americans used poison on arrows, and the poison was obtained from plants and reptile animals such as snakes, frogs, etc.

How Long Does Poison Arrow Last?

The poison is placed on the arrow by combining it with plant sap to serve as an adhesive. Large animals tolerate the effects of the toxin for four to five days before they die.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I hope the above discussion was helpful for you and that you have a clear vision of Are poison arrows allowed during hunting.

Arrow poison has historically been used by native archers all over the world. There have been many controversies about the use of poison arrows. 

In general, without Mississippi, most of the hunting states don’t permit the use of poison arrows, and if you use them illegally, you may lose your game hunting license.Pod arrows with bad shots can also lead to harm to your breathing system and even damage your body parts. So, always be aware of your safety concerns.

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